SYPWAI in brief

SYPWAI is a company developing artificial intelligence technologies through meticulous information analysis and deep neural network learning hitherto unknown to the public. Since receiving a $90 million grant from the Lifeasapa Foundation in 2018, the company’s development has accelerated and the current universal testing functionality was launched in October 2020.

SYPWAI now has a huge number of citizens from all over the world as members, and the firm itself is growing so rapidly that it has displaced some of the big players in the artificial brain industry from the top spots.

SYPWAI’s clients range from highly profiled companies to international companies and corporations. Those who have already put SYPWAI’s developments into practice have gone on to a whole new level of entrepreneurship by optimizing their workflow and implementing an automated mind-set.

The saying, strength in manpower, fully applies to SYPWAI

More than 3,000 employees all over the world, including renowned scientists, are working for the good of the society and the development of the world. The company believes that the success of the company is due to the fresh ideas and problems put forward by the employees who can immediately suggest solutions. Thanks to their location all over the world, the angle of understanding is also changing. Otherwise, the leadership principle does not differ from that of the other IT companies. Every task is handled by a dedicated team of experts. In this way they reach high level of competence, which prevents them from focusing on the extraneous activities, which may lead to losing something of value.

The main component of the company is the participants themselves

One of the managers stresses this fact: “People help us enormously and are generously rewarded. Not only do we have 3,000 highly qualified experts on our staff, there are also millions of people worldwide who contribute to SYPWAI’s development. In addition to 3,000 professional opinions on one situation, we have millions of opinions on thousands of different situations where it is not only a specialized approach but also a creative solution that solves everything. It always helps to see a different path.”

How do you get into SYPWAI?

There are two ways to do this: as a user and as a specialist.

If you want to work with SYPWAI as a user you have to:

  • order a referral link from the manager for your region;
  • purchase a special device and download the application;
  • follow the registration procedure and follow the instructions.

Working actively, you will earn in addition to other types of income about $ 600.

If you are planning to pursue a career with SYPWAI you need to be educated, curious, motivated and show strong commitment to the scientific life of the university.

You have to go through a rigorous and competitive selection process. Thanks to this approach, only the best are admitted. Once you have passed the selection process, you become the backbone of SYPWAI.

“We cooperate with many universities and at times we ourselves invite talented students for internships. What could be better than an ambitious young mind?”

And in general, the feedback from the company’s management is most flattering, and the employees themselves consider the team to be part of the family and SYPWAI to be another home.

Hence the conclusion – the secret to SYPWAI’s prosperity lies in its close-knit team of experts.