A Day in the Life of a Game Tester

Game tester is a job that many gamers care about and want to do the most as they assume it is a dream job. Yet, a day in the life of a video game tester isn’t easy as some people suppose. They must perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

Do you desire to work in this exciting profession? Let’s immediately learn about the roles and necessary skills through the article below!

A Day In The Life Of A Game Tester

A game tester works at a game production company. Their role is testing and evaluating the game to prepare it for release. They receive the beta game version closest to the official version. They play the game to detect bugs.

Afterward, they will outline and transfer the issues to the relevant departments. Here is what happens on a typical day for a video game tester!


The first step in testing a game is identifying potential issues. They play through different levels and scenarios to search for bugs or glitches affecting gameplay.

This process involves testing every game aspect. It can be checking the menus or the graphics to ensure everything works as expected.

In addition, these professionals should pay attention to other game key features, like sound effects or storylines.

Detect bugs

Functional Testing

Functional testing is essential in game development. It involves testing the various game features and mechanics.

Game testers must ensure that all these features function correctly. Also, confirming the game responds appropriately to user input is vital.

They identify bugs by conducting comprehensive functional testing. Consequently, they address issues immediately and improve the game quality.

This test can aid in providing a satisfying user experience. It enables game testers to identify the areas where the game requires improvement or replacement.

After testers do this test, they report the problems to developers. These experts can make adjustments or enhancements for a better user experience.

Compatibility Testing

Game testers also must perform compatibility testing to ensure the game functions well on different platforms and devices.

The testing involves experimenting with the game on various hardware and software configurations. The purpose is to identify potential issues.

These professionals use this test to ensure the game runs smoothly without glitches on all platforms. Furthermore, via compatibility testing, testers can guarantee the game is accessible to users.

If the game is incompatible with a platform or device, it prevents players from enjoying it.

Performance Testing

Besides the above tests, video game testers must do performance testing. It involves a comprehensive analysis of the game’s performance.

These professionals must ensure the game functions well without lags or delays. Consequently, they can provide users with a seamless gameplay experience.

Furthermore, this testing includes assessing many aspects, like graphics rendering or frame rates. Through this test, the testers can optimize the game. So they can provide users with an enjoyable experience.

Do performance testing

Multiplayer Testing

Multiplayer testing is essential and complex. It involves assessing the game’s online multiplayer functionality. These testers must ensure users can connect to the game’s servers and play it without issues.

Additionally, this testing method can help these professionals identify and fix bugs and glitches affecting the user experience.

Multiplayer testing also benefits developers. That’s because it helps them understand how players interact mutually and detect improvements to the gameplay mechanics.


After testing the game, game testers must compile a detailed report with issues they find during testing.

This report should mention and describe problems in detail. These professionals should also detail the steps leading to the issue discovery.

After completing the report, they give it to the developers. These experts use this data to rectify the problems before releasing the game.

Moreover, the testers use this report to track the game’s development progress.


After repairing all issues, testers also recheck the game. This step ensures the fixes work correctly. These professionals can ensure the game is ready for release through this process. Consequently, players won’t encounter issues.

Overall Testing

Game testers do overall testing. This step ensures they successfully solve all issues to release the game. The process involves playing the game and checking all its features and levels. Thus, they can ensure all aspects work well.

Perform overall testing

Essential Skills

Being a game tester is hard. In addition to knowledge, experience, and passion for games, good testers must also possess the following skills.

Gaming Skills

This skill is necessary to become a game tester. Yet, if you want an attractive income in this industry, you must have outstanding gaming techniques.

You must also be able to play diverse games. Besides, you must be proficient in playing them on different devices.

Gaming skills can improve your work performance

Detailed observation skills

Observation is one of the core skills of game testers. Good observation skills help testers to have a multi-dimensional perspective on problems in the game.

From there, testers can make assessments and comments on problems in a better way and have quick and optimal solutions.

Searching skills

As shared above, the role of this position is to find bugs. However, not all errors are visible to detect immediately.

For this reason, you must try different methods and do tests to identify issues.

Analytical skills

Analytical skills are a must-have soft skill for game testers. For example, for a bug in a game, analytical skills will help the tester break the bug into smaller parts and analyze each element individually.

In addition, when a manufacturer gives testers a game, what they want in return is their analysis and evaluation when experiencing that game.

Teamwork skills

Contrary to popular belief, testers must work together with others. For example, they must collaborate with their fellows and developers to detect and fix bugs.


Playing games for fun is easy, but playing games to find errors is not easy. Testers must play the game repeatedly for hours. Without patience, they will quickly give up.

Patience is a key characteristic of a video game tester.

The Bottom Line

That’s a quick glimpse into a day in the life of a game tester. It’s challenging but also exciting! It requires several skills I mentioned in this post.

If you’re really into pursuing this position, research the roles and gain the necessary skills from now on!