Should I study computer engineering if I don’t like programming?

Not everyone is into coding when it comes to studying computer engineer and science. That’s why “Should I study computer engineering if I don’t like programming?” is the most frequently asked question we have received recently.

We suggest you not study this field if you don’t like programming since coding is one of the basic skills that any computer engineer must know.

Moreover, doing something that we do not enjoy may lead to many bad things in life. Let’s make it clear with us!

Love Computer Engineering But Hate Programming?

You should pursue your passions and avoid doing anything you do not enjoy. Doing something you do not appreciate not only makes you unhappy, but it also prevents you from being very excellent at it and earning much money.

However, if you like dealing with computers, you may choose a career in the hardware field. Even while it looks like programming nowadays, it is not and necessitates a separate set of abilities.

If you hate computers, stay away from them at all. There’s a fantastic world that requires individuals of all kinds. Figure out what you enjoy doing and do it.

You may not earn as much as others since you do something you enjoy, but you’ll be happier and likely make more than staying in this profession.

So, if you do not like coding, we will not recommend taking computer engineering. You could focus only on the hardware, but coding is closely related to computer science. 

Switching to electromagnetics is a better option if you enjoy computer engineering but do not want to be engaged in programming.

Although electrical engineering is becoming more involved with coding these days, you may make a career in electricity without dealing with much programming.

How To Know if You Are Not Suitable to be a Programmer?

If you hesitate between becoming a programmer or switching to another field, consider these factors. If you have any of these characteristics, computer programming may not be an ideal choice for you.

1. You Lack Creativity

Despite the logical roots, programming is a creative act. Brand-new software is similar to a blank canvas. Frameworks, languages, and libraries are the color pallet and paint brushes. 

You’ll need an idea for your project and the imagination to make it a reality. Coding enthusiasts will tell everyone that there is just one method to write better code, but it isn’t true.

You must be willing to try new things when coding software. You will acquire a limited vision if you don’t have a natural curiosity. 

It will be difficult for you to come up with something new. Programming then becomes a routine job, and you lose the new interest that drove you to technology in the first place.

2. You Can’t Stand Logic Problems

It is a misperception that understanding programming necessitates being a math genius. If you were not an A+ student in high school, you are not disadvantaged.

Yet, you will require the ability to reason logically and algorithmically to solve difficulties. Have you had a natural propensity towards solving puzzles? Are you curious about how our digital world works and why it functions the way it does?

If you don’t, you’ll be frustrated when you come to the aspects of coding. Solving puzzles provides intellectual value, just like what programming offers.

The more complex the task, the more satisfying it is when you solve it. 

3. You Do Not Enjoy Doing Research

You’ll always stumble into unfamiliar ground, no matter how many programming skills you have. Maybe you are operating on a web application and having trouble getting a framework to collaborate.

There is no master manual to consult; you must seek out the answers yourself. Only Google and code documentation to ask the appropriate questions are available.

Therefore, you will not prosper in a programming job if you are uncomfortable digging down in the mud.

Not the brightest coders consistently achieve the most success. They’re the ones who know how to dissolve issues and assemble the components into solutions.


Here are some frequently asked questions we have collected while researching this field. If you are unsure about your intended career, these questions may help.

Is Coding Necessary for Computer Engineering?

Yes, without a doubt! The ability to create a program or code is one of the cornerstones of comp sci. Computer engineering may not be the best pick if one lacks the basic competence!

Do Computer Engineers do Programming?

While these engineers frequently work as programmers, computer scientists create most system-level programs such as operating systems and computer languages. 

On the other hand, computer engineers are the ones who create the software for IT-based devices.

Is Computer Engineering Difficult to Study?

Engineering is one of the most challenging undergraduate majors. Computer science is no exception. Although students find this field challenging, they can overcome it with persistent practice and review.

Is Coding for Everyone?

No, it is not for everyone.

While everyone can learn to write code, it is not the same as having a long career and doing something you believe was meant for you. A gifted programmer still struggles to find the right match.

If you have any concerns about this field, please let us know. Thank you for reading!