10 Best Tech Jobs for Creative People

Creative individuals can explore a plethora of opportunities in the tech industry. There are various other avenues available depending on their specific interests and skillset, such as digital designer, multimedia production, and more.

As a workforce in the tech industry, numerous career options are available to you. Today, the technical workforce has become one of the most essential in many fields.

Technology can influence website and mobile app usage, entertainment consumption, driving experiences, healthcare, and more. After thorough research, I’ve summarized the best computer/tech jobs for creative people in this article.

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts, including overall layout and production design. Most graphic designers will work in teams or specific departments, and some work as freelancers.

They create internal graphics, marketing materials, packaging, brand assets, logos, website graphics, etc. Graphic design positions are needed in almost every industry, from architecture to publishing and marketing to startups.


2. Web Developer

Web developers are accountable for implementing the visual and interactive interface of websites, which includes implementing the design and enhancing user experience. They closely collaborate with designers to convert their creative concepts into code that is capable of rendering on the web.

In addition to this, they use their expertise in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to ensure that the website is compatible with different browsers and devices.

Web developers code the parts of websites that users see and interact with, such as layouts, interactive elements, and navigation. They use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to transform the designs provided by web designers into reality.

3. Technical Copywriting

Technical writing can be a financially stable and personally satisfying career for individuals with specialized knowledge in fields like engineering, or computer science, coupled with exceptional communication skills.

The role of technical writers is crucial in creating instructional manuals, how-to guides, and scholarly articles that explain complex ideas in a simple and understandable manner for the general public.

To accomplish this objective, technical writers often work closely with designers, developers, and other subject matter experts to ensure the accuracy and coherence of their work.

In addition, they take into account user feedback to ensure that their content meets the needs of the target audience. This profession requires a high degree of precision, patience, and attention to detail, along with the ability to convert technical terms into everyday language in a clear and concise manner.

Technical creatives make a living by effectively conveying stories, information and facts to readers in various places such as advertisements, blogs, and guides.

While writing a book or other material does not require a degree, many salaried positions in this field prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or journalism.

Some creatives get into the industry by self-publishing content on website blogs, social media platforms, or through internships. This is one of the fun, creative careers that pay well.

4. Web Designer

In the tech industry, web designers work on creating visually engaging elements for websites, applications, marketing materials, and more.

Web designers create content for web pages. They use their graphic design skills to appropriately layout web design content for the page, whether text, images, or videos, as well as the colors, fonts, and sizes. A web designer should understand graphic design and be proficient in coding.


5. UI/UX Designer

As a UI/UX designer, you’ll be responsible for creating visually appealing experiences for users interacting with websites, apps, or software products.

The UX aspect focuses on providing users with a quality experience. They prioritize user interaction in design, ensuring continuous improvement in usability and accessibility.

UX designers conduct research and testing, create wireframes, and work in teams to create the best product. UX designers are in high demand, especially in companies in various industries that develop web apps, mobile apps, or software.

UI is responsible for the screen interfaces users move through in applications, video games, websites, or software. They design visual elements and interactive attributes like images, buttons, menus, and forms.

UI designers are famous in the tech industry, with niche tech companies such as sales platforms, cloud-based software, CRM tools, AI services, and startups. They are also sought after by marketing, branding, and web development agencies.

6. Multimedia Artist/Animator

Animator draw and produce animations, plot summaries, edit, brainstorm, and conceptualize. They create models and 2D or 3D visual images, use animation software to draw frames, and define key poses models.

They are particularly sought after in marketing by positions available in almost every industry, from startups and apps to real estate and healthcare. In the entertainment industry, there is a high demand for animation designers.

7. Visual Effects Artist

As we know, these artists are responsible for animated artwork published on the internet, TV, social media, AR technology, and movies. They create film clips, trailers, ads, special effects, title sequences, etc.

VFX artists are highly needed in AI companies, the entertainment industry, startups, marketing companies, creative agencies, digital news organizations, e-commerce platforms, and the automotive industry.

VFX Artist

8. Video Game Designer

This role involves designing and creating the interactive aspects of video games, including characters, environments, and game mechanics.

In this role, you would be involved in conceptualizing and creating video games overall design and gameplay mechanics. This encompasses designing levels, characters, storylines, and game features.

This role is centered around crafting the story, characters, and dialogue within video games. Video game designers work closely with the game development team to integrate storytelling seamlessly into gameplay.

Pursuing specialized skills related to game development, such as game engine expertise and understanding player psychology, can also open up exciting career prospects within the video game industry.

Video game designer

9. AI Developer

OpenAI provides many career development opportunities, including technology research and development, project management, marketing, and business management. You can pioneer the field of artificial intelligence, driving the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Algorithm research and architectural innovation

You will conduct exploratory research and drive innovative progress in artificial intelligence models, contributing to the realization of AGI.

Explore new areas of artificial intelligence.

You will have the opportunity to explore new areas of artificial intelligence, such as deep learning, mathematics, physics, and neuroscience, to promote the development of artificial intelligence. This will provide new opportunities and challenges for your career development in the future.

Artificial intelligence AI

10. Digital Producer

Digital producer is an emerging job position and is a professional who creates digital images, animations, videos, and other digital products. Digital producers can work in digital markets, dramas, shows, games, and other fields.

This is a trendy and creative profession. The demand for digital producers is driven by the increasing importance of digital content across various industries, including advertising, marketing, entertainment, education, and more.

As technology advances, the role of digital producers will likely evolve, creating new opportunities and challenges in the ever-changing digital media landscape.


There are many positions and opportunities for people of all talents, qualities, and abilities in various creative jobs and career paths.

Regardless of your field of expertise and background, as long as you are creative and curious about the development of tech, the technical field welcomes you to join. So, numerous career options are available to you within the tech industry.

Hopefully, this article has helped you answer your initial questions and choose the right job in this list.