2D Animator Career Overview & Outlook

2D Animation is the primary type of animation and is most available in creating marketing videos, cartoons, educational materials, or product advertisements. The meaning that 2D animation brings is enormous, and they help viewers quickly access and grasp information.

Today, the demand for 2D animation by companies or businesses is increasing. They consider it to be a helpful way of promoting a product’s brand.

Therefore, you should choose 2D animation as your main goal in the future. It will bring you many job opportunities with a stable income.

So, to become a 2D animator, we need to learn what? What is the base salary and its job opportunities? Let’s read on to discover!

Job Description

2D Animation is also known as two-dimensional Animation. The objects that 2D Animation chooses here are usually characterized by built-in two-dimensional space.

2d characters

That is, only focusing on building the height and width of the character, and the other details are relatively fuzzy in 2D Animation. The 2D animation production process includes the following specific steps:

Pre-production stage

In the production of 2D Animation, pre-production is considered the foundation stage that determines the success of that film. Therefore, we need to develop clear ideas and develop them carefully.

At this stage, we will mainly build the script with the character system suitable for the context we are aiming for. Every detail in the movie needs to be careful to limit the boredom for viewers when enjoying these movies.

We need to develop the scripts and arrange them most appropriately and logically in the early pre-production stages.

The writing is the core factor determining the attraction of an animated video, so we need to prepare it perfectly. Every detail in the script needs to be attractive and aimed at the right target audience.

After a complete script, we develop the character image and dialogue to best suit the previously given scenes. This work starts from sketching, designing, and deciding on colors for each character.

In addition, the movement of the character in the video is also an essential factor that 2d animators need to pay attention to because it directly affects the nuances and expressions of the essence.

Production stage

Production is the process by which we create fully animated videos. What art directors need to do is combine all the previously prepared materials.

These include background paint colors, creating separate scenes and activities of each character. A 2D animator can create dyes with the graphics feature on your device.

Also, to put everything together, the filmmakers had to create an exposure table that included all the instructions. We take that exposure plate and divide them into 5 different parts:

  • Action and time
  • Class
  • Dialogue and music
  • Animation classes
  • View Perspective

As the raw 2D Animation shows up, we need to polish and clean up. We can clean them directly with a layer of different colors or maintain them in a new layer. Besides, tweak the Animation for extra smoothness by adding some additional images between frames.

When all the frames are ready, proceed to scan them on your computer. Finally, we’ll combine elements on the exposure panel, including Animation, lighting, sound, and background color.

Of course, to do this, we need to rely on the help of different animation software. At the end of this phase, we will get ourselves an animated video.

Post-production stage

Post-production is where we review and re-evaluate the video quality. From there, there are different editing directions. We need to focus on the images and sounds of the animations during this period.

It does so by increasing the real emotion of the Animation and helping the viewer to perceive the message and meaning of the video easily. When the videos are ready, 2d animator can convert them to many different formats for easier use.

Learn more about education and training for a 2D animator below! And indeed, after you read this piece of information, you will be interested in this category.


A 2D animator’s education involves a bachelor’s degree in computer animation, fine arts, or graphic arts. They are to be creative and artistic, with good communication and time management skills.

They must also have specialized computer knowledge and the ability to use animation and video editing software.

Art directors can join several online courses or learn through online videos to accumulate the proper knowledge and skills.

In general, no matter how you study, it is still important to you. If 2D animators are not self-conscious and diligent in learning, everything is considered useless.

We believe that taking online courses will help you better orient your career goals as well as knowledge.

At the same time, it also helps you thoroughly prepare the foundation and essential knowledge to go more deeply into your favorite specialty.

Learning to produce 2D Animation is not a one-day story; it’s a process of effort and striving. Only when you are determined will you succeed.


Regarding 2D Animation, the difficulty level also depends on your skill level.

It will probably be easier for you if you can draw quickly and efficiently. 3D animations are faster because you don’t have to animate every frame like 2D animations.

After finishing the learning process, 2d animators need to ensure complete output standards regarding the knowledge and job title handling skills. It is the primary skill to handle situations, edit videos, and set up sound systems.

Only then will you have open freelance job opportunities with a stable salary. In addition, you can accumulate some more advanced knowledge to direct yourself to highly specialized positions with available options for personal development.

Necessary Skills

To become a professional 2D animator requires a 2D animator to have some of the following skills:


Creative skill

The primary and necessary skill for an animator is the ability to be creative. It is a skill that comes from each person’s nature, intelligence, and thinking, and of course, we cannot learn this skill.

The richer the creativity, the more rich content will attract viewers. Our invention can also be applied in sketching characters, thereby providing surfaces with rich shapes and meanings.

