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How to Become an IT Recruiter

Becoming an IT (Information Technology) recruiter can be an exciting career option for those passionate about technology and who enjoy connecting with people.

Today, the role of IT recruiters becomes vital as the demand for skilled IT experts continues to grow. So how to become an IT recruiter?

This guide will outline 10 simple steps to help you get this job. So let’s dive in!

Who is an IT Recruiter?

IT recruiters are people who help companies find and hire IT professionals. Their job is to find people with the right skills for IT jobs and connect them with jobs.

Besides, they work with hiring managers and use different ways to find candidates. They evaluate candidates’ skills and make sure they fit the company’s culture. Also, they help with the interviewing process and negotiating a job offer.

How to Become an IT Recruiter?

Becoming an IT recruiter is a lengthy process with much effort. In this process, you must combine your education and practical skills.

Follow these steps to get what you want!

1. Get a Degree

Get A Degree

Getting a relevant degree is vital if you want to get this job. A Human Resources or Business Administration degree helps you find and select the right IT experts.

It teaches you how to communicate well with people and understand how to manage work.

2. Gain IT Knowledge

To be an IT recruiter, you must learn computer technology, programming languages, and how software is made.

When you know these things, you can better evaluate IT candidates. Plus, you can deal with them, ask the right questions, and understand their skills.

3. Develop Communication Skills

Being good at communicating with people means speaking and listening well. You need to know what the candidate wants and explain the job needs clearly.

This skill means giving helpful feedback. When you communicate effectively, you can explain job opportunities in a way that makes sense to candidates.

You must be good at writing to create job descriptions and emails that people understand. Then, you can build trust and connect people with the right IT jobs.

4. Learn The Recruitment Process

Learn The Working Process

In this step, you must know how to search, evaluate and select candidates for IT jobs. We recommend exploring different ways to find candidates, such as job boards or social media. Also, you need to know how to review resumes and conduct interviews.

5. Learn About Recruitment Laws

You cannot be a good recruiter without understanding the legal aspects of hiring. To understand these rules, you must learn about:

You can then apply these rules to your hiring process to ensure ethical and fair hiring.

6. Improve Networking Skills

Networking means connecting with people in the IT field, such as IT experts and hiring managers.

You can do this by attending events, joining groups, and using online platforms. Hence, you can find the right person for the IT job by building relationships and earning trust.

As you develop networking skills, you will become better at finding and attracting top IT talent.

7. Gain Practical Experience

Gain Practical Experience

Just learning theory cannot equal your practice. Thus, we recommend that you seek internship opportunities in recruitment agencies or HR departments in companies to gain practical experience.

Then, you can understand the working process and learn from seasoned people. This experience will make you shine among other contestants and get more job chances.

8. Stay Updated On IT

Besides the knowledge you learn in the university, you must stay updated with new industry trends. The reason is that this field is evolving, so you will be left behind if you do not adapt to changes.

No company wants to hire an outdated employer who can’t keep up with IT advancements. So staying updated is needed if you pursue an IT recruiting career.

9. Develop Time Management & Organization Skills

Organizing means keeping things in order and being able to handle multiple tasks at once, such as reviewing resumes and arranging interviews.

Time management means prioritizing work, meeting deadlines, and keeping the hiring process smooth. By doing these tasks well, you can be productive and give candidates a good experience.

10. Get Certifications

Getting certifications like Certified Recruitment Professional (CRP) or Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) is helpful for this career. They prove that you know a lot about recruiting.

CRP certifications are all the critical skills employers need, such as finding and selecting suitable candidates. Meanwhile, the CIR certificate talks about using the Internet for recruitment well.

These certifications show you are serious about learning and getting better at recruiting. Also, they make you more competitive when it comes to job hunting.

The steps above are an optimal process for most people. But whether or not you succeed needs a lot of effort and passion. So, keep learning to get the job you want!

Is It Hard To Be An IT Recruiter?

Being an IT recruiter can be challenging. You must be good at talking to people and managing your time to be an IT recruiter.

Besides, you must make sure candidates meet the requirements. Also, it can be hard when working fast and competing with others.

So it is vital to have a good network and keep learning. You may feel pressure, but with hard work and learning, you can overcome challenges and do well as a recruiter.


The average annual salary for an IT recruiter is $81,831. This figure is total wages, including a base salary of $59,504 per year and additional wages of $22,327 per year.

But note that these numbers can vary based on location, years of experience, specific company or field.


Is Becoming An IT Recruiter Worth It?

This career is worth it for individuals who enjoy working with technology and have strong interpersonal skills.

It offers opportunities to connect talented IT professionals with job opportunities, contributes to company growth, and stays updated with technological advancements.

What Is The Difference Between an IT & a Non-IT Recruiter?

The main difference is the focus of their recruitment efforts. An IT recruiter specializes in sourcing, evaluating, and placing candidates for IT-related positions. On the other hand, non-IT recruiters recruit for a wide range of job roles outside of the IT field.

What Is The Difference Between IT Recruiter & IT Staffing?

The difference lies in their scope of services. An IT recruiter typically focuses on finding and selecting IT professionals for permanent positions.

Meanwhile, IT staffing refers to providing temporary or contract IT staff to organizations to fulfill short-term projects or cover specific skill gaps.


Above are our guides on how to become an IT recruiter. From understanding the IT industry to developing communication skills and building professional networks, every step plays a vital role in shaping your career as an IT recruiter.

Remember that becoming an IT recruiter is a continuous learning process. So, take these steps, believe in yourself, and forge your way to success in IT recruiting!