What Computer-Based Tech Solutions Offer Extra-Levels of Security?

New technology is often met with two kinds of feelings. One is the excitement to see the progress that humankind has achieved. The other is fear of seeing what humankind has achieved and where this is all going. It is very important to look at new technological developments as objectively as possible to determine if this is something good or not.

One of the ways where the good side of science and technology can not be disputed is safety and security. Mobile phones may be seen as a really bad thing but have you ever been in an emergency situation without one? Using computer-based tech solutions for security and wellbeing is something that our predecessors did not have. It is brand new, but the level of security these solutions can give us is unmatched by anything else from the past.

GPS alarm

If you are an employer and have some lone workers, you are still obliged to take care of their safety. For example, if you have a journalist reporting from a dangerous area, it is important to make sure that they are safe. One of the novel computer-based tech solutions for this is a duress alarm, which is a kind of GPS alarm that the person wearing it can trigger to know if they are in danger. This kind of alert is always accompanied by basic information such as GPS coordinates, time, and date.

Legal reasons are just one way of entitling you to have this kind of security for lone workers. Besides that, even if you were not chained by the law, it is always very much appreciated to show that you care for your workers. It is sad that this has to be written because of a select few billionaires who do not care for the safety and wellbeing of their employees.

Biometric authentication

Biometric authentication is a really good way of ensuring who can enter and who can not enter the perimeters of your property. When people think of this kind of security, they think either about how easy it is to pass them. Or they think how these devices do not work properly. The computers and software behind this authentication have improved greatly over the past years. This has become much more reliable than older technology and has its superb advantages.

One of the examples of how much this technology has progressed is the integration with phones that many people use. If a mobile phone can recognize your face and fingerprint, why wouldn’t a specialized machine do that even better? Face recognition is also the safest way to unlock something.  That is because you are not physically touching something. This is the biggest advantage as it is totally hygienic and thus ideal during this pandemic. Or anytime really, if you take into consideration how any doorknob is extremely dirty.


As technology has given us a whole new world to explore via the internet, it has also brought the dangers of it. Unfortunately, our online data is always at risk, even from the biggest websites that do not care about safety because they want to sell that data. Having good cybersecurity is almost important as our security in the physical world. Without that, anyone can access vital data and use it unjustly against you. You can find many cases of this with just a bit of research.

Using websites that encrypt your data to the point where even they do not have the key to open is one of the safest ways to know you are safe. If your username and password for a social media account or work account get compromised, that usually does spell catastrophe. New emerging technology is trying to stop hacked accounts from doing anything if they notice any anomalies in their regular uses. The algorithm knows how you usually use the account and if it does not register that activity, it will temporarily suspend the account.

These are just some of the computer-based tech solutions to feel safer, be it in person or online. This technology is always developing and evolving, so it is important to stay in touch with the latest trends. An example of that would be biometric authentication. What once seemed like science fiction became something only the rich use. And now it is something that everyone has access to.

Even though this kind of tech is often viewed as something that will do harm, these examples show otherwise. There will always be people who will try to use new technology for doing harm. It is also not hard to find records of this. It is important to objectively answer the question: do the benefits outweigh the harms?