Starting a Pressure Washing Business in the Digital Age

There are many pressure washing companies that offer a variety of services. Some of them provide cleaning services in addition to spraying surfaces with water. Pressure washing requires skills and caution, but it is effective and effective.

The business structure of your company depends on your skills and interests. Whatever business structure you choose, be sure to implement a business plan that takes into account your overall objectives for the company.

Learn the basics of a pressure washing company

If you want to learn pressure washing techniques, your best friend will be the video sharing website, YouTube. You will find that the most common pressure washing equipment uses cold water.

Many videos explain everything from the choice of equipment to techniques. After spending a reasonable time learning the ins and outs to avoid damage and get the best results, it’s time to take a wand once you are familiar with the process.

The costs involved in starting a pressure washing company

The transport cost to bring the pressure washing equipment to the customer’s installation is the main initial cost. When you use a high-pressure cleaner van, it’s a good idea to have advertising to attract more customers, which will cost money.

If you want to pressurized vehicles that cross a main artery, you need a physical commercial location, which will cost money.

The rental costs of pressure washing equipment and water tank will be about $2,000 and about $700 per month, which is equivalent to the purchase of $25,000 of equipment.

For the starter kit, you will need a high-power high-pressure cleaner, high and low pressure pipes, nozzles, surface cleaners, water inlets, X-jet sewer jets, soap and chemicals.

Another option is to spend $450 per month to rent a commercial van equipped with pressure washing equipment.

To get the equipment (maybe also crm for pressure washing) and truck, you will need a few thousand dollars for a deposit and enough to pay the rental payments for the first six months while you find customers.

It is possible to start this business with less than $10,000 in cash and finance the rest on credit.

To create a positive revenue stream, you will quickly have to make a sustainable business effort by generating $2,000 or more per month in paid jobs.

Other equipment you will need

Before buying your first pressure washer, you must carefully think about what it will take to succeed as a pressure washer company and prosper as an independent contractor.

While the freedom to decide what the work week will look like, the feeling of being your own boss and creating jobs in your local economy are all things that can change your life, you must realize that you will need more than just buy equipment and sell jobs to start a pressure washing company.

Learn about the commercial software on

How to set the price of pressure washing services

As a business owner, you can offer many pressure washing services. As you grow your business and improve your skills, it is best to specialize in a few services first.

No matter where you live, you should always aim to earn a minimum of $50/hour gross. You will work for less than the minimum wage if your money laundering company pays less than that.

The most popular method of pricing pressure washing work is square foot.

Measure the site and give the customer a quote before starting. The cost of pressure washing varies between 15 cents and 75 cents per square foot, with most of the work amounting to an average of $288. Pressure washing can cost between $50 and $100 per hour for each crew member.