Is Data Science Hard? 4 Reasons It’s Hard to Learn

There’s no denying that data science is one of the favorite areas of specialization. The reality is that many employers are looking for competent scientists in this field.

So any college student can wonder, “Is data science hard to learn?” In this post, we will provide the answer to this question. Let’s scroll down to read more information!

Is Data Science Difficult?

Yes, data science will be a challenge for any beginner.

To gain expertise in this field, you need to develop knowledge of the many areas:

  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • Visualization
  • Reporting
  • Business Understanding
  • Computer Programming
  • Problem Solving

But, it does not mean that you cannot pursue a career in this field if you do not have a Ph.D. or a complex brain. 

Anyone can become a scientist in this field if they have the passion for it and will to upskill themselves. There is no rule that you should possess a doctorate or belong to a Computer Science background to pursue a career in this field.

The only thing that matters is the clear-cut understanding of how this field works, the right focus in embracing the career, and excellent clarity of how you place yourself in this industry to grow further.

Data Science: from Data to Information to Knowledge to Wisdom

Data science is one of the promising fields which gives insights from structured & unstructured data and uses complex algorithms.

Many people mistakenly believe that studying this field is very easy, but the truth is quite the opposite. So if you think that watching a video tutorial will make you proficient in this area, you are wrong.

It requires a lot of practice and hard work. This process will take a lot of time, dedication, and effort. Moreover, you must have real-life tools knowledge. 

In general, this science is not easy. But if you set your mind to it and give it effort, you can get further in your career. 

What Makes It Difficult?

If you want to become a scientist in this field, you need to know the difficulties ahead that you will have to deal with. Here are some problems that may be troubling you:

1. Hard Problems

These scientists need to solve challenging problems, which require high math aptitude and keen problem-solving. 

More seasoned scientists will have to deal with more complex problems, suitable for those interested enough to persevere through the most challenging issues. Therefore, it is a complex field, especially for those inexperienced.

In addition, finding experienced candidates is also a complex problem that many companies and businesses have to deal with.

2. Large Scale Data

It is true to say that data is closely related to these scientists. Yet, there is a huge amount of data that exists globally. 

Moreover, they are still increasing rapidly, becoming a burden on the scientist. Plus, the data is not always present in an organized, creating an additional challenge for scientists.

3. Technical Expertise

This field is related to many areas, such as statistics, programming, and mathematics. So, you will need to master some sub-constituents of these areas.

Gaining knowledge and expertise in individual areas is not difficult. Yet, mastering all three disciplines or even more is a daunting task. In addition, it will take you a long time to become an expert in a single field.

For example, it may take a programmer years to master his domain to become proficient in programming. 

You will also have to spend an equal amount of effort to master statistics. That is why most data professionals usually have PhDs in natural sciences, finance, and statistics. 

4. Learning Everything at Once

Absorbing a lot of knowledge is a difficult task for beginners or inexperienced people. This practical field requires you to practice for many years to master it. 

It means that if you only firmly grasp the theoretical knowledge without practice, it will be easy to forget. Thus, this area is very practice heavy and needs a tailored approach to solve its problems.

Is Data Scientist a Good Career? 

Many have considered Data science the “sexiest job of the 21st century” for many good reasons. Although these scientists face many challenges and pressures, they greatly influence many other professions.

three data scientists

Besides, scientists and engineers are scarce in this field, making it a great career path as it offers vast career opportunities. What’s more, if you become a master of this field, you will have a dream income.

The fact is that the salaries and bonuses for these science professionals are higher than many other jobs. 

For example, the average salary for a scientist in the United States can range from $63,074 to $188,424 per year, making it one of the most desirable jobs.


1. Is data science a stressful job?

The work environment in this field can be pretty stressful because of long working hours and a lonely environment. 

Therefore, it is strange that despite the multiple collaborations required between these scientists and different departments, they primarily work alone.

2. Is coding required for data science?

This field is a rapidly growing industry, and advances in technology will continue to increase demand for this specialized skill. While it involves coding, it does not need extensive software engineering or advanced programming knowledge.


Data science is a vast area to cover, and it also has a lot of job opportunities. But it will require you to prepare and practice in the long run. 

If you dedicate time and work hard, it can be easily achieved. Once you have proper skills and experience, your career opportunities will be very open.

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