Is Cybersecurity a Good Career? Answer From Experts

Cybersecurity has grown dramatically in demand and popularity in recent years. Overall, this field offers competitive salaries and many growth opportunities.

Is cyber security a good career? If you want to build a successful career in this field, don’t hesitate to check out this post!

I will discuss in detail to give you the best answer. Besides, I will provide some helpful tips to help you deal with the challenges brought by this field.

What Is A Cybersecurity Career Path?

Cybersecurity aims at securing different systems, networks, and data. The experts in this field will protect systems from attacks and hackers.

Experts need to use many safeguards and tools in their job. This action also helps increase the security of a system. They ensure that businesses and sites can operate well.

Cybersecurity helps protect digital assets

Is Cybersecurity A Good Career?

The answer is yes. Cybersecurity is an excellent option for IT professionals. This field brings high salaries and many chances for development.

The modern world revolves around data and information. There are a lot of tools and systems that run on data. Thus, companies and businesses will need professionals to protect these databases.

This has pushed the demands for the cybersecurity field. Big organizations are willing to invest a lot of money in securing their systems; therefore, the future of this career will be very promising.

It’s an excellent career for IT enthusiasts

Low Unemployment

Most of the jobs in this industry require high academic backgrounds. A survey of Fortune indicates that there were more than 3.5 million experts in this field.

This big talent gap has led to a high demand for experts in the industry. Therefore, there will always be many opportunities to seek employment.

The only problem is that you must have excellent skills and knowledge for the job. With high competency, you can quickly seek a dream position.

High Demand

The survey indicates that the number of unfilled jobs in this industry grew by 350%. From 2013 to 2021, the total number increases from 1 to 3.5 million jobs.

Experts believe that the same number will stay unchanged in the next few years. Meanwhile, the industry needs more professionals with high talents and skills.


The high demands have pushed the salary in this industry to a high level. Companies are willing to pay a competitive salary to attract more talent. Thus, you can seek a high-paying job and develop a successful career.

You can take the CISSP certificate, for instance. It’s a certification required by many positions in the field. The average salary for CISSP holders can go up to $125,000 per year. This is a dream salary even for specialized IT professionals.

Job Security

The demands for cybersecurity experts are incredibly high. Thus, the companies will create the best working conditions for their staff.

The chance of you getting fired from your position is minimal. You don’t have to work in a competitive environment with limited resources.

However, you still need to learn and adapt your skills to deliver the best results.


Cybersecurity overlaps with many other IT industries. The knowledge built from different professions can also help you advance in cybersecurity.

Remote Work

The nature of this field doesn’t require your presence all the time. Most experts and teams can exchange work ideas with each other through online systems.

Besides, you have to handle remote systems around the world. The position focuses on flexibility to ensure the highest results.

For these reasons, many experts in this field choose to work remotely at home. You also have plenty of chances to travel abroad. It can be a business trip or joining an international conference.

Ability To Advance

Hackers are constantly developing new methods to damage systems. Thus, you will face new problems every day. The constant challenges this field brings give you a lot of chances to grow.

Your experience and skills will advance through each project. Thus, you can become an expert in the field and have higher salaries.

Job Satisfaction

The high salary and flexible working methods in this industry will generate satisfaction. While high income helps to increase your living standard, the flexible work environment gives you more freedom and time.

The demands for this field will always stay high

Is Cybersecurity A Happy Job?

This field brings the top incomes in the IT industry. It also features new challenges for experts to solve every day. Given these factors, cybersecurity is definitely an excellent career as well as a happy job for IT enthusiasts.

Skill Needed For Cybersecurity?

Skills in managing networks and systems are essential for this field. Besides, you should be proficient in performing security tasks. Mastering many programming languages would also benefit your career.

Also, you must possess some soft skills like problem-solving and communication. It will help you in working with many other teams on large projects.

What Are The Challenges Of Working In The Cybersecurity Field?

Despite all of its benefits, cybersecurity is a very challenging career. There are many serious attacks and problems you must deal with. So, the stress is high.

Also, you must learn and update your skills all the time. It helps you cope with the new techs and methods developed by hackers. This need for constant updates will also generate a lot of stress on your work.

The job’s nature is stressful

How To Work In The Cybersecurity Field?

It would be best if you acquired ideal certificates to build a strong background. It’s the minimum requirement for seeking a job in this field. A college degree in networking or IT security is also essential.

Beginners can start from entry-level positions in small teams first. Then, you can gradually develop your skills and experience after each project. With great effort, you will advance very fast in this industry.

Final Thoughts

Pursuing cybersecurity is a fantastic career path. It offers rewarding salaries and benefits, as well as many opportunities to grow your skills and knowledge.

The demand for experts in this field will keep growing in the next few years, so there will be a lot of potential for growth in this industry. Thanks for reading!