How to Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence?

When applying for AI-related jobs, you will receive the high-income many people want. In addition, the opportunity for promotion is also an advantage that makes many people want to pursue this path.

However, how to get an AI job if you are a fresh graduate or a novice? We will help you know how to start your career in this area.

Now, let’s dive into this post for more details!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term related to intelligent machines. Accordingly, these devices can learn and perform many complex tasks.

In theory, it’s the result of scientists using machines to simulate how humans think and act. So, what AI products achieve shows us the superiority of deep learning and machine learning.

Smart devices such as self-driving cars, chat boxes, and robots have been born to support tasks for humans.

How to Get a Job in Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a very complex field requiring in-depth knowledge. So you must study hard to get a job in this challenging field. If you want to become an AI expert, this section below will help you build a career path.

1. Learn about AI Jobs

Working in AI

In the AI areas, there are many jobs that you can pursue. Accordingly, you can become a AI engineer. Building programs that instruct machines to handle everyday tasks instead of humans will be what you need to do.

You can also work in the role of a computer scientist. Your job will be to research and run AI algorithms to create tech products to serve user needs.

Also, you might be interested in some other positions: algorithmic engineers, data scientists, analytics specialists, or vision engineers.

When you have a destination to pursue, you have a basis for building a learning path and practicing skills accordingly.

2. Enhance Essential Skills

No matter what job you want in AI, you must have two crucial skills: working expertise and essential soft skills. You can become an excellent AI expert only with adequate knowledge and skills.

Technical Skills

You must hone your technical skills well to thrive in the AI industry.

Most AI-related jobs require programming and coding skills. Therefore, you should master at least one popular programming language. Good options are C, C++, or Python, which is the new trend for AI products.

In addition, data analysis is also a skill to learn. Using Pandas, R, or MATLAB will all become your strengths at work.

Meanwhile, learning about DynamoDB, Couchbase, and Apache Cassandra for database management will also be helpful for your work. You should also know about AI platforms like Google Cloud AI, Microsoft Azure, or IBM Watson.

Workplace Skills

Next, soft skills in the workplace are a factor that you must pay attention to. Your work will take effort if you don’t have excellent communication.

Problem-solving abilities will be an advantage for creating more rapidly in your career. Your work productivity will improve if you manage time and divide work.

Moreover, you will be promoted better with good management and leadership skills. The effective way to operate the team and engage the members will bring the perfect results for you and your associates.

3. Education

To work in AI, you will have to meet basic degree needs. Therefore, taking formal courses is a must if you want to become an AI expert.

In fact, although you can discover appropriate work in this field without a degree, you’ll confront numerous deterrents to long-term career progression.

Therefore, you will need help to handle tasks that require high expertise to enhance your career.

All employers expect their candidates to have a Bachelor’s degree. In case you’ve got higher degrees, like a Master’s or Ph.D., you can get a better job.

You can study computer science, data science, or IT at top universities to make your degree more valuable. Also, it is easier to find a job if you have AI certifications.

4. Desired Income

Once you have the basic knowledge and the necessary degrees, you can apply for jobs at large companies for the desired position.

In general, an AI engineer can earn over $120,000 per year, a robotics engineer $100,000 per year, and a machine learning engineer $125,000 per year.

5. Explore a Proper Job

Finally, start building your career path. Our advice is to hunt for jobs that meet your requirements and tastes.

Depending on tastes, you’ll be a mechanical designer, a researcher, or a machine learning designer, etc. Indeed, these options are common careers in the AI field.


Is It Easy to Get A Job in AI?

Getting a job in AI is simple. Some people work in this field without a degree. Yet, you need to take the required formal courses to become an AI expert.

Many jobs need artificial intelligence specialists. This fact provides an opportunity to start work for young scientists and engineers.

Is AI a High-Paying Job?

Sure, AI is a high-paying job. According to our reports, AI-related jobs can bring in over $105,492 per year. Earnings are even higher for senior software and machine learning engineers, up to $125,000 per year.

Is AI a Hard Career?

Yes, AI is a challenging career field. In many studies, technology has recently made significant leaps and bounds. Machines are getting smarter daily, putting significant pressure on scientists and engineers. Accordingly, they must upgrade their thinking daily to control and navigate massive AI data models.


In short, this article has guided you on how to get a job in artificial intelligence. Of course, you’ll have to put in the time and exertion to urge work in this field.

If you overcome the initial difficulties, you will have a job with a high salary and great chances. Thank you for reading!