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Web Designer vs. Graphic Designer: Which Is For You?

Web designer and graphic designer are two concepts with many similarities and have many different elements. So, distinguishing these two jobs is not easy.

If you do not understand well about web designers and graphic designers, as well as the difference between these two fields, do not ignore my in-depth analysis.

Let’s get right into the details!

What is a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer focuses entirely on the design and completion of fine art products in both conventional physical forms such as print and digital platforms.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designers have the main task of combining artistic elements such as colors, graphics, and typography with information in numbers, charts, and text. The work will serve the main purpose of conveying the designer’s intention.

If you enter this field, you do not need any programming knowledge. In fact, we do not work with these systems, and your task is merely to complete the work.

What is a Web Designer?

Web designers also have a part of the job similar to designers when they also have to work with artistic and informational resources.

Web Designer

The difference is that website designers only create products for platforms, and print products are not within their scope of work.

Not only does it stop at the use of fine artworks to increase the eye-catching and impressive look, but the designer also has to take care of the alignment and formatting work. Website developers need to create a beautiful website and ensure that the access speed is always as fast as expected.

You have to work directly with the web system. If you participate in this field, you must know and be proficient in several web programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, or more advanced such as JavaScript and PHP.

Key Differences

To make the right choices, you need to understand the fundamental differences between the two fields of design that we will introduce below.

Comparison Table

Website designerGraphic designer
Physical or DigitalDigital onlyBoth Digital and Physical
For foundationInheriting resourcesCreate and set key standards for resources
LimitedThe limit is not clearThere is a clear limit depending on the platform to work on
TeamsOnly available at the web designers teamCan join both website designers and graphic designers team

Physical or Digital

The first differentiating feature of both these fields is the format of the finished product. A website designer’s products can only be fully digital and suitable for presentation on platforms. So website programmers will only have to find a way to make the work ideal for the website and other online media.

Meanwhile, pictures or works created by designers can be in both digital format and basic physical formats such as magazines, newspapers or posters, and billboards. The coverage of the graphic designer’s fields will also be much more comprehensive when there are no platform limitations.

For foundation

Graphic designers are the people who create the foundation, and website designers are the heirs who support the development of that platform.

They will take on the creative work and specify the basic information that organizations need, such as brand identity or advertising programs.

Factors such as images on logos, fonts, and even slogans have a considerable impact on the face of a brand.

It is these same factors that will remind customers of the products or further the company or organization as a whole.

The website developer will take advantage of the resources available from the graphic designers and then adjust to best suit the posting on the platform.

People will have the ability to create and design, but this department’s changes are often limited to one platform and still have to be on pre-existing features.


For graphic designers, they have to work with many types of surfaces, from natural to virtual, from small posters to giant advertising panels of various sizes.

However, there is still a fixed limit, such as how long and wide the canvases or how large the meetings will be. From there, graphic designers won’t have much trouble figuring out how to deal with size restrictions.

Website programmers are the opposite of graphic designers when they have to work with frameworks platforms when devices’ screens have dozens of different sizes and zoom features.

Even other factors such as performance can directly affect your alignment, so we must reduce the aesthetic elements to make room for smoothness.


A more organizational difference is that designers will work in different departments and teams. With the job’s specifics, a graphic designer can do the job of a website programmer, and the web designer will also have to use visual resources from the graphic designer.

Pros and Cons

Web designerGraphic designer
Pros– Just focus on a single platform
– Work with defined objects
– Get resources from graphic designers and do minor editing
– Easy to develop because it doesn’t need too much in-depth knowledge
– Can take on the role of the designer
– No need to know to program
– Work with many different formats
– No worries about restrictions
– Have a high position in the company and organization
Cons– Need to know about programming
– Require a lot of alignment because of the flexibility
– More workload
– Require extensive and in-depth knowledge

Which One Is For You?

If you have ignored the factors of personal interests and desires, you should choose web designers when you have a background in programming to develop products quickly. In addition, designers are also a good choice for those who do not study through majors in graphics but still want to work with these elements.

As a graphic designer, you need to undergo intensive training in graphics and be able to work and create well in many different aspects of art.

You do not need to worry about the difficulties. If you want to access professional job opportunities, a graphic one is a perfect choice.


Web design and graphic design are two concepts that people often confuse. We hope that through today’s article, you are able to distinguish the difference and realize which is the most suitable field for you.