What Can You Do With a Computer Engineering Degree?

Millions of computer engineering undergraduates work hard every day to earn the degree in their major. But, what can you do with a computer engineering (CE) degree?

Gaining a degree in CE brings you tons of job opportunities. No matter if you are studying for the Associate, Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate, the computer-related knowledge can assure a promising career path for you.

With the distinctions in curriculum, each level of degree offers different background knowledge. Hence, the job chances vary. This article will explain more about the career options for each group.

Let’s read on to discover!

Associate’s Degree

A computer engineering associate’s degree teaches students the basic programming topics. The associate programs include CE courses about computer systems, computer science, programming languages, operating systems, and web development.

With the Associate’s degree, you can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in CE or find work for jobs as:

Electrical engineer

Electrical engineer

They contribute to creating, designing, and evaluating electrical gadgets such as laptops, computers, household appliances, and other electrical items.

They support electrical engineering in the design and development of equipment components and materials. They also aid in the manufacturing of machinery prototypes.

Computer specialist

Computer specialist

They are specialists in computer system and network maintenance and testing. They also offer technical assistance for computer parts in a business or for customers.

Frequent computer and network monitoring are one of their duties.

Computer specialists analyze local and remote networks to detect and address problems.

Network administrator

Network administrator

Their missions are setting up, setting, and managing a firm’s network and internet infrastructure. They are also responsible for investigating and maintaining the hardware or software of the computer and guaranteeing the proper functioning of a firm’s network.

Some other tasks of a computer network administrator are organizing and leading the network admin staff.

Bachelor’s Degree

Undergraduates with a bachelor’s degree in CE learn computer coding, database administration, and software systems.

Degree-seekers improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the curriculum in mathematics and science courses, in parallel with their major.

For full-time learners, completing a bachelor’s degree usually needs four years. Students who switch or enroll in an accelerated course may be able to complete their degrees faster.

A bachelor’s degree offers you some job opportunities as follows:

Hardware engineer

Hardware engineer

They focus on the testing, design, and operation of computer hardware. Computer hardware engineers need to construct computer circuits and assure that software and hardware parts are successfully utilized.

They also build computer programs to evaluate the functionality of hardware designs.

Conducting testing to identify errors in hardware construction is also the computer hardware engineer’s job.

Software engineer

Software engineer

They are specialists in software engineering, design, and administration. Before developing software solutions, they conduct operation tests.

Software engineers build and run solutions as well as provide analysis. They also present operational data while taking quality control tests to check that everything works properly.

Network engineer

Network engineer

They work with communication network system construction and maintenance. Besides, they build and implement networks, as well as fix any problems.

Network engineers also evaluate a network’s operation and support businesses, including the solutions to communications system difficulties.

System analyst

System analysts

Their tasks entail enhancing the efficiency of current systems to boost a company’s productivity. They analyze information technology systems, solve issues, and then build new ones.

Database administrator

Database administrators

They are in charge of guaranteeing that a database operates securely and adequately. The administrators need to examine the requirements of the clients before designing and implementing database systems for them.

They also need to establish and maintain database control systems that allow for efficient data storage and processing.

Master’s and Doctorate Degree

Algorithms, computer architecture, and coding are frequently compulsory courses for master’s degrees.

A master’s degree may take around two years to complete, based on the institution and the student’s enrollment status. Some universities offer classes that may be short in as short as a year.

On the other hand, a Ph.D. in computer engineering prepares students for advanced studies and education.

Applicants for a doctorate in computer technology have to finish core courses in a specialized field. A doctorate in computer engineering usually takes 4 to 5 years to achieve.

Advanced degrees in computer engineering, like the Master’s or Doctorate, strengthen employability and earnings potential, widening positions such as:

IT consultant

IT consultants

They offer expert assistance on information technology concerns to their customers. They conduct business research to assess system needs and then provide appropriate suggestions.

Information system manager

Information system managers

They are in charge of leading and developing technological systems within a business. They manage ICT budgets, perform new system studies, and handle hardware and software concerns in general.

Salary for Computer Engineer

Computer engineering always stays among the most high-paid fields. According to our latest report, ordinary computer engineers may make an annual earning of about $127,038.

On the other hand, software engineers may earn a median income of $133,722 per year.


What jobs can you get with a computer engineering degree? Everything related to the computer engineering field is accessible to all graduates. The ultimate rule to earn a degree is to work hard. Keep learning and practicing to enhance your skills.

You don’t need to earn the highest degree. It would be perfect if you knew what your objective is.