What Can I Do With JavaScript?

JavaScript is a popular programming language because of its significant upsides. So, all newbie coders or experts master this programming language.

Why is JavaScript so famous? What can you do with Javascript? The following article will provide the detailed answer if you need clarification.

We include details on how developer are applying JavaScript to their projects. Through it, you can learn how important this language is and how to use it.

Developers often use JavaScript for their purposes, including growing websites and building software, games, art products, and more.

Below, I’ll show you what can be done with JavaScript that experts often aim for.

1. Website Building

Many great front-end websites are Javascript-based. Unlike many other languages, computer engineers will not need to compile web pages before using them. So, they will save a lot of time and effort thanks to this feature.

With websites built from JavaScript, coders only need to refresh their browsers after coding to see the changes. They will not need to go through running the program or entering commands.

Web developers combine JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to create their products.

2. Game Building

You can use this language for game development

JavaScript is also the basis for game developers to make video games. Many of the games are products of JavaScript. Accordingly, browser games are an ideal field that many novice coders want to enter to learn more about their skills.

Some talents even use JavaScript and HTML5 to incorporate game elements into their websites. These games are compatible with many systems. So you can play games on your PCs without owning mobile devices or dedicated game consoles.

3. Presentations

This language is also a helpful tool for learners to build thoughtful presentations.

You can easily use the Reveal.js library to create presentations. Designing layouts and combining colors to create sound effects is also simpler.

4. App Running

Next, running apps smoothly is another outstanding advantage that you cannot ignore with JavaScript. Building third-party plugins is a task many coders use.

The prominent cases are Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop. The experts at Chrome and Firefox are pushing to use JavaScript to add add-ons to their products. With this language, users can customize their browsers to their liking.

5. Website UX/UI

Adjust the UX/UI design for the website

More than just building websites, seasoned coders can add UX/UI designs to their websites using JavaScript. So, users can be impressed while using a website with exciting animations.

This language even helps website users customize forms to hide or show elements as desired. Also, displaying a timer and zooming in and out of an image are also techniques that JavaScript can respond to.

Some clients want their websites to display video, play audio, or have a hamburger drop-down menu appear. JavaScript can help experts handle tasks.

6. Art

With JavaScript, browsers have become a tool for artists to develop art projects.

They often use Canvas, an HTML element, to create eye-catching works of art. Many holograms displayed in the browser include JavaScript. In the future, experts predict that digital art will quickly flourish thanks to this language.

7. Server

Developer can create software that works similarly on servers and clients with JavaScript. Accordingly, you can use three common frameworks with this language: Google Cloud Functions, AWS Lambda, and Azure Functions.

Front-end experts can create server applications without running a server. They don’t need time to manage data with JavaScript-based non-cloud computing.

8. Desktop Apps

Besides, combined with other stages, JavaScript may be a capable tool for handling desktop apps. NW.js. Electron, GitHub, and Electron are the most popular platforms that help coders build apps from JavaScript.

App makers can use a unique code for their systems. You can handle your programs easily, whether it’s Windows, OS X, or Linux.

9. AI Growth

JavaScript is a helpful tool for computer and IT experts to run their AI projects.

Practical frameworks and modules in JavaScript have aided them in tasks, such as building chat boxes, neural networks, machine learning, and auto-discovering.

Moreover, Google and Facebook use Node-fuzz, a JavaScript module, in their search engines. The function of Node-fuzz is to generate scripts to test fuzz in JavaScript. In addition, programmers perform machine learning based on JavaScript through the TensorFlow library.

10. Data Visualization

Coders create coding so that the graphs describe the data, helping to visualize the information. This JavaScript feature is vital, especially for data experts.

With JavaScript’s D3.js library, creating charts and graphs that change with data sets in real time is no longer difficult.

Plus, the engineers can build graphs in both 2D and 3D with this library. Or they can create animations and GIF files easily.

Why Should You Learn JavaScript?

Cloud-based apps and websites are becoming increasingly well known. This fact presents a problem for coders as they must find a language to produce good interoperable products, and JavaScript is such a good choice.

There are numerous reasons why software engineers ought to use JavaScript.

  • JavaScript is one of the foremost well-known dialects
  • JavaScript can create front-end factors and add interactivity to the website
  • JavaScript is beginner-friendly
  • JavaScript has a lot of practical cases

In short, mastering JavaScript is a must for web developers. Products created from this programming language will quickly lead you to success in work.


To sum up, JavaScript is a beneficial language for the IT industry. Its products are used every day and play an essential role in modern life. You can use this language for growing websites, software, games, art products, and more.

If you choose to become a programmer, mastering JavaScript is essential. Learn this language today to achieve much success in your career path!