Why is it Crucial to Protect Your Business Data, and How to Do it?

No matter how small your business is, you create new documents daily. Sometimes these documents are in a hard copy format, and others, they are digital. We live in a digital time; it’s normal for nearly all documents to exist on some of the many office computers.

Medium and big enterprises create dozens of documents every hour. Many of them are crucial for the business, and losing them is not an option. Since these documents exist in digital form only, protecting them is essential.

Physical documents usually go inside clusters and are stored in a safe location, so it’s harder for companies to lose track of them, but more than 90% of all data is digitized. That means paying more attention to antivirus and anti-malware programs is necessary, and regular backups are crucial.

In this article, we talk more about these issues. We will share a few tips to explain why it is crucial to protect your data and the best ways of doing it. Keep reading if you want to learn more about this topic and be protected.

Without data, you can’t do your job

Suppose you’re a programming agency and design, develop, and publish apps. An app can’t be built in a day, but often, a team of people must join forces and work for months on it. Once they are all done, they’ll put all the pieces together to launch the final product.

If a piece of data disappears just one day during their work, it compromises their entire project. All their efforts may go in vain if data is lost. That’s why all companies should pay extra attention to security and keeping data safe and secure. There are many ways to protect your assets, so keep reading to know the best ones.

Multiple backup solutions are available

To be sure that nothing is lost, you must do regular backups. Most companies will do this at the end of the day. There are various ways to get a backup on your documents, with the best one being uploading all data to the cloud. This is a sure way that your documents will never disappear.

If you’re not sure how to do this, you should hire an IT-managed agency and ask them to do it for you. Check @insightit.com.au to see how it’s done if you’re not sure about the process. When you upload documents to the cloud, you have almost zero chance of losing them.

Another way to protect your data is by taking them entirely off the internet grid. Hackers often intrude on corporate networks and ask for ransom or spy on competitors. In both situations, you’re the one who’s suffering losses. Think about what works best for you, and go with that option.

Hackers pose a real threat

Hackers are everywhere around us. In such a global society as the internet allows us to live in, hackers can effectively cause damage from any point on earth. If your corporate network is connected to the internet, be sure you’re in danger.

Installing all necessary tools and digital items to protect yourself and the company is essential. These are the first line of defense against the millions of viruses and attacks worldwide and daily. Hiring a professional IT agency to monitor your systems 24/7 is an even better solution, so think about your options and act today.

Educating your employees is more important than you think

The main threat to the office network comes from none other than your own employees. It may sound strange, but over 60% of all viruses and malware entering the network happens because someone from the inside lets them in. So how does this happen?

Phishing methods many hackers use are so effective that your employees don’t realize they’ve been scammed. They will receive an email containing a link, and they’ll instantly click it. Instead of checking who it is from and what it may contain, they’ll simply do it, and this infects the network instantly. Educating your employees on phishing scams may significantly improve security.

Statistics show that no one is safe

Did you know that on a global level, hackers cause trillions of dollars of damage every year? In 2023, the number of damages caused by hackers was $6 billion, and it is expected to grow to over 10 billion by 2025.

Some 30,000 websites are targeted daily by hackers. Many of the websites you click from your computer or smartphone are instantly transferring viruses to your device, but they are often harmless. Hundreds of millions of ransomware cases are recorded every year, causing businesses to lose billions of dollars. Unless you stay protected, this is something that can also happen to your company.