8 Pros and Cons of Being a Content Strategist

The digital marketing industry is booming. Due to this trend, businesses start thinking about creating high-quality content to grow their digital reach.

I’m a content strategist who takes care of such an important task. It’s fun to work in this role, but I also face tons of problems when playing with the content.

Do you want to get this job? If yes, check out this post first. I have everything you need here!

Who Is a Content Strategist?

A content strategist plans, monitors, and manages content for marketing strategies. Their content should align with business goals and customer needs.

The content strategist also analyzes data. They implement SEO practices to boost the effectiveness of their content.

Businesses need content strategists to grow their online presence. This way, they can drive awareness and loyalty among their potential customers.

There are tons of things to do to produce high-quality content. For example, as a content strategist, I first research the market. Then, I know what customers expect from my company.

After that, I delegate tasks to editors and writers. I give them feedback to ensure their final content can match customer needs.

And when the content is running, I monitor its performance. Thankfully, there are many advanced tools to help me with this task. I can then identify which spot to improve and fix.

Content strategist

Every day is a challenge to me, keeping me engaged and excited. However, it doesn’t mean this career is always smooth. There are pros and cons on the way. So, if you are considering this field, check them all. Let me help you with that!

Working as a content strategist gives me many job opportunities. I also love the flexibility of the job.

1. Flexible Time

Even if you work full-time, you don’t have to arrive at the office on time. Your boss just needs you to ensure your performance. Then, feel free to work at any time.

You can even choose your workplace. Of course, you have to interact with your colleagues when planning marketing campaigns. But you can also work from home or visit a coffee shop to create the content.

Online meetings are pretty popular in this field. And to a person who doesn’t like traveling a lot like me, it’s a treat!

2. Easily Control Your Workload

You have many tasks to do. But the nice thing is that you can control your workload. In fact, you can determine how many campaigns to run at a time. While busy with the current ones, you don’t need to focus on the next.

The key to content strategies is effectiveness. So just bring out the best of the ones you are most confident about.

3. Many Ways To Make Money

Businesses now try to promote their online presence via digital marketing. That’s why you need content strategists to care for this aspect. Thanks to this trend, you will have many job opportunities.

I’m a full-time content strategist for a marketing company. But I also join freelance projects and have part-time jobs. The opportunities are numerous, which means my income can be unlimited.

On average, content strategists can earn $86,249 per year (in 2023). However, you can level up your salary by taking more jobs. Then, you will feel happy looking at your account balance every month.

4. Low Startup Costs

After working in this field for a while, I’m now confident enough to start my own business. One of the best things about content marketing is that I don’t need much startup cost.

Everything is online! I’m planning a small business first with a few employees. Then, as we expand our customer base, we can grow!

5. Ability To Work With Various Industries

Marketing is on the rise! Many businesses across different industries require content experts to handle their marketing strategies. This high demand brings you many choices to pick your favorite sector to work for.

Content: Efficient, Searchable, Accessible, Intuitive

Working as a content strategist is rewarding and fun. But there are some bad times when I feel discouraged. Let me share with you the cons of this job.

6. Highly Competitive

This field is really hot, which means many people choose it. As a result, you will join a harsh competition.

The only way to stand out is to hone your skills and gain experience. Try to keep up with the latest trends, too. Once you’ve got all the traits needed for this job, businesses will invite you to become part of their talent.

Plus, your duties may differ depending on the industry you work in. So before applying for a job, study that sector carefully. And during the interview, try to impress your interviewer with your deep knowledge.

7. Require Ongoing Strategy

Most content strategies require continuous adjustments because customers may change their needs. As a content strategist, you have to adapt to the changes.

While it sounds tricky, you will find it interesting. To me, it’s a good chance to discover new things. I can also learn more about customer behaviors.

8. Your Role Varies

Your role as a content strategist may vary across every company. For example, I focused exclusively on the content of the previous company. But my boss asks me to cover other marketing tasks in my current company.

So it depends on your preference. While the first case allows you to dig deeply into your expertise, the second helps you develop more skills.

When applying for a job, read the job description carefully. Then, you can tell if it’s a perfect match for you.

Stress of competition

Should You Become a Content Strategist?

The answer depends on your skills, passion, and career goals. Regarding the skills, you should be good at digital marketing and market research.

You also need to consider your passion. This job comes with many challenges. It’s your passion that pushes you forward and overcomes all the obstacles.

Finally, think about your career goals. Marketing is an interesting field. So, if you want to step into this field and become a marketing expert, then becoming a content strategist is a good idea.

Consider all the factors

Final Thoughts

Working as a content strategist has both pros and cons. You have a flexible schedule and earn money from multiple sources. You can even start your own business at a low cost.

On the other hand, you will compete with many content strategists. Plus, you have to take care of your campaigns in the long run.

After weighing the pros and cons, you can tell if this career is what you need. So, just follow your heart and start your journey today!