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10 Best Magnet Downloader Software

Magnet links have become a universal tool for sharing documents and files. Torrent users find these tools very fast and efficient to use. Yet, you will need to download the files before uploading them to a downloader.

It’s when these magnet downloader software come in handy. They will help you avoid all hassle when downloading videos and files on Torrent.

I have selected the tools with high reputations and the most valuable features. You can consider their interface and platform compatibility to make a decision.

1. qBittorrent


qBittorrent is among the top torrent clients with an open-source platform. This software comes with a bunch of modern features for downloading magnet files. Yet, it grants all users completely free access.

qBittorrent features an eye-catching and familiar user interface. Besides its free cost, the software doesn’t contain any advertisements. Also, qBittorrent can outperform the most popular magnet downloader tools with its excellent speed.

This tool supports torrent streaming (sequential downloading) and remote management. It also works on all major operating systems, adding more to users’ flexibility.

2. uTorrent


The core advantage of uTorrent lies in its high simplicity. There are currently two versions of this software: The uTorrent Classic and Web. The uTorrent web version offers similar features that can operate on your web browser.

This version also supports remote access using a browser. You can access your magnet files from a separate device and download them.

The only setback is that the software contains advertisements in its free version. Suppose your main purpose is to download all torrent files in a simple way. Then, uTorrent is a suitable choice to consider.

3. Tixati


Tixati offers a clean and efficient environment with no spyware or ads. It also focuses on improving users’ downloading speed using modern algorithms. Tixati also features high security with the RC4 encryption technology.

Another excellent feature of Tixati is the fast peer selection. It helps optimize downloading bandwidth while improving speeds. The IP filtering also adds more comfort to your usage process.

4. Folx


Folx is the best selection for Mac users and devices. It allows users to manage all of their downloads in a single platform. The tool is also fast and possesses an eye-catching design.

This software supports direct download and magnet links. You can flexibly set up many tags for your files. This feature makes it so easy to manage and keep track of your downloads.

The paid version features intelligent settings and speed control. The tool will make adjustments to maintain a stable bandwidth. It also enables users to search for torrents from many sites.

5. Motrix


Motrix is an open-sourced and free software for multiple operating systems. It is compatible with various data types like BitTorrent, FTP, and Magnet. You get all the basic tools to control and adjust your download on this software.

I particularly love the intuitive user interface of this software. It will automatically adjust the theme to suit the current lighting condition. Also, the tool allows you to restart the interrupted downloading processes.

6. Vuze


Vuze gives users complete control over their downloads. The tool offers efficient tracking tools to help you monitor all your resources and files. It also allows users to download many files at once.

Vuze comes with an integrated media player. You can play the music files or videos right on the software interface. It also supports remote download using a web browser.

The software is not available on desktops with both free and paid versions. The free version offers you all advanced features, except that it contains ads.

7. Reel Downloader

Reel Downloader

Reel Downloader is an open-source and free magnet downloader tool. You can use the software without any need for installation. It’s one of the best choices for Windows users with high portability.

The tool is suitable for downloading audio, files, and videos from online sources. You can specify the data type of the file you want to download. It also offers expanded features for audio and video formats.

The mechanism of this software is very simple. You just need to paste the URL of the magnet file. Then, select the “Go” button to initiate the download.

8. Transmission


This software aims at bringing a powerful and simple performance. It is also suitable for new learners. I only need to perform a few simple steps to access all of its advanced tools.

The transmission features the lowest memory and resource consumption. It’s super lightweight and suitable for media servers. It’s also the reason behind this tool’s smooth and lightning-fast speed.

9. Deluge


If you need lightweight software for basic magnet downloading, Deluge is an ideal option. Despite its low resource consumption, this tool features flawless speed and operation.

Deluge is fully encrypted to protect users from viruses or malware. It also supports various formats like Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Some users may find the interface of Deluge too simple. Yet, this tool can cover most of your basic downloading needs. You can always use many plugins to expand the tool’s capacity.

10. BitTorrent Classic

BitTorrent Classic

BitTorrent Classic is completely free and suitable for experienced users. It possesses many advanced features that give you excellent comfort. For instance, it allows users to stream torrents during the downloading process.

With its lightweight server, users can download multiple magnet files at once. Meanwhile, its high bandwidth saves you time in downloading large files. You can also check the state of a torrent’s swarm before downloading it.


How To Download The Magnet Link Free?

The most popular solution is to convert the magnet link to a direct download service. You can consider websites like MultCloud. After converting the link, you can freely transfer or upload the files from your clouds.

Is Downloading Magnet Safe?

The nature of magnet links and torrent files is safe. These files don’t contain any viruses or harmful software. The risk of malware may come from the actual files that you download.

What Is The Most Popular App That Downloads Magnet Links?

The answer is uTorrent. This app offers many useful features that cover most of your basic needs. It allows you to download torrents and change the download speed to match all magnet links.

Final Thoughts

The 10 magnet downloader software will bring you a reliable and smooth downloading experience. They feature very high download speed and useful tools to help you adjust the magnet files.

If you find this list of software useful, please share it with your friends and loved ones. Thank you for reading!