A Day in the Life of a Cloud Architect

I’m a cloud architect. I help businesses handle their cloud-related tasks. My days are not exactly the same, but there are some regular tasks I always tackle.

I love my job because it’s challenging yet rewarding. If you are curious about a day in the life of a cloud architect, I can help. Listen to my story now, and you can easily imagine it!

What Does A Cloud Architect Do?

A cloud architect is in charge of monitoring an organization’s cloud computing system. This task involves cloud adoption, design, and cloud monitoring.

Besides, cloud architects can be consultants to organizations. They need to follow the latest technological trends. Then, they consult the businesses based on their knowledge.

Cloud architects also work in legal fields related to cloud computing. So they can apply for IT positions in the procurement or legal departments.

Cloud architects can work for various industries

A Day In The Life Of A Cloud Architect

I have 24 hours a day, and eight of it is for work. However, I devote more than that to my job. I will divide my typical workday into two parts (at work and after work) to help you picture it clearly.

At work

As a full-time cloud architect, I’m quite busy. Let me show you all of the tasks I handle every day.

Design the cloud environment

At work, my first task is to design the cloud environment. I oversee how the apps run in different cloud environments, which can be private, public, or hybrid. Let me break it down for you:

  • The public cloud is like a service everyone can access over the internet. Different organizations can share it.
  • On the other hand, the private cloud is only accessible to an organization.
  • The hybrid cloud combines private and public clouds. So, organizations can take advantage of both methods.

I have to choose the right cloud solution based on various factors, such as my company’s needs and any limitations for development.

Troubleshoot problems

After establishing the cloud architecture, I ensure that it runs smoothly. If any problems arise, I will troubleshoot immediately.

I’m also responsible for maintaining the architecture. Thus, I monitor its performance to make sure it always aligns with my company’s goals.

Join meetings

During the day, I also participate in meetings. I have a chance to collaborate with different teams, as we have the same objective.

My partners can be engineers, developers, and sometimes managers. We discuss the progress of the projects. Then, we make decisions together.

Create cloud-based apps

Another important part of my role is creating cloud-based applications. My company doesn’t already use cloud infrastructure for some apps. Thus, I help determine if it is necessary and then manage its adoption.

This process is more than just technology. Instead, I must manage the cultural changes after switching to cloud infrastructure. Employee roles and other business procedures may change, too.

Additionally, I communicate with cloud providers. Some projects involve third parties, so I have to contact them, too.

Next, I focus on developing the architecture. This task is quite complicated. To ensure a good performance, I work with various aspects of IT.

For example, I have to handle data management and application development. These pieces must work together seamlessly.

Cloud architects handle a lot of tasks

After work

Like anyone else, I enjoy taking breaks and engaging in other activities. Yet, I don’t stop learning even during my free time.

Stay abreast of new trends and technologies

Cloud technology is always evolving. So, it’s super important to keep learning and adapting to these new developments.

For example, I surf the internet to check the latest trends in my field. I also join forums of other specialists. These methods can help me expand my knowledge.

Follow up on the apps

I also follow up on the applications I’ve created. I check their performance, address any issues that arise, and make improvements if necessary.

My working time is over. Yet, I still want to check the progress a little bit. Otherwise, some things may happen in a way that I can’t expect.


Finally, I take time to rest and recharge. Working as a cloud architect can be demanding. Hence, I try to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

My family and friends always stay by my side. Chatting with them helps me forget all the stress at work.

I spend time on my hobbies, too. On the weekends, I often play sports or go fishing. In my free time, I like to shut down the laptop and enjoy nature.

Relaxation helps me stay focused at work

How to Work More Effectively

I have a long list of tasks to handle. So how can I pull it off? Here is what I do to remain productive all the time:

  • First, I plan a to-do list before starting to work. Then, I prioritize my tasks accordingly. This tip helps me stay focused and on track.
  • I break down heavy tasks into smaller ones. This way, they will become less daunting to me.
  • Additionally, I set task deadlines even when my boss doesn’t ask for it.
  • I like working in a quiet place. My phone is also in silent mode when I’m still at work.
  • Besides, I reward myself after completing a task. It can be a cup of coffee or a five-minute break. These little things keep me motivated.
  • My health must be in good shape. So, I get enough sleep, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly.


A day in the life of a cloud architect is full of tasks. Yet, I still have time for other stuff. Moreover, this job is rewarding because I can solve complex technical problems and help businesses succeed.

If you want to pursue this career, be ready to learn. The world of cloud computing is massive and hard. Also, work with passion. Your dedication won’t betray you.

Thank you for reading!