What’s upgraded Memory Cards?

The upgraded memory card, in another words, it means that the memory cards in bulk we purchased are not as same as the marks. For example, if we purchase one 4GB Micro SD Card bulk for Mobile Phone, it gets errors when storing more than 2GB files, and it is impossible to load more files. In this case, the card we purchased mostly is fake one. Although the upgraded card is marked with 4GB, the real capacity is 2GB only or even lower. This is the way that upgraded card acts. That is to say, some memory card manufacturer modify the internal attribute data of the memory card through one certain technology, so that the capacity recognized on the computer or the mobile phone is larger than the actual memory size, and the upgraded card is difficult to recognize the real capacity on the computer, so If the consumers do not purchase the memory card in a reliable place, the upgraded card may be purchased by case. When searching the micro SD supplier online, we can check memory card wholesalers, as these sources are low-cost and reliable.

This is the testing result for upgraded card.

The method to detect upgraded cards is as follow.

Generally, the easiest way to detect one upgraded card is as this. If we buy one 4GB memory card, firstly checking at the properties, regardless of the internal program space, and there is normally around 3.8G of available space, then you can try to copy one 3.5G files to the memory card, you can find if there is problem after loading the data. If it cannot be saved, it is likely to be one upgraded card. In addition, because some upgraded card has encrypted data inside, it may be no problem to copy it at the first time, but you will find that you can’t open the file when you read in another computer. This is one kind upgraded card in high rank. At this situation, we’d better use professional testing software to find out the reality.

The most commonly used software for detecting upgraded cards is H2test and USBOOT. The method of using the software is relatively simple. Firstly, you run USBOOT to format the memory card, then select the memory card for detection. Then you can get the real capacity result of the memory card. If the capacity gap is less than 50mb, it is one real memory card. If the capacity difference is huge, then we have to doubt it is the fake one. The testing principle of H2test is the same. There are some extra functions by this software, it can test only part of the data, and also can verify whether the card reading speed is normal or not.

What is the principle of the upgraded card?

The upgraded card is the capacity of original memory card got expansion or upgrade, the general expansion card is used for mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital cameras and the other equipment, the upgraded memory card usually use 256M, 512M, 1G memory Card to do expansion, many low-cost memory cards in the market today are all in this way, which is also because of the deceptive behavior of bad merchants in order to obtain greater benefits.

This kind fake Micro SD Card bring fake capacity to pretend to be real one, however, it is easily revealed if you test one. For example, you bought one wholesale Micro SD 32GB, and you would find it is 32GB when you connected to the computer. However, the data will not be read or opened if you copy more than the real capacity. It is old tricky always done by the fraud, you may find only 512mb data inside.

Therefore, we must pay high attention when we purchase the memory cards, the price is not the standard to get real cards but the testing will help you find out the truth. If we place orders online, we should check the reviews and buy samples in advance, otherwise we have to afford the loss if purchase randomly.