An In-depth Overview of Software Engineering Salary

A software engineer is a person who is in charge of computer software from design to implementation and providing training and support. The skills of a software engineer are needed when one encounters operational problems with programs and applications of a computer.

Their salaries vary based on the workload, the company they work for, the required academic qualifications, and the countries they are working at.

Here is a general synopsis of the salary based on country, company and degree.

Salary Based on Country

1. United States

In the United States at an entry-level an engineer earns an average salary of $78,889 per year. At this level, an engineer has skills that are associated with high pay this are Python and Rails skills.

A middle-level career software engineer earns $127,522 annually, salary increases with the level of experience average an experienced software engineer is paid a salary of $169,942 per year.

Salaries for late-career engineers go above six figures that is up to $208,605 and the compensation ranging from $185,636 to $248,108. Another factor that determines the salary of software engineers is their work locations.

A late career software engineer will earn more in situation where he is receiving medical coverage.

2. Singapore

In Singapore an entry level engineer earns a basic salary of S$41,992 per year, mid-career who has skills in C software engineer earns S$51,792 per year and the average salary of the Experienced Software Engineer having skills in Java/J2EE is S$67,541 per year.

Experienced Software Engineer are highly paid due to their skills with high pay.

3. France

Average salary of an Entry-Level Software Engineer is $40,727 per year. While that of Mid-Career Software Engineer is paid an average salary of $46,540 annually which is in somehow higher than, Entry-Level Software Engineer.

The average salary of an Experienced Software Engineer in France is $50600.

Salary Based on Company

1. Google in the United States

Software engineer working at Google based in the United States at an Entry-Level earns $184,665 per year.

A software engineer at mid-career level is paid an average salary of $123,203 for every year. Also the experienced Software Engineers working at Google company has an average salary of $131,516 annually.

2. Apple

Salaries for Entry-Level Software Engineers working at Apple earn a large amount of money up to an average of six figures per year that is $112,000. For a mid-career Software Engineer, they earn an average salary of $121,855 per year.

At Apple, there are Experienced Software Engineer they earn an average of up to $125,985 per year. Engineers at this company are well paid.

3. Microsoft Corp

A software engineer at Entry-Level at the Microsoft Corp. earns an average salary of $100,752 every year, and a Mid-Career level is paid up to $108,435 yearly.

An experienced software engineer is paid an average salary of $115,363 per year.

4. Intel Corporation

At Intel, software engineers at entry-level get an average salary of $83,167 twelve-monthly while those at mid-career stage earn a salary of $100,930 per annum.

For the experienced software engineer Intel pays him a salary of $109,270 per year. Also for the late-career software engineers their salaries are averaging at $129,716 per year.

Salary Based on Degree

There are different degrees in software engineering also their salary varies accordingly.

A software engineer earns an average salary of $114,441 per year, senior software engineer is being paid an average of $136,846 annually, a senior software engineer/developer/programmer earns $138,977 per year, lead software engineer earns an average of $114,555 and principal software engineer earn an average of $145,451 per year.