9 Pros and Cons of Being an iOS Developer

Compatibility with the iOS operating system is something that all applications on Apple devices must aim for. Many people with a passion for electronics and technology want to become iOS developers, but they need to understand the advantages and challenges they face with this career.

I want to show you the advantages and disadvantages of being an iOS developer from the most practical perspective. From there, you can determine if this job is right for you.

So, let’s dive into this post for more details!

What is an iOS Developer?

iOS developers are responsible for programming and developing applications on Apple’s iOS operating system platform. They will be responsible for setting up and optimizing these iPhone operating systems as an iOS developer.

These apps can be available in different areas on phones, tablets, or Macbooks. Also, they can range from video games, business software, and shopping apps.

iOS developers are not only the ones who design the software but also the moderators who operate them and optimize the product features.

Not only need to meet the user requirements, but the technology products they create must also optimize UX-UI design and ease of use.

You can get many benefits when working as an iOS developer. Its strengths are not only in its income level but also valuable experiences and life skills.

1. Access to the Latest Technology

Engineers working at significant technology corporations to create iOS apps will quickly grasp the most advanced technologies.

It would help if you stayed up-to-date with cutting-edge knowledge and user trends to create software with high-usability value.

It is both the challenge and the advantage of being an iOS developer. Your IT vision will always be at the forefront, and you will be able to play a part in creating impactful initiatives.

2. Deep Understanding of Apple Apps

Only apps designed specifically for iOS can work seamlessly and smoothly on Apple phones and iPads. In addition, iPhone users are often willing to spend money to buy apps that provide the best experience. Software sales are also a factor that keeps the salaries of iOS developers at a consistently high level.

3. Scope of iOS Development

Android developers often find their work challenging and stressful because they have to focus on too many different technology products.

Apple’s manufacturer only focuses on the main product lines, Mac, iPhone, and iPad, so the software you create only needs to be compatible with these devices.

In addition, iOS Developers only need to follow these guidelines to discover software product defects without much time or effort quickly.

4. Creativity

As an iOS developer, you can unleash your creativity and build on your existing strengths to build your technology products.

Apple’s users are very dedicated and willing to give feedback to you about the problems they have when using the application.

These comments inspire software engineers to improve and develop products to be more user-friendly.

5. Specialized Career

Through experiences with experienced Apple programmers, you will have for yourself valuable lessons that other companies can hardly give you.

Apple’s workplace follows rigorous processes, with a quality control system that ensures engineers have the space to work in their respective fields.

This application development model is highly suitable for developing yourself in a more disciplined and professional direction.

Apple devices for development and testing.

Contrary to the above advantages, an iOS developer has disadvantages and difficulties. Please read my reviews carefully below.

6. Limited Platform

While simply focusing on developing apps for iPhone and iPad can help software engineers boost their expertise, it can also be a big hurdle. You may feel bored or run out of ideas when the apps are overwhelming in all different areas.

7. Technical Expertise

Developers for iOS apps are primarily graduates from prestigious universities, so this environment requires you to have a solid knowledge base.

You will have to understand the iOS platform and Apple’s technology system to start working as an iOS developer. The company’s HR interviews will mainly revolve around iOS and related issues.

8. Competition

You will have to compete with many other applicants. They are all excellent students or experienced professionals in application programming.

You will need a perfect CV and many highlights in your career or education to catch the attention of employers. This fierce competition has caused stress for many developers working in this environment.

9. Rapidly Changing Technology

Rapidly changing technology

Information technology is a field with outstanding and rapid development day by day. Quick and abrupt technological change has caused many iOS developers to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

The pressure to always be innovative and lead the way causes many software engineers to experience health problems. It is one of the job’s downsides that you need to consider particularly.

Who should be an iOS Developer?

Given the benefits and challenges that an iOS developer job poses, only some people are suitable for this position.

You should only apply for a software engineer job if you are sure that you have good technical skills and can withstand high working pressure.

Before entering the interview round, you need to have a good understanding of the iOS operating system and knowledge related to the host company.

Proficiency in Objective-C and Swift programming languages is a prerequisite for employers to accept you for the job.

To complete the assigned tasks well, you will have to have experience building software from university or previous jobs.

If you can use IDEs like Xcode, CodeRunner, or AppCode quickly and smoothly, it will be a feature that will make you competitive with other candidates.


Becoming an iOS developer takes a lot of work. The list above helped you understand this job’s ups and downs.

If you can figure out how to overcome its disadvantages, then the benefits that the iOS developer position gives you will not let you down.

Hopefully, you will soon find the career path suitable for you!