Top 5 Underrated Tech Jobs in 2023

Are you interested in a career in technology? Technology tops the list of industries you should consider, with a 15% rise predicted by 2031. Aside from the bright career outlook, many tech specialties are in high demand and offer substantial stipends. Unfortunately, the most well-known tech occupations may put you on the path of fierce competition, making it challenging to launch your career. Ideally, you should look at the undervalued tech careers to determine which industry has less competition. The assurance that a program would bear fruit motivated me to do my paper and put in the extra hours to ensure a thorough understanding of the material.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top five overlooked tech professions for 2023.

1. Computer systems analyst

Computer system analysts are among the most in-demand specialists in the tech industry. These experts are responsible for analysing, designing, implementing, and evaluating information systems’ sustainability. 

Analysts are entrusted with investigating and redesigning an organization’s processes to guarantee optimal effectiveness. Computer system analysts operate in a flexible setting and make up to $79,680 per year, in contrast to most tech employment. 

Additionally, this field has a 9% increase in employment expected by 2031. Experts in the field should be knowledgeable in data modelling, coding, and debugging to succeed. These abilities are frequently acquired through current systems development and maintenance studies and a bachelor’s degree in information technology. 

2. Blockchain technology

Many people’s thoughts immediately conjure up images of bitcoin when the word “blockchain” is mentioned. Sadly, many computer fans are turned off by this limited understanding of blockchain, which has diminished its appeal. 

Nevertheless, there is a wide range of applications for blockchain technology, from fintech to digital assets and cryptocurrency. Due to the high need for online transactions and digital assets, this industry also has a bright future. 

There are several different blockchain-related occupations available, including blockchain architecture, project management, user experience design, legal consulting, and blockchain analysis. With wages ranging from $98,965 to $117,976 annually, these career pathways rank as the most lucrative among the positions on our list. 

3. Project manager

A project manager is frequently in charge of IT-related project planning, scheduling, and management. To guarantee the prompt delivery of quality systems, these people oversee teams and allocate resources. 

Project managers keep an eye on daily activities to guarantee system effectiveness. Additionally, managers are responsible for updating and maintaining software and hardware to guarantee the best performance of systems. 

IT project managers qualify for an average annual compensation of $159,010, placing them at the top of the pay scale for tech professionals. 

4. Java Developer

The majority of software across various platforms is written in Java, making it the most popular programming language. Java developers are entrusted with planning, building, and maintaining java-based software and producing thorough documentation for users and managers to refer to in the future. 

These professionals also carry out software analysis, program testing and debugging, and the translation of business requirements into technical requirements. Aside from having practical Java experience, you also need to be familiar with relational and non-relational databases, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, JSF, Maren, and Jenkins to be considered a Java developer. 

A career in Java development could lead to positions such as backend engineer, frontend engineer, android developer, or software engineer. Furthermore, these positions might pay between $75,659 and $100,899 per year. 

5. Systems administrator

In numerous organizations, a system administrator is in charge of overseeing hardware and software systems. These people generate data backups, assign system resources like disk space, and monitor system security to counter any dangers to the organisation’s computer systems. 

Like many tech industries, system administration positions can be categorized as network administration, database administration, and systems security administration. 

In addition to administering the network infrastructure, network administrators set up computers, routers, switches, LANs, and WLANs. The average pay for system administrators is $82,925, making it a financially rewarding job to pursue. 

Final Verdict

The most lucrative professions to pursue in 2023 may be in the technology sector. However, the profitable nature of technology has drawn a lot of interest from people worldwide. 

Some of the positions discussed in this article should be considered if you want to manage competition because they are underappreciated while having great earnings and a bright career outlook.