How to Become a Metaverse Developer

Developing a virtual space or 3D world is a trendy topic and has been most recently discussed. When the needs of users’ tastes increase, they demand entertainment games that satisfy pleasure or create comfort on a couch.

Virtual reality technology will continue to develop in the future, leading to many different working professions, the most prominent of which is Metaverse.

What Is A Metaverse?

Metaverse is a 3D virtual world created by humans. People use images to represent themselves, communicate, and do things like the real world.

Players use coins to convert to in-game digital cash flows. They can use it to buy things, weapons, and food. Just lying at home, you can quickly dive into the virtual world through the connection by console and headset.

The 3D virtual environment seems to be a combination of physics and digital calculations. In the future, the actual application will promise to become a more attractive focus than the online amusement facilities.

So why would you want to learn the path to becoming a Metaverse? There are many reasons stemming from many different purposes.

A Metaverse

For example, they might love and want to develop a 3D virtual environment into a more potential field, or they feel it is a good profession with a high salary.

Whatever it is, if you’ve wanted to dig deeper, this article will help you understand what it takes to become a 3D virtual environment developer.

How To Become A Metaverse Developer

Since Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, discussions around the topic of Metaverse have been more prominent than ever. The world began to delve into projects and those related to them.

Not only now but also in the years to come, the company’s growth in the 3D virtual environment will increase the career opportunities for those with an interest in the above field.

Metaverse Dev

The fastest way to become a developer is to get directly involved in its creation.

However, the industry’s difficulty in working in the 3D world is exceptionally fierce. Let’s take a look at what it takes to become a successful developer:

  • Understand and understand the concept of the Metaverse and related fields. It would help if you learned the technologies used in the 3D virtual environment to learn and create them.
  • Figure out the real reason you want to be a developer that will help you pursue your career to the end.
  • Be aware of the roles and responsibilities of a house. It will help you perfect the professional skills required in employment.
  • Learn principles and expertise like UI/UX development and coding.
  • Self-created practice regularly to improve professional skills and practice as many work skills as possible.
  • If possible, try to learn from a successful developer. They will teach you only the most necessary skills in theory and practice.
  • Try to be determined to achieve success and spend more time learning.

Skills Required for a Metaverse Dev

To do a job well, skills are an essential factor. Similarly, if you want to become a talented developer, you need to have the following specialized skills:

Programming skills

Computer programming is an essential and mandatory element of becoming a creative developer. You must understand and be good at programming languages ​​Python, JavaScript, Swift, and others.

In addition, they also need to be aware of the concepts of loops, control logic, and encapsulation.

Software development

The software will be available on almost any device, so every virtual world developer must know software development skills on all platforms.

Like the marketing or IT professions, the 3D virtual environment is also divided into many different fields.

For development, you can choose from several work niches such as games, mobile devices, and web phones.

Some of the essential skills that you need to accumulate are:

  • UI/UX development in specific mock test cases.
  • Linking apps between customer partners and APIs
  • Upgrade external libraries to add functionality.

There’s so much more to it if you want success in the Metaverse. Comprehensive development in all aspects, such as the architecture to set up the running code with the security method, is also an aspect that should be consulted.

Creating 3D Models

Creating 3D Models

The essence of this field is to model the virtual world, which brings real experiences to players.

Every developer needs to learn how to draw 3D objects programmatically. Unity, Blender, and Unreal Engine are reference platforms for high-quality content.

XR Technology

The Metaverse is created based on augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual. During the setup, you’ll encounter more XR-related jobs than ever before.

XR technology is a skill that every developer needs to master and practice well before starting to create apps and software in a 3D virtual environment.


Toolkit Wikitude, ARCore, and Vuforia will make everyday tasks easier.

The XR SDK is an indispensable element if you want to develop VR experiences in the whole 3D virtual environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Each player communicates through an avatar, which AI powers to help keep and secure personal information.

Mastering the core of AI is the first successful step that will lead you to become a developer. With AI, you need to know:

  • Character encodings are the building blocks of AI models.
  • Technologies Apache Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop, and MongoDB
  • DL algorithms like cumulative neural networks, cyclic neural networks, and general adversarial networks
  • Caffe, Theano, PyTorch, TensorFlow intelligence frameworks



To build structures in the virtual world, avatars, and objects, NFT development skills are the most important thing.

To be more precise, Non-Fungible Token Technology (NFT) is the software that makes everything in the 3D virtual environment, from avatars to the action that takes place in the world.

NFTS is responsible for the identity swaps to convert digital assets. Therefore, those working in the field of virtual reality need to know and understand smart contracts, blockchain, and web3.

Vision and user experience.

The attraction is the way to invite players to join the game. Therefore, this skill is rough as focusing on the user’s experience.

You should make everything in Metaverse optimally based on creative vision.


Not only the 3D virtual environment but almost all game applications on all platforms need graphic developers.

Each person in the virtual space interacts through a digital representation. Therefore, focusing on graphic design is a top priority.

