How to Become a Digital Publisher

If you love sharing interesting content with everyone, then you can be an enthusiastic digital publisher. It’s a career where you use the power of the internet to spread helpful information. But how to become a digital publisher?

I will share my experience in the digital publishing world here. So take the following seven steps to make your mark in this realm!

What Is Digital Publishing?

Digital publishing, or online/electronic publishing, refers to distributing online content. They can be magazines, journals, ebooks, and newspapers. But instead of paper, the publishing company works on computers.

When we talk about digital publishing, it means putting things online for others to access. The publishing company has to take the information and turn it into digital files.

So, a digital publisher is the one that makes such things. They create helpful stuff for readers. They also make it accessible to their target audience. Yet, their responsibilities may vary depending on the type of content they create.

Guide to digital publishing

Job Description

A digital publisher does many different tasks. I’m taking this role, and I know how hard it is. Here are some of my daily tasks. You can also find them in almost any job description for digital publishers.


I’m in charge of the appearance of the content. It’s the first thing that attracts readers, so I invest a lot of time in it.

Checking articles

I make sure the articles I put online are engaging. This task involves checking for mistakes in grammar and spelling.

I also check if the articles follow the rules for how they should look. They need to get on top ranks of search engines, too.

Putting new articles online

If the content looks good, I share it on various channels. Then, I use marketing tools to make it accessible to readers.

Monitor social media performance

I don’t just post the articles and leave them there. As a digital publisher, I have to keep track of their performance.

For example, I check the messages and comments about the posts. This way, I can interact with readers. Then, you will know what they like.

I also use media metrics. They are powerful tools that show how well the content is doing. Some may need improvement to attract more audience.

Keep up with the trends

A digital publisher must know what’s cool out there. So, I look at website stats and check the trends on social media. They help me create valuable content for my audience.

Join meetings

I’m always excited to join meetings with my team. During the discussions, we brainstorm brilliant ideas and plans for the projects.

Digital publishers can work everywhere

How to Become a Digital Publisher?

Is it easy to become a digital publisher? You will surely have an interesting journey to look forward to. Let me tell you what you need to do!

Step 1: Pursue A Bachelor’s Degree

Most publishing companies like it if you have a bachelor’s degree. It guarantees that you are proficient in a specific field.

So which major should you choose to study? Well, you have many options. For example, you can learn about marketing. This field teaches you how to do market research and make people interested in what you create.

Communications and international relations can also help. You can learn foreign languages, too. They all can develop your interpersonal skills.

You can become a digital publisher without a degree. Yet, it will be much better to get one. And once you choose your favorite major, stick to it. A solid background helps you become more confident in your job.

Pursue a degree in a relevant field

Step 2: Hone Your Skills

Knowledge is important, and so are skills. The question is, which skills should you work on? I have some hints for you right here.

Attention to detail

As a digital publisher, you need to work with a lot of writing every day. Thus, spotting mistakes in facts and grammar is one of your most important tasks.

Everything will be okay if you pay attention to even the tiniest details. Please note that a small mistake will make the work not as good as it should be.


Talking and writing clearly are super crucial for a digital publisher. You have to talk to many people, like writers and your team members.

Besides, you must write things well. Then, others can understand the messages you are trying to convey.

So, practice communication skills. Since your job is about content, you can write something every day, like diaries or blogs. Those simple things help you hone your writing. And you will become a good writer soon.

How about talking? Well, I think joining clubs is a good idea. When you are around people, you have to speak up. So don’t miss this chance! The clubs in your university always welcome new members.


You need to check the articles and spot mistakes when working as a digital publisher. Hence, reading is another crucial skill to hone.

Plus, you have to read a lot to expand your knowledge. After that, use what you’ve learned in your content. That’s how you can create valuable content for your audience.

Customer service

I work with writers, so I have to build long-term relationships with them. My customer service encourages them to return with quality submissions.

Computer skills

I use computers every day. Thus, computer skills are necessary to handle the digital files of the content. That’s what distinguishes my job from traditional publishing.

Moreover, I handle marketing aspects. Since I work on social media, my laptop is a reliable partner. Even when I work from home, I can still keep up with the progress, thanks to this little buddy.

Focus on the skills

Step 3: Get An Internship

While you are still studying, try out an internship. It’s a precious chance to put everything you have learned into practice.