A 2D animator can increase the power of your creativity by finding more animated videos. If so, it will help stimulate your thinking and creativity for your animated videos.

Good drawing skills

2D drawing: A mouse

Drawing is an essential skill that anyone who wants to study animation production needs to have. It will be the development platform for your unique creative ideas.

You don’t have to be as good as an artist, but you must master the basic techniques. With skills, you can perfect your drawings on the computer with rough sketches.

Proficient in the use of computer software

MiniTool MovieMaker

The minimum requirement for a 2D animator is the ability to use computer software for video editing.

With the help of this software, the art director will save a lot of time and effort. It also helps speed up the process of creating and completing an animated video.

Good communication skills

2d animators meeting

Good communication will help the video editor approach and adapt well to work faster, thereby bringing greater efficiency to your work.

At the same time, it is also the key to success that allows you to have attractive and convincing presentations. Therefore, above all, you should accumulate communication skills to expand your career development potential.

Continuously improve professional capacity

master your 2d skill

Cultivating more professional knowledge is a necessary condition to help you achieve more success in the future. You should direct yourself to a specific category and explore it instead of going into the big picture.

You specialize in a particular aspect of 2D Animation that will make you a master of that area. And of course, when a video editor is good and highly specialized, there will be many career opportunities for you.

Expand your expertise (3D)

3D and 2D integration

In addition to the basic knowledge of 2D animation production, a stop motion graphics designer should read and learn more related information about 3D or graphic design.

They will help you a lot in your work both now and in the future. And sometimes with that knowledge will help you better orient your career.

Essential Software & Tools

To create attractive 2D animated videos, we will need the support of some specialized applications. They have a significant role in orienting and adjusting video quality for users.

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Animation

The first software that we want to introduce to you is Toon Boom Harmony.

It is the most professional and complete software for creating quality 2D animated videos. The main feature of this application is to adjust the visual effects to make your video more realistic.

Their interface is straightforward, with easy navigation buttons that make it easy for users to recognize and edit right from the first use. We recommend this app for your video production because it’s a great app and rarely crashes.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After visual effects is a digital visual effect, motion graphics, and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems.

In addition, they are also used in post-production in film, video games, and television production, and most typically in the production of 2D Animation.

The interface of the application has a scientific and easy-to-understand design to help users operate wholly and accurately. Thereby, it produces quality videos that attract the attention of many different audiences.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro can be for all the everyday video editing tasks needed to produce broadcast-quality, high-definition video.

It can be available for importing video, audio, motion graphics and creating new, edited versions of videos that can be exported to the media and formats needed for distribution.

Therefore, your choice and use of this application to produce 2D Animation is a worthwhile activity. It will help improve animated videos’ image and sound quality, thereby helping viewers feel the meaning of the media product we want to convey with rough sketches.

The operation process of Premiere Pro is also straightforward and convenient.

Like most editing software, Premiere works by importing video from a source like a videotape onto your hard drive, then lets you create newly edited versions that you can export back to the tape, disc, or other media.



This software will help you create new photos, which are edited from photo backgrounds.

Usually, photographers, graphic designers, video game artists, advertising, and meme self-employed designers use this software. And it’s ideal for your 2D animated video editing activities.



Synfig is an essential tool for making easy adjustments to your animated videos. You can preview your video and monitor and evaluate your video quality in detail.

However, this tool will often be limited in terms of time and conditions of use. We only use them for a certain period and almost depend on their properties. We recommend directing yourself to the above apps instead of using Synfig.

We should only use it in urgent cases with many tracking objects, which will be more relevant and practical.

Job Outlook

Job titles opportunities for 2D animators are tremendous, and you can take on many roles simultaneously with a good, stable salary.

Producing 2D Animation is one of the professions with solid growth potential at any time because the need to promote our products and services is growing.

They choose and use 2D Animation as the primary method of product advertising because their images and sounds are vivid and attractive. That’s why we direct you to 2D Animation and recommend it as a place to develop yourself.

However, that does not mean that we have to choose 2D Animation as a starting point. We can choose whatever we want.

And respect your decision at all times to avoid regrets later. 2D Animation is an excellent and fascinating piece of technology, but it will only be suitable for those with a deep passion for it.

snow white and the seven dwarfs characters


You can take on a variety of positions after completing 2D animator training programs. We will give you some typical classes with attractive salaries to help you realize how important it is to your life.

From there, it enables you to decide whether to choose to study it or not.


You can work as an animator. What you need to do is build and develop your ideas to create quality animated videos.

The salary you can get when working in this position falls in the range of $79,695. This number can ultimately increase or decrease depending mainly on your knowledge and skills.


Besides the animator, you can collaborate as a composer. In this position, you will primarily take on setting and editing the sound representation of each animated video. On average, a year, you can get yourself about $51,687.

