Technology Has Enhanced DBS Check Application Process – Here’s How

The DBS check, which stands for Disclosure and Barring Service, is the check conducted by employers to see if their potential employees are suitable for a particular position. In essence, this is a criminal record check, which includes determining if you are mentally and physically able to work with children and vulnerable people. It is important to know that DBS is the responsible public body that carries out the checks, the ones that used to be carried out by the Criminal Records Bureau. Namely, there are four different types of DBS checks, and the one you apply for depends on your future job. However, technology has enhanced the process for the DBS check application, and here is how.

Digital Identity

As a branch of a newly emerging industry, there are a lot of different ways in which digital identity works. One of the most common principles is that the applicant for services such as DBS can use technology to confirm their identity. For DBS purposes, the applicants can use their smartphones to read and scan their documents, such as passports, and then use their smartphone camera to match the pictures in the selfie or video with the ones from the document. This means that employers will not have to see the documents and faces of the applicants in person anymore.

Process Done in a Couple of Minutes

Some responsible organizations for DBS checkups use enhanced technology to do the process in a couple of minutes. DBS was formed when CRB and ISA merged in 2012. To that end, you can finish up the whole process in 3 to 5 minutes. There are three steps. Initially, you should fill out the online form by providing the organization with your basic personal information. For step two, you will add your personal documents. After approval, you will receive your results within 24 hours and your certificate within 3 to 5 days.

Organizations Providing Online DBS Checkups Need to Be Certified

With the introduction of the new law on April 6, 2022, all software providers that enable completing the DBS checkups online will need to possess a certificate, so they can be accredited as assessors. To become certified, the providers will have to meet a whole list of technical criteria that are proposed by DBS. So, if you intend on getting your DBS checkup online, you will need to invest some time in finding a certified service provider. Otherwise, you will need to do the checkup again using a traditional, manual, paper-based process.

Government-Wide Login

Namely, the DBS will be among the first services to use the new government-wide login system, which will allow users to create an account and access a wide range of services for various departments. This platform is responsible for changing the existing patchwork for more than 200 separate online accounts that are currently using 40 different login methods.

A DBS checkup is a demanding part of the job application process due to the fact that the majority of employers are checking the criminal record history. This is an important screening for those who want to work in public positions with people of all kinds.