The internship lets you work in the publishing industry. Then, you will see how things happen. Sometimes, you experience things that you can’t learn at school.

Additionally, you can work with experienced people in the field during this period. They can show you the best ways to carry out a project.

The intern position doesn’t demand a high level of skill. Yet, the employer needs a potential worker. So, show off how good you are at writing or communication.

The internship doesn’t take long. You only need about a few months to complete it. Plus, your salary is not high because you are a beginner.

Even so, you should try it. Trust me! After the internship, you can receive things that money can’t give you. Moreover, although this experience doesn’t pay you well, it will look good on your resume. I will talk about this part in detail later.

Look for an internship

Step 4: Network With Industry Professionals

Networking is essential in the publishing field. When you have many friends, they can introduce some jobs to you.

In addition, when you know other people in the field, you learn a lot from them. They may show you new trends that you haven’t checked out.

Step 5: Consider A Postgraduate Degree

After finishing school, you can keep studying. While most publishing jobs don’t need it, having additional education will make you better for the job.

You can get a postgraduate degree. When studying for it, you can learn specific aspects of the field. It also shows that you are serious about this career.

The good thing is that you can study online. There are many options available, so you can easily find one that matches your schedule.

Consider earning a higher degree

Step 6: Update Your Resume

As I have mentioned, the internship can help your resume shine. It’s just a paper, but you use it to tell employers why you are the best person for the job.

To write a strong resume, please follow the steps below:

  • First, write down your name, contact info, and where you live.
  • Next, write a short paragraph to introduce yourself. You can mention your goal and summarize your skills here.
  • Talk about your education. It’s the school you went to and the degree you got.
  • Now, highlight the jobs you’ve done before. You need to describe what you did there in short. Remember to include your internship here.
  • Add certifications, too.

Step 7: Apply For A Job

Finally, it’s time to find a job! You can check LinkedIn and Glassdoor for any job openings. Asking your friends is also a good idea.

Remember to look at the job listing carefully. It tells you how the employers want you to send your resume. Some ask you to attach it to your email, whereas others like you to write it right in the application letter.

Besides, it would be best to open to different jobs. You can be an editor or work in marketing areas. They all can help you become a good digital publisher.

Find a job

Why Choose Digital Publishing?

Digital publishing is on the rise. Hence, digital publishers have become a hot job. But why so? There are many reasons for it.

Larger audience

When you use digital publishing, people around the world can see your content. Since the internet is everywhere now, your audience can keep up with what you share quickly.

Moreover, this approach allows you to talk to different audience groups. For example, if you share something about science, you can easily use smart tools to make it accessible to science lovers.

Easier to fix mistakes

Sometimes, we have mistakes in what we write. Fortunately, with digital publishing, you can quickly fix them.

On the other hand, if you have printed paper, you can’t change it. The only solution is to discard all the paper and reprint it.

Cost reduction

Nothing is cheap nowadays. Thus, using paper costs a lot of money. Not only that, you have to print it and ship it. These processes increase the total cost.

But if you choose digital publishing, you don’t need to spend so much. Marketing for content is often the most costly step.

Digital publishing is developing

How Do Digital Publishers Monetize Their Content?

There are many ways for digital publishers to monetize their content. You can try these ideas to work as a freelancer:

Paid ads

You can make money by showing ads on your platform. They are the commercials you often see on TV, but you run them on the internet.

The companies will pay you to show ads to the audience. They are often banners on a website or email.

Sponsored content

The companies may also want you to talk about their services or products. This way, customers can understand them and buy them.


You have to pay to watch some shows or use apps, right? It’s also a way for you to earn money as a digital publisher.

So, you can offer content for free. But you can earn more if you limit some things on your website. Then, your audience has to subscribe to your page to access them.

How Much Does A Digital Publisher Make?

In 2023, the average salary for a digital publisher is around $78,690 per year. Yet, the exact answer depends on the amount of content you publish.

Where you work also matters. If you work in a big company, you can get paid more than working for a smaller company.

Your experience plays a role, too. Experienced digital publishers have a higher salary because they have been in the industry longer. Thus, they know how to deal well with different situations.


We’ve delved into the exciting world of digital publishing together. The key to becoming a digital publisher lies in your passion and determination. If you have both, you will succeed.

Plus, as you start this journey, keep learning and refining your skills. You are so close to your dream job, then.