The ability to create animations and intense design animations will be what determines the experience of the players.

Distributed computing and storage

This field requires a large amount of computation and storage capacity.

You need to know calculation and setup tricks like these to make adjustments and avoid midterm crashes or interruptions.

Since the 3D virtual environment is a vast array of space, it needs many aspects and elements to set up. In addition to the skills mentioned above, you also need to master the ability to handle Node.js, HTML, MySQL, CSS, SQL, and Unity.

Soft skills

The creative technology industry is a dynamic work environment every day.

To advance quickly at work, you must constantly learn every day and improve your professional skills. Besides, update new trends in real life and Metaverse.

How Do Companies Benefit From Metaverse

Like other social networks, the 3D virtual world is what companies use for marketing and promoting their products.

Advertising articles often share ideas for potential customers, and they absorb a lot of customer feedback to develop products further.

For example, Hyundai has launched the Hyundai Mobility Adventure experience in Roblox. Here, customers can experience the company’s services, such as test-driving and reviewing new products through the avatar image.

Other companies can do the same, as there is no need to advertise products in the real world. How do companies benefit from a 3D virtual environment?

The answer lies in the connection between the natural world and the virtual world. The Balenciaga brand makes a profit by launching products in the virtual world. Players can purchase them in the Metaverse.

In addition, brands launch limited edition NFT codes, and users will use real money to exchange. In Metaverse, NFT is the same currency as in real life, and you can use it to buy everything.

Responsibilities of a Metaverse Dev

For a Metaverse developer, the most significant responsibility is to create a fully immersive and engaging world.

Here, you are the creator of objects, games, experiences, and platforms for people to interact with each other. The things developers do reflect the limitless possibilities in a 3D virtual environment.

Not as mechanical as coders, creative workers set up the Metaverse environment. Here, you can interact with many strangers or family members.

They can also work on gaming projects or create spaces to help participants learn various cooking skills, yoga, etc.

How Metaverse Works In Practice

User interaction in a 3D virtual environment is quite similar to how we connect to communicate through phones and computers.

When you want to experience Metaverse instead of using smart devices, you must wear a virtual reality hat or augmented glasses.

In addition, users need help from experts with whom they are unfamiliar.

The overall will include many aspects:

  • Social relationships: Through the link between applications Facebook, Whatsapp, Zoom, and Microsoft Time, you can almost easily communicate relationships like in real life.
  • Entertainment: During an intense pandemic, the 3D virtual environment is the ideal place for you to relieve the stress or frustration of life quickly. You can attend concerts, exchange idols and buy items at that festival.
  • Gaming: Work is the most deeply explored aspect of Metaverse. They focus on the element of freedom, bringing a revolution to employees and companies when they can work anywhere.
  • Work: The experience in Metaverse is not inferior to first-hand experience. It is a customer’s comment when trying the feeling of surfing in the 3D virtual world.

The Career Paths In Metaverse

As the world continues to transform, we are turning to the 4.0 technology era. We are sure of one thing; this field will continue to grow in the future.

Subsidiaries and tech giants continue investing heavily in attracting talent who can develop their 3D virtual environment.

Meta has led the way in launching a beta version of Horizon World. Microsoft launched the virtual space market, with the target customers being businesses.

They let customers rent virtual offices in Metaverse if needed, where there are many role-playing tasks to serve their needs.

Several developers have also had successful moves in the space, such as Decentraland, Roblox, and Axie Infinity.

If you’re looking for a job, some easy jobs to apply for include:

  • Production Manager
  • Research Scientist
  • 3D Game
  • Designer Planner
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Home NFT development and strategy
  • Ecosystem developer
  • expert and engineer


The professional difficulty is challenging for those who want to work towards this job. Not everyone has enough effort and talent to pursue it to the end.

The scarcity of human resources is an opportunity to receive an attractive first salary. This number can increase dramatically as we transition to web 3.0.

The higher the salary, the higher the level of work efficiency. Therefore, if you want to go further, you must constantly upgrade your professional skills.

The Internet vs. the Metaverse

Internet and Metaverse are two completely separate concepts from each other.

The Internet is a network that connects hundreds and millions of computers and other electronic devices.

As long as the device has a wifi connection, you can easily log in to interact with people, and buy and sell things.

In the virtual world, you can do everything, as usual. Metaverse captures real-life simulations through digital technologies like VR and augmented reality.

Final Thoughts

Above is a complete guide on how to become a Metaverse developer. Although it’s only been pushing for a while, the heat of Metaverse is happening daily.

Facebook, Microsoft, and other giants are gradually taking the development of Metaverse as the center to create job opportunities for many people.

The prospect of forming the Metaverse is getting closer and closer. Related large-scale projects need a lot of high-quality human resources.

It is an opportunity for many people to accumulate knowledge to become successful Metaverse developers.

Let’s dig into it now to make your dream closer to reality! Thanks for reading!