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How To Get A Security Clearance in 6 Steps

Security clearance is only available for certain employees of the government. There are also a lot of conditions you must comply with to achieve this reward.

Suppose you want to achieve a security clearance but don’t know where to start. Then, check out this post to find out the answer. I will instruct you on how to get a security clearance in the simplest way.

What Is A Security Clearance?

The government grants security clearance for employees as permission. Authorized employees have the right to access sensitive information.

There are many roles that require different levels of this reward. For instance, the government may give analysts one level of clearance. It enables them to access private sources of information at an entry level.

Investigators need more secure information. Thus, they receive clearance on a higher level. So, the level you receive depends on your position and duties.

The higher the level of clearance, the more classified information you can access. Now let’s discover some standard levels of this reward.

You can access secret information with a clearance

3 Levels of Security Clearance

There are three primary levels of this reward. It depends on your responsibility and the type of position you hold. The agency will use these factors to determine the level you receive.

Typically, a position will mention this reward in the job posting if it’s necessary. Here are three levels you should consider.

  • Confidential: This is the entry-level of the three with the lowest access. It’s also the easiest level to achieve for employees.
  • Secret: It is the second level of clearance, providing access to information on a higher level.
  • Top secret: You can access highly sensitive information with this clearance level. It is only available for a small number of positions.

How To Get A Security Clearance?

Getting a clearance is a complicated process. The agencies will first investigate your background to examine the conditions. The steps will also vary depending on your country and the level you want to get.

Here are some general steps you can follow to achieve the clearance.

1. Determine Your Needs

Before starting, you should know that only US citizens can work for the government. Thus, foreigners cannot access this reward. Also, the clearance is only necessary for government agencies.

For example, you work in a position that needs access to special information. It can be related to topics like intelligence or defense. Thus, you need to research the laws and requirements first.

Ensure that clearance is necessary for your current positions. Check if the roles you are seeking require this factor.

You need to fill in a request form

2. Find A Suitable Position

Suppose you want to seek a suitable position. Then, you should prioritize roles that call for clearance. They typically mention this factor in the job description. You can also check with the human department to confirm.

Also, the employers will cover all the fees for this reward. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of getting the clearance. Don’t forget to check the level of clearance your job requires.

3. Investigating Your Background

After finding a suitable position, you will need to submit an application form to request clearance. There are many forms depending on the level of clearance.

Then, the agency will investigate your background based on the form. He may review your family record and personal history, for instance.

They will review your application many times. They may even restart the process when they find out extra information about your background. The goal is to ensure that you meet all the required conditions for the clearance.

They may investigate your financial status and debt

4. Interview

During the process, the agency will conduct an interview. They will ask you more questions about your background and personal contacts. The goal is to find out more information about your financial status and other life areas.

5. Evaluating Process

The investigation process may take very long to complete. There may be more than one interview to research the candidates’ backgrounds. Therefore, it typically takes many months to complete the whole process.

Also, the steps will vary significantly depending on your position. Thus, you should consult with the agency to receive clear guidance. It will help you avoid unnecessary procedures during the process.

The agency may reward an interim clearance. You can use this temporary reward to work in your position during this period. It will remain available until they complete the process.

6. Grant The Permission

You will receive the clearance at a suitable level. It will be determined by the agency after they evaluate your conditions. They will send you a document that confirms your reward.

Typically, a security clearance will last around 5 to 10 years. The time will vary based on the level you receive.

Be sincere during the interview


What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Clearance?

The process is simple if you follow the guidance. You can submit the form first and wait for the agency to do their jobs. Also, be honest in the interview and wait for the final decision.

What Is The Process For Clearance?

The first step is to submit a request for clearance. Then, you wait for the agency to invest in your information and background. You will receive the reward when all the conditions are met.

Is It Hard To Get A Clearance?

No, it’s not hard to get clearance as long as you meet all the requirements. The process is pretty straightforward, but it can take very long. Meanwhile, it may be much more challenging if your background doesn’t meet the conditions.

How Many People Have Top Secret Clearance?

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the number of people receiving secret clearance is very high.

Final Thoughts

I hope the provided instructions can help you achieve your clearance. Ensure that you are completely honest in your form and the interview. Also, doing some research about the requirements will help you in the process.

If you don’t comply with the rules, the agency won’t grant you permission. False information or dishonesty will also result in a denial. Lastly, be patient because it may take a few months to process.

Thank you for reading!