The Main Advantages of Using Plagiarism Checker Software

While you may be careful not to plagiarize, you can never be sure if your work is original. The only way to be certain is to run your work through a plagiarism checker. No matter how small or great it can be, plagiarism is a serious offense in writing. Your university or college uses complex software to scan if your texts are original. 

The consequences of plagiarism can be expulsion from college or facing legal charges. Lecturers might treat all your future work with suspicion and scan it more than others. It is easy to use plagiarism-checking software to be sure you have the original text. You get a lot of advantages whenever you use the software after writing. 

When is your writing termed as plagiarized?

Any type of text is termed as plagiarized when it presents another author’s ideas without their permission. Authority can be attained by officially making a written request to the author. The other way is to incorporate an acknowledgment in your manuscript. All written work, whether published or not, should recognize the original writer. 

Plagiarism is classified as intentional/reckless, or unintentional. Reckless plagiarism attracts serious disciplinary action. Unintentional copying still attracts disciplinary action but might not be as serious. No matter the type of copying that you fall victim to, you should do your best to avoid it. 

You cannot know if you have copied another author’s work by editing or reading your text. The only way to know is to use a plagiarism checker such as the one from Plagiarism statistics show that about 40% of college students agreed to copying text. The number of text copied ranges from a few lines to entire paragraphs. Another 57% agreed plagiarism is morally wrong and deserves disciplinary action. You can overcome this challenge by using a plagiarism checker 5000 words free online tool. Your study time in college becomes easier when you learn to use the free plagiarism checker. You can also help other students understand why plagiarism is bad in any type of writing. 

Advantages of using a plagiarism checker

Cases of copying in institutions of higher learning are on the increase. Due to this, lecturers are keener to check for originality. Technology is helping to make the process easier. A quality plagiarism checker benefits you in different ways.

You feel confident about your work

It is stressful when you submit academic work that you are not sure whether it is original. You can only hope that the lecturer doesn’t notice anything copied. Your confidence only regains after receiving the graded paper. You can avoid these stresses by using software to check originality. When you are sure your work is original, you have a high level of confidence. 

You can search a wide range of databases

Before plagiarism software was developed, it was harder to tell if writing was original. Both lecturers and students had limited databases to refer from. It was a tedious activity going through piles of literary work to compare for originality. The development of software made the work much easier and faster. The software scans through a wide range of databases and detects inconsistencies. 

It is fast and efficient

Unlike in the past, scanning for originality only takes a few minutes. A smaller piece of work can be scanned within seconds, while larger works take a few minutes. The software is highly efficient and cannot disappoint you. It highlights every possible plagiarism issue so that you can make adjustments. The software makes suggestions to help you improve your text. You can also see the originality score of your work with each improvement. 

It is easy to use and free

It is easy to use a plagiarism checker whenever you want to be sure your work is original. You can either upload your work, paste it into the software, or type it. Once you click check, the software runs your test against millions of other texts. You can use the software to scan up to 5,000 words for free. You not only use it to check for originality, but also to scan for grammar errors. You are also free to scan as many times as you can until you are satisfied that your text is original. 


A plagiarism checker benefits you in different ways. It helps you create original texts and also learn the importance of creating them from scratch. You get a greater level of confidence when you know your text is original. The best plagiarism-checking software scans millions of websites in seconds. It highlights possible plagiarized texts so that you can adjust and scan them again. You can see how your work is scoring as you make improvements. 

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