7 Pros and Cons of Being a Business Intelligence Developer

Business intelligence is the combination of IT and business. So, how about working as a business intelligence developer? If you choose this career, you will have an interesting journey to look forward to.

Of course, you will also cope with difficulties. So, let me share the advantages and disadvantages of being a business intelligence dev. Then, it’s up to you to follow this career or not. Now, let’s dive into the details!

Who Is a Business Intelligence Developer?

A business intelligence (BI) developer is an engineer who interprets and displays data for a company using BI software. They create tools to improve the research process. If there is any problem with the current methods, they will fix it, too.

Companies have to work with valuable data. That’s why they need BI developers to compile and handle their data.

The BI developer may also act as a technology specialist in a company. So if computer programs have issues, these experts must repair and restore them.

A BI developer

I’m a BI developer. To me, this job is always dynamic and fulfilling. But do not only look at the bright side! Even when working in this industry for years, I still have problems with my job. So let me tell you everything about it.

If you work as a BI developer, you will surely have a good salary and job security. Your findings are also impactful.

1. Attractive salary

As of 2024, BI developers can earn about $106,548 per year. Imagine you can make that much money in a year. It’s not just a number but also illustrates the expertise you bring to the table.

The benefits and bonuses that come with this high salary are also impressive. Whenever I think about them, I always feel motivated to give my best.

All these perks make me feel more confident when planning for my future. They also bring a sense of security. And you know what? During these unpredictable times, job security is more important than ever.

2. High demand

Many companies now join the digital world. They make informed decisions in their activities based on data. Meanwhile, BI developers are at the forefront of this movement.

Thus, companies need your skills to handle this task. As a BI developer, you will bridge the gap between business and IT.

I can even say that BI is among the hottest jobs now. It means you will have more job opportunities. You can also grow when working in this industry.

This job is on the rise

3. New technologies

Technology is exciting because you can’t predict what will happen. New tools appear constantly, each with unique features. So, if you love technology, choose a job that allows you to work with those advancements. And BI should be your first consideration.

I have been in the industry for a long time. Yet, this job is never dull to me because I can work with new technologies.

For example, there’s Microsoft SQL. It’s not just a data management tool. Instead, the tools it offers help me analyze data easily and efficiently. I also explore more features in this powerhouse to help with my stressful tasks.

Oracle BI is also my good friend. This robust tool allows me to dig deeper into data. Then, based on the analysis, I can develop innovative programs.

4. Impact on business decisions

My job is cool because I can feel my importance, and I don’t lie. I spend hours working on the data to help guide my company’s strategic moves.

I really like joining meetings with my colleagues. During those discussions, I can present what I found and how to use my findings at work. And that is one of the most rewarding things when working as a BI developer.

Business intelligence plays an important role in business

Like any other job, BI has its own challenges. Here they are and how I can overcome them.

5. High pressure

As a BI developer, you have to create reliable systems and programs. Moreover, businesses today run at a fast pace. They rely on you to give crucial data they need for their decision. It means you have to face tight deadlines. Sometimes, your boss asks you to work on different projects simultaneously.

I’m familiar with such pressure. But nothing can stop me! I realized that my skills and experience can help me deliver high-quality work within a specified time.

Moreover, I don’t work alone. My team is always there to support me. Those high-pressure moments will become easier to handle thanks to their assistance.

6. Constant evolving technologies

Remember I talked about working with new technologies? It sounds exciting, but it also challenges you.

New platforms and tools pop up almost every day. Thus, I have to stay updated all the time. It can be overwhelming, but I don’t mind it. Without those changes, my job would be tedious.

7. Limited creativity

You can be creative when working as a BI developer. However, this job doesn’t really ask for creativity. In this field, I work with data using structures and algorithms. It often means I have to follow specific rules.

But that’s what BI is. Those rules and structures ensure the reliability of my insights. Then, my company can trust them and make data-driven decisions.

Limited room for creativity

Should You Become a Business Intelligence Developer?

It’s hard to answer when you haven’t tried it. But I think this job may suit you if you love working with data and analyzing trends. Another thing to expect is the continuous learning curve. If you are open to it, working in this role will be easy.

Consider your ability, too. You should have good analytical skills and solve problems well to become a good BI developer.

Final Thoughts

You will get pros and cons when working as a BI developer. High salary and job opportunities are among the benefits. You can also have many chances to try new things.

But don’t ignore the challenges on your way. You must keep up with the trends and work under pressure sometimes. So be ready for the obstacles ahead. Once you’ve beaten them, you will succeed!