How to Become a C Developer

Don’t know how to become a C developer? You are in the right place! And I’m here to help you make your dream come true.

Working as a developer is challenging, but I’ll focus on C programming this time. This powerful language will allow you to explore the world of coding deeply.

In this post, I will guide you step by step. You can also explore the salary and outlook for this job. So read on to unlock your coding potential today!


There are many programming languages, and a C developer specializes in the C language. They use it to build apps for small and big commercial systems.

A C developer, therefore, has to understand the underlying software and hardware systems. They also cover other software design principles.

C is the core of their work. However, C developers also use other higher-level programming languages.

C programming language

What Does a C Developer Do?

As a C developer, I focus on building apps using this language. It sounds straightforward, but you have to perform many tasks.

Gathering the app requirements

Firstly, I find what the app should have. To do it, I discuss it with other developers, clients, and stakeholders. We plan the features needed for the app.

After that, I analyze the requirements. The analysis ensures the final product can align with our expectations.


Next, I write C code based on the project specifications. It’s the trickiest and most crucial task in your job. To develop reliable code, I work on software functions and modules. They must fulfill the app’s requirements.

There are many things to pay attention to when coding. For example, I have to implement high-quality software modules. It’s the best way to ensure the app’s efficiency and performance.

Moreover, I try to optimize the code for memory usage and speed. My goal here is to enhance the app’s performance and durability.

Testing and troubleshooting

Issues may arise during the coding process. Thus, I always perform unit testing to verify the functionality of each code unit. When the code is complete, I conduct thorough testing. Many testing methodologies help me with this task.

Furthermore, the app may malfunction or break down when in use. Hence, I keep checking and troubleshooting when needed.

C developer work with laptop

How To Become a C Developer

You must learn and work hard to become a good C developer. Here are some steps to take:

1. Learn Programming Basics

Before diving into the world of C programming, learn programming first. This foundation will help you in the long run and guide your daily tasks effectively.

Start with simple concepts like constants and variables. Then, work on expressions and operators.

  • Constants: Pi (3.14) is a number that never changes, and you can call it a constant. In programming, constants are fixed values that you can use over and over in the code.
  • Variables: Variables are where you keep information, like words or numbers. You can change what’s inside the variables anytime by giving them a new value.
  • Operators: You may do math or combine texts when coding, and they are operators. They help you perform many things with the constants and variables.
  • Expressions: Expressions are combinations of the three concepts above. They are recipes that guide your computer to work.

The best part of learning programming is that you can learn through examples. Plus, do not look at the definitions. Just grab your computer and start coding!

Learn the basics first

2. Learn C Fundamentals

Once you are comfortable with the programming basics, choose your favorite language. In this case, you will work on C programming.

You need to learn variables and data types first. Then, practice with memory allocation and pointers.

In programming, pointers are tools that help you work with the computer’s workspace. Meanwhile, memory allocation decides how much space you need to build software structures.

One of the most important parts of C programming is function. Functions, as their name suggests, do specific tasks in your program. You can use them to handle the variables and data types you have imported.

Libraries are crucial, too. They work as ready-made tools. So, instead of building everything from scratch, you use them to streamline your workflow. Then, you will have more time for other code units.

Learn C language

2. Write C Programs

It’s time to practice writing code. When you write, you can revisit what you have learned earlier.

It would be best to start with simple programs. Then, gradually move to the intermediate level when you feel more confident. And when you have mastered it, take on complex codes to test your skills.

Remember, practice makes perfect. In C programming, each piece of code represents a concept. And by practicing, you can discover how to connect them all to form an app.

Debugging is also a crucial part of your code. When coding, you need to spot errors and fix them. This task requires a lot of experience. But don’t worry! You can get better at debugging with practice!

Besides, don’t hesitate to ask for help when you get stuck. Then, you can explore different perspectives.

Please note that there can be more than one way to build an app. So when you work with your friends, you may find more interesting methods.

Practice coding in C

4. Use C Development Tools

Alright, now that you feel comfortable writing code and debugging. But your coding experience can become more awesome with some cool tools. The most common choices are:

  • IDE ( Integrated Development Environment): It’s a coding kit with all the tools you need in one place. So you can use it to write, arrange, and test your C code easily.
  • Text editors: If you want to create, modify, and edit plain texts, go for text editors.
  • Debuggers: These tools focus on examining the condition of a running software. They help you locate the bugs first and remove them from the system.

