Web Development vs. App Development: Which Is For You?

Website and app development: which is better? Mobile app and web development are two of the most sought-after professions in the modern era.

They all bring tremendous benefits, along with unique advantages and setbacks.

So, are you interested in programming and don’t know which is the right career path that suits your skills and needs? This post will discuss their differences and give you insightful looks into both professions.

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What is Web Development?

As the name already suggests, web development involves building, developing, and maintaining websites on the Internet.

The work can range from developing simple texts to advanced web applications, social network services, and electronic websites for businesses.

The web developers may work independently or in a team, depending on the hardness and size of the project. For major businesses and companies, large websites are commonly developed and maintained by hundreds of developers.

Websites are the collection of web pages that are interlinked and can be accessed by people with internet connections. These pages belong to the same domain. The post you are reading is one part of the website, for example.

Web development includes two main tasks: coding and writing markup. A large and complete website contains a load of information including texts and images.

The job of developers is to make the website more appealing and accessible. Arranging the information, and building the functions or links of the sites are some examples.

Website Coding

Web Developer

You can choose to work as an independent web developer to develop personal projects or work for big businesses and firms. The freelancers will have to frequently switch from one project to another, involving higher volatility.

Meanwhile, the full-time positions in companies and organizations as web developers ensure stable and high salaries. After all, your skills and knowledge is the main factor that decides your success in this career.

You can work in both styles and earn a lot of money. Here are the four basic categories or career paths of a developer:

  • Programmer: Digitally construct and build a website by writing code. It involves using several programming languages to code.
  • Front End Developer: These developers are in charge of developing the pages’ interface (graphics and texts) via several programming languages like HTML, CSS, or Javascript.
  • Back End Developer: Contrary to the front-end developers, these workers focus on the side features of a website through coding. The common languages used in this field are PHP, Python, and Ruby.
  • Full-Stack Developer: This field involves both back-end and front-end languages. The full-stack developers help maintain the data flow between the sites.

What Is App Development?

Application development is building and developing mobile applications that are accessed and used on smartphones or tablets.

While web development builds websites that can be accessed via all devices, applications focus mainly on mobile phones and tablets.

App development consists of six basic steps, which are:

  • Planning: Analyzing a business and creating the strategies to develop the apps. This phase may involve business analysis and project management.
  • Technical: This stage is handled by the technical writer, who describes the technical details.
  • Prototyping: Create the frame, sketch, skins, and the fundamentals of the application. The UX/UI designers commonly handle this task.
  • Developing: Use the front-end and back-end languages to build and construct the apps, which are handled by app developers.
  • Quality: The qualifiers will resort to specific requirements to check the capacity of the developed apps and provide feedback to help improve their quality.
  • Publishing: Provide the apps on the app stores or CH play stores so that the mobile users can download and use these apps. This phase also involves regular updates and maintenance to the apps.

App Developer

A complete app development project includes these six cycles or phases. Each cycle requires specific skills and techniques with different aims, although they are interrelated to each other.

The app developers will work in two main fields: iOS and Android. There are countless applications today, and you can join the app development teams or work for a specific organization that develops the apps.

Mobile Applications

Key Differences

Web DevelopmentApp Development
TargetDeveloping websites that can be accessed on all devices.Developing applications that are mostly downloaded and used.
AimIncrease the efficiency, content, and appearance of the websites.Create and improve efficient applications that are helpful and user-friendly.
CompilerNot neededNeeded
BenefitsMaintain the existing users and increase the number of users.Attract more users to download and use the applications and improve the apps.
FocusFocus on the information, making it more available.Focus on the design, features, and efficiency of the apps.
Process– Plan and gather information.
– Design and develop the websites via coding.
– Plan the purpose of the apps.
– Develop, test, and publish the app.
LanguagesHTML, JavaScript, and CSS.HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, or PHP.

Which Path Is For You?

To sum up, it boils down to your preferences and the job prospect in your region. Both careers require excellent skills and knowledge relating to programming and IT.

If you love developing websites and providing Internet users with useful information on various topics, then go for web development.

On the other hand, app development is suitable for those who love building mobile apps on phones and tablets.

We hope the answer and information provided in this post can satisfy you. Thank you for reading.