What Can You Do with a Computer Science Degree?

The computer science (CS) industry has driven innovation and revolution in our society, allowing humans to achieve incredible achievements.

Many computer science students have tried their best to achieve a degree in this field. They hope to get suitable jobs in this industry with desired salary.

What Can You Do With a CS Degree?

With a computer science degree, you have technical knowledge in computer science, ranging in various fields such as coding, programming, and designing.

You need to understand your talent and preference to find a proper job in this industry. Different positions might come with other skills and human characteristics, even though they all require high-tech knowledge.

Having previous experience before applying for a computer science job is essential. Here are specific jobs you can do with this degree.

1. Software Developer

A software developer typically works with C++, Python, and Java to create numerous programs and software that satisfy customers’ requirements.

You can have a wide range of options to pursue software development. With a computer science degree, you can apply for information technology companies and coding software for business purposes.

Software developers can work alone and design their programs, but they might need help with the initial funding process and take more time on projects than working with high-tech adepts in a large group.

Many software developers expect this job to give them the desired salary. In fact, information technology companies can pay around $100.000 for software developers per year.

2. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for coding and developing websites based on databases provided by clients. They have a piece of profound background knowledge of programming languages and frameworks.

This computer science job relies on customers’ requests, as web developers need to understand requirements and transform them into web applications.

To facilitate projects, web developers need strong communication skills to plan and process requirements with designers and program developers.

Some web developers can creatively create their websites according to their preferences as long as these websites guarantee fundamental functions. Depending on specific projects, web developers can receive around $86,949.

3. UX Designer

UX designers (Users experience designers) will collect users’ experiences of digital products and services, then create more friendly apps.

Users experience designers typically analyze users’ needs and use high-tech knowledge to create more enjoyable apps.

Generally, UX designers’ salaries range from $70,000 to $75,000 per year and increase with the development of applications.

Computer science class

4. Mobile App Developer

Like web developers, mobile app developers refer to analytical jobs for mobile devices. The salary of mobile app developers is similar to app developers and increases with the importance of projects.

Information technology learners who pursue this job have expertise in coding, testing, and an overview of mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Due to the rapid growth of mobile devices, this job can create promising apps to enhance users’ experience.

5. IT Project Manager

Besides having high-teaching knowledge, IT project managers have financial management skills, as they have to plan and predict potential fees to build an organization’s IT projects.

As an IT project manager, you must collaborate with a professional team to ensure productivity. With proper administration, IT project managers can lead their teams to finish projects on time and within budget.

To become an IT project manager, consider getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science and business administration.

6. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts take responsibility for implementing and protecting websites against threats, including cyber-attacks and viruses.

Some information security analysts can educate employees about information safety, providing necessary instruction on how to protect their personal computers and vital principles about network security.

Generally, information security analysts have five primary duties, including conducting risk assessments, developing security policies, monitoring security, investigating cyber attacks, and planning solutions to threats.

Remember to be careful when handling cyber attack

7. System Architect

A system architect is responsible for designing and constructing databases for systems. They will have a possible strategy to approach their department goals.

To become experienced system architects, learners must have analytical and financial administration skills to scale potential resources.

System architects play a critical role in the success of computer systems business organizations, allowing them to approach business goals effectively.

8. AI Engineer

AI engineers stand for artificial intelligence engineers who professionally design and implement the improvement of AI in reality. They work with numerous aspects of AI, including algorithms, languages, and data processing.

Employees in these computer science jobs typically have skillful programming of AI with up-to-date technologies. In recent years, AI engineers have made an outstanding contribution to the success of artificial intelligence.

Consider achieving certification in AI development, such as Google and Microsoft certification, to prove that you have deep knowledge about AI.

The AI engineers might receive up to $130,000 per year as a reward for their contribution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) class

What is The Highest Paid Job in Computer Science?

For many years, AI engineers have held the top palace of the highest-paid job ranking in computer science. With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, AI engineers might receive hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Many large information groups such as Google or Microsoft require their employees to have specialized certification in AI technology and 3 to 4-year experience in this industry.

Therefore, AI engineers have not only deep software knowledge but also critical thinking that allows them to think outside the box and make significant progress during the AI development stages.

It’s important to note that the salary can change depending on the project, companies, and locations. However, the average salary for an AI engineer can satisfy any requirements you need to improve the quality of your life.

Is Getting a Computer Science Degree Worth it?

Yes. A computer science degree can bring information benefits, allowing them to ensure a high quality of life and expand their background knowledge daily.

Here are some reasons why a computer science degree can be a worthwhile investment in the future:

  • Career Opportunity: Nothing can prevent the advancement of information technology. With a computer science degree, you can apply for any computer career with the desired salary.
  • Earning potential: According to the US labor statistics, the average salary in this industry has increased by more than $69,000 per year, a dream salary for many information technology learners.
  • Job security: In the upcoming years, the need for qualified computer science experts is anticipated to increase further.

Some people may find a computer science degree attractive since it can offer a certain level of career security.

  • Personal preference: If you desire to contribute to the evolution of technology, working in the computer science industry might satisfy your desire and broaden your horizon day by day. You can choose to work alone or team up with high-tech adepts.

Is it Easy to Find a Job as a Computer Science Major?

Yes. It’s relatively easy to find a job as a computer science major due to the development of tech companies worldwide.

Yet, your computer science job percentage might depend on your experience and location. For instance, if you finish your learning course in a city with a high concentration of information technology companies. You can increase your chance of having a well-paid job while still studying at universities.

While working for companies in this industry, try your best to gain experiences as much as possible and participate in coding competitions.

Final Thoughts

You can apply for numerous jobs in the computer science industry, including coding, protecting, and designing software with a high salary.

With a never stop learning attitude, you can have a chance to get a job sooner after graduation. Thank you for reading!