Color Stylist

Color Stylist is an attractive and vital position. You need to distribute and adjust the colors so that it fits the context of each character. The salary for you when working closely in this position falls to about $ 90,174.

Advantages and Disadvantages

We think that it is incredibly right for you to choose and study 2D animation production. It can help you access more open opportunities and facilitate your career to grow sustainably.

From there, it brings a stable and quality income for you.

a drawing class


You will get yourself many different benefits for your career path when you become a 2D animator. Below, we will give some distinct advantages to help you visualize and accurately assess its growth potential for your future.

Collaborate in different positions

You can ultimately hold many different roles to varying degrees after becoming a professional animation producer. Thus, your career path will be much more open to self-development opportunities.

However, you need to accumulate a certain amount of knowledge and practice for yourself to have that.

Stable income

You will receive a salary suitable to your ability and level of work. The average salary for you as a 2D animator is relatively high, ranging from $31,983 – $82,286 for each title level.


When you become a 2D animator, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with famous industry experts.

From there, you can help you learn and accumulate more knowledge and experience from them. We think it’s the golden time, free learning that you need for your career.

Develop your thinking

You will develop your best friend’s thinking and communication skills by becoming a 2D animator. And of course, that development of thought and communication will help you go further in work and relationships.

a 2d animator works overtime


Besides the strengths it brings, there are still some limitations somewhere. The biggest drawback when you become a 2D animator is the weight of the job and the nature of the profession.

Occupation weight

The workload for a 2D animator is relatively large. If you do not have the determination and health, you will certainly not last long with this job.

Nature of the profession

For 2D animator, the idea is a significant factor. And, of course, we can’t always come up with ideas right away.

There are times when we can’t think of any ideas but still try to force our brains to work to produce products. And that is the biggest shortcoming of this category to our career.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the information you’re looking for in the questions section below. These questions are all built by us directly from the input and feedback of industry insiders so that you can be completely assured of its correctness.

1. What are the applications of 2D Animation?

2D Animation is a communication product with many different symbolic meanings. From promoting products or conveying messages, they all do well.

Applications of 2D Animation are wealthy, including the following major programs:

  • Product promotion
  • Educational materials
  • Music videos
  • Animated videos
  • Short story film
  • Medical movies
  • The program conveys the message of life

The application of 2D Animation is enormous and vital. It helps viewers feel and visualize the information that the producer wants to convey to them.

However, to do that, we need to have the perfect script with excellent and appropriate character quality.

2. What are the different types of 2D Animation?

Inside 2D Animation also contains many different types. Each type has its characteristics and properties to bring special meaning to the viewer.

They have many rich and unique forms, but we will only show the two most popular types to help you get an accurate picture of the nature and characteristics of this type of attractive Animation.

Computer Animation

The name CGI animation is also known as computer animation. These animated videos are created mainly through computer graphics applications.

The greatest strength of this type is the character’s image, richness, and attractiveness of the style and movement of each character.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is true to its name. It consists of simulations with black lines on white background used to illustrate game concepts or ideas. This type of Animation will bring viewers many meanings and profound messages.

3. Is 2D Animation harder than 3D Animation?

We cannot give an exact answer to this question because each type of Animation has its characteristics and properties. Its difficulty will depend mainly on the perception of each different object.

The main difference between 2D and 3D Animation is that 2D is more artistic and 3D is more mechanical. 2D requires a large number of illustrations, as every frame requires drawing.

2D and 3D princess

At the same time, 3D works with the ‘rig,’ where the 3D model essentially provides a manipulated skeleton.

2D Animation is much more complex than 3D Animation because we build characters in two-dimensional space when there is no available frame that is too complicated. Compared to 3D in this respect, they are indeed much more straightforward than 2D Animation.

4. Is 2D Animation more expensive than 3D Animation?

2D Animation is much cheaper than 3D Animation because Animation is more malleable in terms of how you can simplify its cost.

A good animation will involve a lot of specialized talent and require as much budget as a live person.

Just as you can perform live-action on a budget at any scale, the same applies to Animation. More budget allows for better and more complex output.

5. Can I be an excellent 2D Animator if I don’t draw well?

Drawing is an essential skill for a 2D animator. However, if you are not good at drawing, you can still become a professional artist.

To become a true artist when you have no talent for drawing, you need to have an educated eye to look at drawings and use animation software appropriately.

While it is true that you will need to learn to draw to be a successful animator, the other half of the truth is that if you can draw a stickman, you can still learn Animation.


We hope that the information shared above will help you somewhat properly shape the work of a 2D animator. It is an excellent job for those genuinely passionate and who want to develop them further in the future.

If you don’t love it, you will surely give up quickly because there will be a lot of ups and downs when studying animation producer training programs.