A Day in the Life of a Ruby on Rails Developer

The Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework provides developers with unique tools. So they can build web apps efficiently. A day in the life of a RoR developer is challenging with the tasks involved.

In this post, I will show you their daily routine so that you can understand their role. Let’s dive into this article to explore the duties of this position!

Who Is A Ruby On Rails Developer?

Ruby on Rails refers to a server-side framework. It aims to build and develop websites and databases. The term “Rails” is another name for the general development framework.

The developers in this field are responsible for using the Ruby language to write quality code for apps.

After programming the solutions, they check their work and perform debugging tasks. Also, these experts check and improve the apps they have built before.

These experts work with others to integrate many components into the overall Ruby framework. In general, below are the duties of them:

  • Write, develop, test, and implement web apps and software.
  • Test and improve existing apps and software.
  • Create good software documentation.
  • Offer suggestions and advice to customers.
  • Create and maintain APIs.
  • Troubleshoot and debug
RoR developer

A Day In The Life of a RoR Developer

The typical working day of these specialists is always full of challenging tasks. Their tasks are not similar. But below is a daily routine for this job.

Let’s take a closer look to learn more!

Morning Routine

Like other positions, this job requires specific focus and discipline. A morning for these experts also starts with checking updates on their projects.

They often go over notifications from their coworkers. This way, they can stay informed and keep up with the new changes.

Moreover, they may need to review new software updates. So they can stay informed of the latest technologies. This way, they can handle challenges while developing web apps.

After finishing their daily morning routine, these experts may want to make a to-do list. So they can focus on emergent tasks and stay focused.

Morning routine


As mentioned above, writing code is among the crucial tasks these experts must perform daily. They must also ensure their code is efficient.

These experts need to create new intuitive features and fix bugs in the system. Plus, they optimize the existing code to make it faster and more reliable.

They must also ensure the scalability of their written code. So they can handle growth and increased demand.

In other words, when users visit a web app, the system can handle the accessibility without slowing down. These experts must prepare for scalability and create quality code to achieve this goal.

Database Management

As mentioned above, Ruby on Rails developers have a crucial role in managing the databases of their web apps.

They often create new tables and change the existing ones. Also, they write complex questions and optimize the performance database.

Besides, their daily tasks include ensuring their database is secure from unauthorized access. To do this, these specialists must prepare a backup plan. They should perform checking and testing to prevent data loss.

Database management


The daily duties of these experts include testing. They must check their code to ensure it remains efficient.

Moreover, they should deeply understand their app’s requirements. To do this, they must do many types of testing.

For example, they perform unit, functional, and integration testing. The purpose of unit testing is to assess individual units of their code.

Meanwhile, they use functional testing to assess their web app’s functionalities. On the other hand, they perform integration testing to check how different components work together.


Taking part in meetings is an essential activity in a working day for these specialists. They join these meetings to discuss the challenges they might face during the working process.

Through these discussions, they can work with others. It is also a good way to stay informed of the project’s progress they are working on. They work together to identify issues and find the most effective solutions to fix bugs.

So it’s essential to attend these meetings. These developers can gain valuable insights into their project’s direction and contribute their expertise to implement it.

Troubleshooting And Debugging

These developers solve complex problems by troubleshooting and debugging. They must fix bugs in their code and optimize algorithms.

Collaboration during troubleshooting and debugging is vital to ensure the solutions are effective.

Troubleshooting and debugging

Personal Development

Ruby on Rails developers understand the technology landscape constantly evolves. So they desire to improve their skills.

They often attend workshops and conferences related to their career to achieve that goal. Also, they may join online communities to keep up with the trends.

They can share their opinions and learn from other experts through these forums. It’s an excellent way to broaden their knowledge.

These specialists also deeply understand the value of networking. That’s why they connect with others via networking events to get new opportunities.

Is Becoming a Rails Developer Worth It?

The short answer is Yes! It is worth becoming a Ruby on Rails developer. In fact, many people desire to pursue this career for many good reasons.

ComputerCareers.org reports that the average earning of USA Ruby on Rails developers ranges around $52.81 per hour and $109,839 annually.

It is worth mentioning that this industry offers many development options. It warrants the distribution of these experts to many parts in this field with a clear career path.

Last but not least, Ruby on Rails is not difficult to learn. You may find many tutorials available on the internet. So even beginners can study and read it.

The Bottom Line

A day in the life of a Ruby on Rails dev is busy and challenging with many tasks. They must write code, manage databases, and perform testing.

This career is demanding, but it’s also rewarding. If you pursue this job, research the role and get the necessary skills to succeed!