What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

Programming is an essential skill in the Information Technology industry. So, the demand for programmers is constantly rising with fantastic job opportunities.

The programming language is the bridge between coders and computers. Therefore, mastering a programming language is vital for any programmer.

Since there are too many languages, many people need help in choosing a tool to start with. You can wonder: I am a beginner, what programming language should I start learning first?

I will provide some beginner-friendly options in this post. You can consider their features and pick the best suitable one for your skills.

Our top recommendation for programming learners is Python. It is simple to learn with no complex syntax rules.

Python is the best option for new programmers

1. Python

Python is the favorite language of many IT professionals. The advantage of Python lies in its simple interface and versatility.

The main application of Python is to build web services. It also supports various platforms and other languages. In addition, the Python community has abundant libraries of data and frameworks.

Therefore, users can access a lot of resources when using Python. This feature is vital for beginners because it helps save you time designing your own project.

Python is still popular and applicable to many fields. Mastering this language can significantly enrich your ability.

The foundational knowledge of Python can help you approach other languages better. For these reasons, Python is the best choice to start coding.

In the sessions below, I will provide some additional simple programming languages to consider. Each programming language has its own applications and advantages. Ensure to follow the details and pick a choice for your preferences.

2. C#

The most significant feature of C# lies in its simplicity and time-saving features. The tool is straightforward to read and write. Plus, it takes much less time to scour the scripts in this language.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about tiny errors that can disrupt your projects. On top of that, C# is also scalable and doesn’t need much maintenance. Its strict rules make this language very consistent and reliable.

3. Java

Java is another excellent tool for beginners. It is one of the easiest languages to write, debug, and read. Java experts also earn a high income.

This programming language features reusable codes suitable for building modular programs. Plus, you don’t always need a platform to use this language. Therefore, you can switch between different computers easily.

4. Javascript

Javascript is the most fundamental skill that any web developer must possess. This programming language is also approachable for beginners. It takes only a few months before you can master its basic functions.

The rise of JavaScript frameworks has made Javascript a leading language for web development. If you love building websites and online services, Javascript is an excellent option to consider.

5. Ruby

Ruby is less famous than the other languages. Yet, it’s still an excellent tool for new learners. Many organizations use this language in many of their projects.

The most prevalent version of this language is Ruby on Rails. This tool features high consistency and reliability. Therefore, Ruby is ideal for building servers and data processors.

Libraries of resources

Tips to Get Better at Programming

Like learning other skills, you must constantly practice for years to become a good programmer. Here are some tips you can follow to practice effectively.

Work With the Other Developers

Working with other developers can extend your knowledge. They will give you a lot of experience in developing your coding career. The easiest way is to join a coding user group.

You can also find the experts on many information technology forums. On these forums, you can ask questions and learn from other programmers with higher skills. You can also post your projects and receive feedback from other people.

Read a Lot of Codes

Reading codes is like seeing a programmer solve problems. Therefore, viewing a lot of codes is a very effective method to develop your skill. You can try asking yourself these questions during the process:

  • If it were me who wrote this code, what would it look like?
  • How can I make this code better?
  • What did I learn from this example?

It would be best if you wrote the answers on paper. It will help you review your skills better and identify the existing weaknesses. You can also discuss the codes with your friends to sort out the solution.

Check Your Progress

There are many tools that help coders check their coding performance. For example, you can monitor the time you complete a project. After a few days of practice, redo the same project to check if you can do it faster.

It’s really easy to get distracted when learning to code. The complex codes and structures can make you feel overwhelmed. This method will give you more motivation to keep up with your study.

It’s essential to monitor your progress

Is Programming a Good Career?

The career prospects of programmers are bright. Programming is one of the best routes for technology lovers. It involves technical skills and an excellent ability to solve problems. The required skill sets for programmers are also advanced.

In addition, you can seek amazing jobs with very high incomes. Our report indicates that programmers in the US earn an average of $73,566 per year. This number is higher than most other professions.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Python is our recommendation for beginner programmers. This language features simple rules and an interface. Plus, its community has abundant resources and data for learners.

In addition, Python is still extremely popular in many information technology sectors. Mastering this language can bring you many amazing job opportunities. It also gives you the foundation to expand to more advanced tools.

What is the easiest language for coders to learn, in your opinion? Don’t hesitate to comment and share your ideas. Thank you for your time!