What is Data Science?

Data science is one of the most important attributes of several big tech industries. It is a science that deals with the management of a large amount of raw data using different tools to make the given data into meaningful & useful information. This helps industries and big businesses to make their decision. The science uses complex methods for making predictive models.

The data can be raw and can be collected from different sources and can be available in different formats. The data is then used to prepare reports in usable forms such as graphs and is presented to the stakeholders. Thus, data scientists perform the job of complete data management in an organization.

If you are interested in learning the aspects of Data Science, then Data science courses online can help people to become professional and trained data scientists.

The Lifecycle of Data Science

The lifecycle of data science is divided into five stages and each stage has its importance. Let us discuss those five stages:

  1. Capture: As the name indicates in this stage the data scientists have to gather raw data in different forms.
  2. Maintain: In this stage, data scientists have to arrange the raw data in a usable form.
  3. Process: Here, data scientists have to use the prepared data and streamline its pattern to determine how it can be used for predictive analysis.
  4. Analyze: In this stage, data scientists will analyze the data. It is the most important stage of the life cycle of data science.
  5. Communicate: This is the last stage and in this stage data scientists prepare the data in an easily understandable format such as graphs, charts, reports, etc.

Skills Required for Data Science

People who want to pursue a course in data science should possess some technical skills. This will help them in a clear and better understanding of data science.

Machine Learning: It is one of the important skills required for learning data science. Data scientists should have a deep understanding of machine learning and the basic information of statistics.

Modeling: Data scientists should also have proper knowledge of mathematical models because knowing mathematical models will help them to do quick calculations and make predictions for the available data. Modeling is also a branch of machine learning and it includes the identification of the perfect algorithm that will be suitable for solving a given problem.

Programming: Data scientists should also have some knowledge of programming for applying to finish a data science project. The common programming languages that should be known to data scientists include R Python and Python because these are easy to understand and support different libraries of machine learning and data science.

Statistics: It is the main branch of data science. Knowing statistics can help to get precise and refined results.

Databases: A data scientist should also know about databases as it will help them to manage databases and extract data.

What is the Role Played By Data Scientists in an Organization?

The role of a data scientist is to analyze the data and extract meaningful information from it. After analyzing the data, a data scientist can solve business problems by using different strategies. He can solve the given problem in the following manner:

  • A data scientist has to analyze the problem by understanding it properly before handling the data collection.
  • He/she will then determine the right set of variables
  • A data scientist will collect all types of data including structured and unstructured data from different sources.
  • After collecting the data, the data scientist will process the data and convert it into a readable form for analysis. This includes cleaning the data and making it accurate.
  • After making the data in usable form it will be fed to the analytic system. Then the data scientist will analyze and identify the different trends and patterns.
  • After analyzing the data properly a data scientist can use and interpret the data to find solutions for the underlying problem.
  • A data scientist can complete the given task by preparing the final result and sharing the results with the team and stakeholders.

Reasons to Choose Data Science As a Career

There are several reasons why people choose data science as a career. There is a high demand for data scientists in the market and the demand is increasing day by day. The reasons for choosing data science as a career are:

  • Choosing a data science course will help an individual to get job security. A professional and certified data scientist can easily get a job.
  • The career of a data scientist can help professionals to earn a high salary. A data scientist can earn up to $127,500 in America on average.

The ever-increasing demand for data scientists gives them a secure future and much better job opportunities. A data scientist can work in different sectors and it is easy to get a job. Data science is used in a wide range of fields such as the healthcare sector, logistics, gaming, fraud detection, etc.

Prospects of Data Science

Data scientists can play a significant role in the analytic processing of data. Data scientists have the skills of using machine learning and streamlining the work by using proper tools and techniques. Knowledge of data science will also help professionals to understand how machine learning and AI learning models work. People spending time and money in learning data science can get fruitful results after completing some relevant courses. You can join Bootcamp data science training to become a certified data scientist.

Why do organizations choose data science?

Data science includes advanced tools and technologies. It helps professionals to work on large amount of data collected from a wide range of sources. Data science is becoming popular among organizations due to the following reasons:

It helps in precise product recommendation. It helps in creating customized models depending on purchase history, browsing history, and basic factors. Data collected from different sources can help data scientists to make better models and make better products.

Knowledge and skills of a data scientist also helps him/her to make decisions quickly. A data scientist can make decisions based on the available information and by analyzing the information properly and arranging it in an easy format.

Data science can be used a wide range of fields such as healthcare industry, product development, risk management, identifying risk factors, image recognition, etc. Therefore, most businesses choose data science to stay updated with the latest tools available in the market for analyzing and making products for the consumers.


Data science is an important field and it plays an important role in different business operations. Knowledge and understanding of data science can help professionals to analyze the data and present it in a usable form to the stakeholders. Analyzation of the given data also helps data scientists to solve different problems easily.

A data scientist should possess some technical skills for proper data management in an organization. Data science can give a lucrative career to an individual and it not only helps in career growth but also helps an individual to get a high salary and recognition in the industry.