Senior Software Engineer: Job Description, Salary, Resume

software engineer is a person who is engaged in the work of developing, designing, evaluating, testing and maintaining the system and software inside it. Since the early 90’s the demand for Software Engineers across the world is continuously increasing due to the technological advancement and the computer revolution that took place.

Almost every company in the world requires an IT department of its own and to handle it they need software engineers. Software Engineer is presently one of the most lucrative professions in the world.

But one does not simply become a senior software engineer as it is much bigger position and requires experience and proper knowledge. Every Software Engineer is recruited as an entry level employee and based on the work done and the experience gained he/she becomes a Senior Engineer in a company.


The Salary of a Senior Software Engineer may vary from location to location. An estimated average salary of a Software engineer is around $75000 per year. Switzerland comes on the top when it comes to the salary offered to Software engineers with more than $100000 per year. In Second place comes Norway where average salary offered to a software engineer is around $80000 a year.

Though India is one the leading country in creating software engineering it is not the same when it comes to paying them. The average salary of an entry level software engineer is mere $6000 per year. The pay increases if the candidate works in a metro city but with experience and promotion to senior level the salary may increases to $25,000 a year. In United States an average software engineer earns up to $208,605 a year.


There are certain conditions that must be met if a person needs to apply for the post of Senior Software Engineer and following details must be listed on the Resume.

  • Qualifications – The candidate must be qualified enough to apply for the post
  • Experience – The candidate must at least have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a software engineer.
  • Skills – The candidate must possess expert knowledge in programming languages such as JAVA, C++ and application server such as .NET, Tomcat and Apache
  • Certifications – The candidate must also disclose the details of certified course cleared in the past.
  • Details of Work Experience – The candidate must also disclose the details of past work experience along with the duration and the post held during that period.
  • References – The candidate must name proper references in the resume to increase the chances of being selected.

Job Description

Job description of a senior software engineer contains many responsibilities for which the candidate must be prepared for

  • Responsible for completing all the jobs in adequate manner without any guidance from the superiors.
  • Designing and developing programs specific to the requirements.
  • Must be able to write proposals.
  • Shall have the ability to solve the problems quickly
  • Shall have expert knowledge of all computer languages
  • Shall maintain client database
  • Shall be responsible for development of new programs as well as maintenance of current programs
  • Shall be responsible for testing new programs to make sure the results are accurate.
  • Shall have expert knowledge of data structure flowcharts and compilers
  • Shall assist analysts in designing programs and database structures.
  • Provide recommendations to the management regarding productivity and software development.
  • Making presentation to client and other professionals.
  • Ability to be a leader and work as team member.
  • Recommend software tools to the management.

Interview Questions

The recruiters ask many tricky questions based on practical life to test the intellectual level of the candidate. Some of the common question asked to test the knowledge of the candidate is

  • Write a program to find the best buying and selling dates with maximum profits based on the stock prices data given of past 30 days. The program is to be run with O(n) complexity.
  • What is the probability for a Knight to make a move on NxN matrix in m steps
  • Write pseudo code for fibanocci series.
  • How many Squares are there in a chess board?
  • How to implement multi language option in an application.

Software Engineering is one of the most popular professions in the world and the job surety is very high as the demand keeps on increasing. But there is a huge work load on the shoulders of these engineers as designing and developing programs is a very hectic process.