Why Should I Study Computer Engineering?

Today, technology is an important part of everything touching a human’s life, from the movie you’re watching to the car you’re driving to the ways we communicate and contact each other.

Understanding various aspects of computing will help you greatly and is crucial for any person in this real-time century.

So, why should I study computer engineering? This article will give you four reasons for specializing in computer engineering in college:

  • Plenty of future opportunities
  • High-paid jobs
  • Meaningful work
  • Constant changes in works

This article will analyze this topic in depth. Let’s read on to discover!

What is Computer Engineering?

Computer engineering is a large field covering the intersection of software and hardware.

Examples of applications and prominent topics of this field include:

  • Image capturing (CMOS and CCD cameras, data processing and acquisition)
  • Programming of software or hardware-near software (the chip attached to a laundry machine, cell phones’ CMOS cameras, graphics cards, or ethernet switches)
  • Construction of specialized computers, networks, clusters, computer systems
  • Implementation of hardware’s data communication (optical data transmission, Gigabit Ethernet, DSL – Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Measured value control and acquisition (robotics)
  • Design or creation of hardware (virtual reality, medical devices, data acquisition, frame grabber, graphic boards)
  • Process Control

Are you pursuing a career that is marketable in various business environments?

a computer engineer

Consider the four reasons why specializing in computer engineering will be a wise investment.

1. Limitless Developing Opportunities

Undoubtedly, computer engineers are those changing how the Internet and computing will run in the next two decades.

Experts predict that sellers will change to trading vehicles, appliances, and items online, making the number of goods far outnumber the world’s population by 2030.

Working within the field of IoT calls for computing expertise and specialized skills. To make all those networks of electronics devices sufficiently resilient and robust, computer engineers will have to face a lot of challenges.

For those always looking for challenges and chances to enhance their skills and experiences, the computer engineering career will give them many tasks.

2. Well-Paid Jobs

Though the industry’s average salary has rarely surged since 2017, it still stays at its peak regarding the highest-earning professions.

Let’s look at the breakdown of an average computer engineer’s pay across some of the highest-earning countries:

  • Switzerland – $85,709
  • USA – $92,240
  • Denmark – $70,082
  • Norway – $70,776
  • UK – $59,268
  • Netherlands – $51,488
  • Sweden – $53,469
  • Germany – $57,345
  • Israel – $70,290
  • Australia – $53,721

3. Meaningful Work

Because it’s a job that requires you to devote a lot of time, energy, and effort, you want to ensure that you’re doing something meaningful and part of the world’s changes and developments.

female engineer

If you’re working as a computer engineer, feel assured that what you do will make a difference in our world. Here are a few prominent categories that call for computer engineering’s contributions to escape from the dark ages:


The industry has provided doctors and hospitals with information systems, allowing for more effective treatment.

Also, advanced computer systems have brought easier access to healthcare attention all over the globe and made medical treatment safer.

For instance, doctors can carry out disease diagnoses quickly and precisely thanks to strong data. With the help of this industry, extensive data storage, sharing, and exploration have become highly available.


Our world is large but used to be separated by distance. However, nowadays, computers and technologies have made it smaller and connected.

Thanks to social media, chat apps, photo sharing, and video calling, we now feel like long distance is no longer present.


We’re experiencing the peak development of transportation technology, which has given birth to high-speed means of transportation and self-driving automobiles.

However, we rarely realize that ride-sharing applications, like Lyft or Uber, and easy access to a ride, no matter where you are, are all thanks to computer engineers and majors.

4. Constant Changes

With a position within this competitive field, you can have the chance to try something new and learn new things or skills every day.

Since technology is running at a rapid pace and continuously advancing, your expert skills and knowledge base will improve significantly.

Also, with constant changes and innovations, there are always chances for you to challenge yourself while seeking ways to come up with new ideas or solutions to new problems.


As long as you have a passion for computer engineering and are willing to devote time, talent, and effort to it, don’t hesitate to pursue this career right from today. 

There are a bunch of reasons for specializing in such a desirable major. You should learn and prepare well to chase your dream. Good luck!