User Interaction Designer Salary in Maryland (MD)

The average user interaction designer salary in Maryland is $68,051 per year, or $32.72 per hour, compared to the national average salary of $88,100 per year.

The table below shows the average salary of user interaction designers in MD, whether in metro or non-metro areas, including hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual wages.


Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area, Maryland

Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, MD(0012580)$34.49$1,380$5,979$71,749
Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-WV(0025180)$23.68$947$4,105$49,259
Philadelphia-Camden-Wilmington, PA-NJ-DE-MD(0037980)$34.51$1,380$5,981$71,775
Salisbury, MD-DE(0041540)$24.26$971$4,206$50,469
Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV(0047900)$37.40$1,496$6,482$77,787