5 Tips for Hiring a JavaScript Developer

JavaScript and its developers are equally in hot demand all over the world. This programming language is the foundation of millions of web pages on the internet. Some of the top names, including YouTube, Google Maps, and Netflix, rely on JavaScript to run.

JavaScript also has the advantage of allowing developers to create web pages with an app-like interface – meaning faster and improved UI, among others.

To hire JavaScript developer for your team, the five pro tips are here.

1. The type of experience will decide their quality of work

Most of your JavaScript applicants will have years of experience under their belt, which is great. However, the number of years should not only be the deciding factor.

Hire JavaScript developer with experience in open source projects as they have more skills with app development. Open source platforms are an indispensable source of knowledge and skills for JavaScript programmers. Therefore, a developer with experience in the area will make a fantastic choice.

JavaScript also changes at an almost volatile rate, so consider a candidate that has undertaken recent projects. A programmer with a year of experience who has been regularly coding for the last few months may be better than one with five years of experience but has done no coding in the last year.

2. Decide the right developer for your project

JavaScript developers can be one of the following types – front-end, back-end, or full-stack developer. If you hire the wrong JavaScript developer, your project can fail regardless of their experience and skills.

  • Front-end JavaScript developers are ideal if your project is building a website. This category of JavaScript developers is also an expert in HMTL and CSS, making them a great pick for developing a web page.
  • Back-end developers are ideal for maintaining databases, servers, and APIs.
  • On the other hand, full-stack developers have both front-end and back-end skills.

3. Don’t underestimate the soft skills

Granted, a JavaScript programmer spends most of their time programming and developing—however, a developer with good soft skills, including good communication, personality, reliability, and collaboration skills is crucial.

JavaScript is not an easy thing to grasp for the average folks, so there are special developers for it. You need a JavaScript developer who can break down its complexities in an easy manner, so you get it long after the project is over.

4. Awareness of privacy concerns is a must

Cyber threat is an increasingly grand problem all over the world. Concerns over information security and privacy concerns have got even the governments involved in passing safety regulations.

Unless your website or the app has industry standards security in place, a lot can be at stake. And since JavaScript developers hold a huge responsibility in creating and maintaining them, someone unaware of the privacy concerns cannot build a safe project.

In addition to compromising safety, a JavaScript developer with no knowledge of privacy concerns can land you in financial trouble, and you might have to pay hefty fines for violating regulations.

Therefore, hire JavaScript developer who is aware of the privacy concerns and has experience in the area is important.

5. Don’t forget to test the skills

If you’re hiring a JavaScript developer, chances are you or your organization has some test in place. Being inundated with hundreds of JavaScript developer applicants can be overwhelming. But if you have a skills test in place, it can make the hiring process a lot more effortless.

The skills test will test the applicants for their technical skills, primarily. This tests their knowledge and skills with programming languages, including HTML, CSS, Node.jss and so on. If you have no idea how to do so, the applicant tracking system used with online assessment tools can be of great help.

Good luck in finding the best JavaScript developer!