A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist

What are the tasks in a day in the life of a data scientist? What do data scientists do? If you are wondering about the questions, don’t miss out this post!

I will share my working day as a data scientist. I hope it will give you more insights into this fascinating career path. Let’s scroll down to see!

An Overview of Data Science

Data science revolves around IT and computer technologies. It focuses on studying and using data. The projects created by data scientists can directly benefit businesses and organizations.

Data science is currently one of the most rewarding careers pursued by many people. The field features broad applications in many industries, such as healthcare or business. Therefore, the demand for data scientists is very high.

A data scientist should be adept in computer science and using statistical tools. They also must be familiar with databases and coding tools. They are the essential tools to help extract and manage data.

There are many career paths in the data science industry. Some popular roles are data engineers and data analysts. These professionals can collaborate to make a data science team.

Data science can benefit various businesses and IT sectors

A data scientist’s job revolves around databases and storage systems. It typically starts with collecting data from different resources. Then, the scientists will study and analyze the database.

The exact roles of each scientist will vary based on the type of projects they handle. The sections below will bring you more insights.

Workplace and Job Overview

I’m currently working for a technology company and business. I’m part of the data management and cloud department of the company.

My department is responsible for collecting and managing the company’s data. It includes information relating to the website and data from external sources.

My chief is responsible for managing all the resources in the department. He will assign each member specific projects and review all the results.

Some of the typical tasks in my department:

  • Collecting usable data from the company’s website and other sources.
  • Use special tools to classify information and form a database
  • Process and cleanse data using software and coding languages
  • Develop a detailed report of the information extracted
  • Present the results to the company’s board and manager
  • Research for solutions to improve business operation
Collect and process data

1. Team Meeting (8:00 AM)

I am usually at the work office at 8:00 AM. Before starting a working day, the manager will hold a short meeting with the participation of all members. In this meeting, he will review projects’ progress and the performance of each member.

Then, he reminds all members of the assigned tasks and provides further instructions. After this meeting, I will sit at my desk and begin my work.

2. Collecting Data (9:00 AM)

I begin with data mining by collecting data from the company’s website. I also collect data from the competitor’s websites that specialize in the same field.

Then, I will feed the collected information into a database. There are special data analyzing tools that help me organize this data. For example, I can sort the collected information into many categories and domains.

During this optimization process, I have to review the database carefully. Sometimes the data I collected is unstructured and appears in random sequences. I must use a coding language to process this data source.

3. Analyzing Data (11:00 AM)

The time it takes to collect and process data depends on the scale of the project. I typically finish this part at 11:00 AM. Then, I will move on to analyze the data organized in the system.

I use various data analyzing tools and my problem-solving skills for this task. The goal is to build outcomes and surveys that can benefit my company’s business.

For example, I can analyze the type of content that attracts the most attention from users. I also identify the features that help a website scale faster. These outcomes can help the board adjust the policy and improve the service.

I discuss this with my coworkers and manager during this process. Sometimes my team can hold a meeting to identify the valuable outcomes.

4. Data Reporting (1:00 PM)

The next step is to carefully recheck all the identified solutions or patterns. I must ensure that the data proof I used for building them is solid. Also, the results must be able to benefit the company’s operation.

I will develop a detailed presentation to report on all the analyzed outcomes. All of the results must be presented in a professional and straightforward manner.

I can use presentation tools like diagrams and charts for this task. Then, I will submit the report to the department’s manager first. Finally, I will follow his instructions and adjust the report.

Build detailed data reports and presentations

5. Review and Optimization (4:00 PM)

I often spend the last hour of the day on research. As a data scientist, I also need to identify new methods for collecting and analyzing data. They can be the new technologies or software developed on the market.

When the tasks are done, I will assist the other professionals on large projects.

Is Data Scientist The Right Profession For You?

According to ComputerCareers.org, data scientists in the US can earn an average of $124,540 per year. The average salary ranges from $63,074 to $188,424 per year, and it depends on skill level, position, and working location.

So, it offers competitive wages and many job opportunities. A survey indicates that the job outlook for data scientists will increase by 36% from 2021 to 2031.

On the other hand, this profession demands very high technical skills. You also must specialize in areas to succeed in this domain, from coding to data science.

Data science is a challenging route to pursue. Suppose you are willing to devote many years to acquiring the skills and experience needed for this job. Then, data science is my top recommendation for IT enthusiasts.

Data science is a promising career path

Final Thoughts

Data science brings the experts high income and recognition within the industry. Yet, this field also presents constant challenges to deal with.

If you love data science, I hope that this post can motivate you to pursue it. Thank you for reading!