What Does it Take to Create an Excellent Website? Find Out Here

Anybody can start their own website. A lot of people seem to think that you need to be some kind of computer genius to start a website, but this isn’t true. In fact, there are literally thousands of guides available online that take you through the website creation process in painstaking detail. You can also use template sites, or work with an experienced web designer.

Rather than telling you how to create a website, this post will instead tell you what it takes to create a website. You will find all of the qualities that a good website has (so you can then ensure your website has them) right here:

Unique Design

One of the hallmarks of a good website is a unique design. Unfortunately, a unique design is not something you can achieve when using template services. The only way to get a uniquely designed website is to hire a web designer (or to make it yourself, which will require coding knowledge). As mentioned at https://aaronknight.com.au/web-design/melbourne/, a web designer will also be able to ensure that your site’s SEO ready, which will make it more discoverable on search engines. Web designers can be expensive to work with, but provide an extremely useful service.

Loading Times

Another thing to consider is loading times. If your site doesn’t load quickly, then people won’t stick around on it for long. Internet users have a very low tolerance for poorly designed, slow sites. People have come to expect sites to move quickly. The best way to ensure your site loads quickly is by having it professionally designed, and also by getting a good host. A web designer will be able to arrange a host for you if you do not know how to yourself. If you use a template service, then they will probably try and sell you hosting, too.

Engaging Content

The content on your website needs to be engaging and interesting. If it isn’t then visitors won’t stick around. The best way to ensure your site’s content is engaging is to employ a content writer to create it for you. Make sure that your site’s content is relevant to your niche. Ideally, your site’s content should help to create an image of you being an expert. Post content, guides, and articles related to your industry, so you can build a reputation as an authority in it.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is another thing that’s worth considering. As with fast page speeds, internet users expect to be able to visit websites on their mobile devices. People do not want to have to load their computers up every single time they want to use the web, these days. Most internet users use their phones, so by not optimizing your site for mobile use, you alienate these people. Alienating these people will stop them from wanting to do business with you, or just put them off of reading your website.

Contact Information

On your website, your contact information needs to be readily available. Ideally, you should provide an email address and phone number for people to reach you. A lot of websites make the mistake of only providing an email address, but sometimes, for more urgent queries, people will want to call. If you do not have an office phone number, then give people your mobile number. Your mobile number should have a WhatsApp attached to it in case international clients want to get in touch with you, so they can call you using their phone’s mobile data.

Customer Support

Make sure your site has active, responsive customer support. That said, it is only necessary to have customer support if your site sells a product or service. If you just have a blog, then customer support is not as important (mainly because there won’t be any customers). You should still have email channels set up for people to reach out to you though. Make sure that if you do employ customer support staff, they are well-trained, personable, and easy to talk to. Always interview customer support staff personally, to ensure they are skilled enough to represent your business.


Finally, if you sell a service or product, make sure that you have an FAQ page set up. An FAQs page will give you somewhere to answer people’s queries and concerns, without them having to resort to getting in touch with your customer support team (which will tie up their time).

Starting a website doesn’t have to be as difficult as a lot of people make it out to be. To be honest, all you need to do is to work with a web designer. A web designer will be able to ensure your site has all of the qualities that have been mentioned here.