Top Board Portal Software for SEO and Marketing

What is Board Portal Software?

The board portal software is a tool that facilitates work and communication between directors. The board portal also includes many useful features that you can use. Some of the main functions are committee management, the ability to hold meetings in a virtual boardroom, messaging, voting and collecting feedback, creating minutes of meetings, and many others. All these features allow you to simplify and make communication as convenient as possible. Even a beginner can figure out many portals.

Board members use the board meeting software because they can schedule and participate in meetings while having all the necessary documents at their fingertips.

How to Choose the Right Board Portal Software for Your Business?

First, you need to take into account whether your organization is commercial or not because the functionality of many portals differs by type of organization.

Next, you need to familiarize yourself with the functionality of a particular portal. Pay attention to the most useful tools for your business. Do not use software that does not contain all the necessary features for effective communication.

The functionality and menus should be intuitive if this is your first time using board of directors software. If you have previously had experience using a similar program and your employees already know how to use it, then you can upgrade to a more advanced program.

Most often, more advanced programs have a more extended list of tools that will come in handy for you, not only for communications but also for maintaining a corporate strategy and achieving your goals.

Portal Software That’s Worth Your Attention

The full guide on VDRs you can find at And now let’s move on to an overview of portal software that will interest you and contribute to an improved communication process in your business.

Azeus Convene

The very first thing to say about this board meeting software is efficiency and safety. Here you will not find intricate functionality. You will be pleased with the main tools:

  • Organization of meetings.
  • Documentation and development of tasks.
  • Exchange and distribution of documents.

This program is intuitive for novice users and is perfect for starting work in such software. Thanks to it, you can easily organize the process of communication between employees and streamline all tasks. Azeus Convene is used not only by small non-profit organizations but also by banks, companies, and even governments in more than 100 countries, as the program provides a data security service.


With the software from Wrike, you can easily create tasks and assign them to the right team members. Wrike helps everyone in your organization keep track of what they’re doing and direct their efforts towards company goals.

Full company visibility, true cross-departmental collaboration, and powerful automation enable your employees to do their best work. Key features:

  • Organization of work of departments and implementation of practices in the company.
  • Creating tasks, scheduling events, and tracking projects.
  • A quick search for information and decision-making in real-time.

The software includes four available plans.


It is best suited for small to medium-sized companies that want seamless collaboration.

Simplify meetings with BoardPro ​​so that boards and leadership teams can work more efficiently, move faster and achieve greater results for their companies. Seamless collaboration is key in all businesses, and BoardPro makes it all possible with these core tools:

  • Conducting orderly and efficient business meetings. You’ll have communication tools at your disposal that work in real-time.
  • Constructor for creating document packages that are easy to read.
  • Making important decisions between scheduled meetings.
  • Voting allows members to cast their votes quickly and easily.

With BoardPro, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on growing your business.


The program is best suited for combining commands in one borderless interface. It’s essentially an online whiteboard that allows you to collaborate privately with others across time zones, teams, and regions, as well as hold business meetings.

This board portal tool is easy to understand, easy to use, and provides a customer support service to help your organization get the most out of it.

You can work with one person or hundreds of people at the same time, no matter where you are. Miro brings all users together in real-time and allows you to:

  • Enter data and make corrections.
  • Merge different versions.
  • Track changes and save everything as you work.

With Miro, you can create a limitless collaboration space, whatever your needs. Organize business processes within your company and provide a comfortable environment for employees to communicate in Miro.


Parabol is best suited for teams that need the flexibility to connect to a business meeting. You can reduce meeting preparation effort and wasted time by prioritizing the information that matters most to your business meeting.

This means you can continue to attend a business meeting and hear what’s going on in the background without worrying about missing something important. Connect all your employees to the board management software with conversation starter questions, multiplayer maps, reactions, groups, and other activities designed to keep everyone thinking along the same lines.

The main tools of the program are:

  • With a user-friendly voting system, you can give your employees an equal voice in your meetings.
  • Members can vote quickly, giving you all the information you need to make informed decisions about the company’s most important issues.
  • Easy tracking of team progress.
  • Ability to participate in meeting organization and voting anonymously and provide an unbiased way to involve all participants in meeting preparation.


Time is a valuable resource, and boardroom software allows you to save time on tasks such as managing agendas related to boardroom meetings, preparing written minutes of meetings, and tracking board votes.

Board management software is one of the most important tools for running a successful business. After all, you not only save time but also manage it when you need it. Get rid of manual work and leave the organization and planning of meetings of directors to special programs.