What is the Use of Technology in Hospital Care?

In hospitals, technology is very important. A lot of people have this idea in their heads that nurses and doctors do everything by hand. In the past, this was true but not anymore. The average healthcare worker uses technology for most of their duties, from issuing prescriptions to checking people’s blood pressure and oxygen levels.

If you are planning on getting a job in a hospital and want to get an idea of what your duties will be or if you just want to know how modern technology has irrevocably changed hospital care, this post will tell you everything you need to know:

Care Traffic Control

Hospitals use a system called care traffic control, which is an all-in-one command center that allows them to keep track of everything that’s going on within their walls. Depending on the job you are applying for (if you are applying for a job) you could be in charge of running care traffic control or could have your daily duties dictated by it. These systems are very technical and require training before people can begin using them. As they are highly complicated it’s strongly recommended that you take extracurricular courses to boost your knowledge in using them before applying for positions where they will be used.

Medication Prescriptions

Usually, people’s prescriptions are written for them by their family physician. Sometimes hospital doctors prescribe drugs to people too. If a person comes into a hospital’s emergency care unit with a broken leg, for example, they will likely leave with a prescription for a painkiller like codeine or potentially tramadol. However, due to the immense volume of patients that passes through the average hospital on any given day, technology is needed to make sure that prescriptions are properly (and more importantly, safely) prescribed. Technology ensures people are getting the right drugs, in the right dosages, and that they have no prior issues with addiction or negative interactions.

Checking Patients

Technology is used in hospital settings to check patients over and make sure that they are in good health. As mentioned earlier on in this post, healthcare workers use blood pressure and oxygen machines to check people’s vital signs. In the past, the devices that were used to check these things were antiquated and hard to operate not to mention a lot less accurate. Modern technology has made it so much easier for healthcare workers to ensure that their patients are in good health. Technology has made it a lot quicker for them to do this too.

Staff Hours

Technology is also used to see how many hours per day staff members are working. By looking at the figures reported back by technology, payment staff can then issue salaries accordingly. Usually, hospitals require staff members to check in when they enter work and check out when they leave. This then allows for more accurate payments to be calculated, ensuring staff is not underpaid and likewise not overpaid either.

Hospitals have been using technology for many years. When you consider how useful and accurate most modern technology is, it’s not hard to see why. If you are planning on getting a job in a hospital or just want to learn about the technology they use then this post has covered most of it.