You can also explore more tools to help with your coding task. Your coding buddies may recommend to you what they like using. So, don’t mind reaching out to them.

Adding those tools to your skill set will make you a pro C developer. Some companies may ask you to be familiar with certain software. Thus, prepare to showcase how good you are.

C Language features

5. Join Programming Forums

This step is really fun! It’s where you can meet people with the same interests. You can also expand your network this way.

I highly recommend joining C programming forums and clubs. When you are with a community, you learn faster because the members can help each other and share tips.

Moreover, if you feel stuck or need advice, these pals will be there for you. They may have the same problem but are still in the coding community. Thus, they know how to keep you motivated and inspired.

Last, you can find job openings thanks to their help. Their companies may need C developers, but they don’t advertise their requirements. Hence, only their employees know.

Remember that you are not alone on this coding adventure! So make friends and form a squad. You can join online communities, workshops, or seminars.

Expand your network

6. Make A Portfolio

When practicing coding, you may have many projects. Why don’t you create a place that holds all of your best work? Then, you can call it a portfolio.

The portfolio is proof that you’ve done awesome stuff. When you send it to the employers, they will know your ability.

Here is how to create an attractive portfolio:

  • Pick the best projects you’ve done so far.
  • Explain what each project does and how you built it.
  • Your portfolio should look good and easy to navigate. Thus, you can build a website or online platform to showcase it.
  • Include projects from different sources, such as school assignments or tasks as an intern. They can show that you can deal well with different situations.
  • As you join more projects and improve your skills, add them to the portfolio.

7. Prepare For Interviews

Congratulations, you’re almost there! Just one step away from becoming a good C developer! When you are confident about your skills and knowledge, apply for a job. You can look for job openings online or ask your friends.

Once you find the best place, send your portfolio and cover letter to the company. If they like your performance, they will contact you. Then, it’s time for a job interview. If it’s your first time, prepare carefully! I have some tips for you.

  • Research the company and its values. It shows your interest and helps you tailor your answers.
  • Be ready to talk about your skills and experience.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Arrive a bit early.
  • Sit up straight and make eye contact to show your confidence.
  • Be yourself and let your personality shine.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions if needed.
  • Send a thank-you note afterward.

Career Outlooks

C developers are well-paid jobs. If you work in this position, you can earn up to $118,851 annually, around $57 per hour (in 2023).

Besides, this career is dynamic. You can work in gaming, healthcare, software development, and other industries. In other words, your skills can be a password to access different sectors.

Moreover, C is the foundation for many apps and systems. Hence, a skilled C developer is always in demand.

Another benefit of working in this role is that you can climb your career ladder. As long as you are diligent, jumping from the junior to senior roles is just a matter of time.

Is C Hard For Beginners?

C is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. However, you may still have difficulty in C coding. Here are some challenges when following this path:

  • Low-level language: You must know how computers work first. This low-level language may not be as beginner-friendly.
  • Complexity: C can be complex. Hence, you need to pay attention to details. Otherwise, a wrong variable will ruin the whole code.
  • Steep learning path: The rules and syntax of C programming are tough. Plus, you need to handle memory manually.

What Are the Skills Required for a C Developer?

You need a lot of skills to become an excellent C developer. So first, start with these essential skills, and then work on others.


You must know how to find info, add new data, and update systems. You will also keep the databases safe.

To use databases, I recommend learning SQL (Structured Query Language). It can help you manage different systems.

Data algorithms and structures

Data structures refer to how you store info in a database. Meanwhile, algorithms are instructions for tasks.

Source control

SCM (Source Control Management) helps you track changes and updates in code. It’s helpful when you work in a team where each developer works on certain parts.


Before companies release software, C developers test it first. So, you need testing skills to ensure the final product is functional and secure.

Develop your skills

Career Path in C Programming

If you study C programming, you have three job options:

C Programmer

C programmers are the most common choices. Your job is all about coding, debugging, and reviewing codes.

Embedded Systems Developer

Embedded systems developers use C to build systems within devices. To apply for this role, you need a degree in computer science or a related field.

Software Engineer

Working as a software engineer is also popular among C programming learners. You can enter this field from non-technical and technical backgrounds.


C enables you to contribute to the digital landscape. But before you can do it, work hard on your skills and experience. Then, C will become your close friend and help you thrive in your role.

So, keep coding! Let your creativity flourish in the world of C programming. Hopefully, you can become a C developer that every business wants!

Thank you for reading!