7 Pros and Cons of Being a Python Developer

Python is one of the popular programming languages today for creating software. Its benefit has raised the significant need for jobs in this industry.

We have covered some details to help you know the advantages and disadvantages of being a Python developer. Keep scrolling to learn more!

What is a Python Developer?

A Python developer is a software engineer who uses the Python programming language to develop software applications and tools. And a high-level language that we can’t help but mention is Python.

Everyone knows that they are very laid back and easy to adapt to. Python developers often work on many projects.

They can do web development and data science. Some may also have skills related to automation and artificial intelligence.

To make sure that the product satisfies the needs of the end user, they will also work with other testers and project managers.

Is easy or hard to learn?

To begin, we will cover the pros you get from working as a Python developer. These benefits can vary from person to person, so use them for reference only:

1. Easy to Learn

First, this language has a simple syntax to read and understand. This benefit allows developers to code quickly and efficiently. Besides, they make it easy for you to team with other developers and maintain existing code bases.

Second, it has a large community to help you learn the language. We find many online courses, books, and videos to help beginners start with this language.

If you search, there are also active forums and communities to ask questions and get help.

2. A Growing Field

You can see that Python programming is a growing field in different industries. Thus, it creates many job chances for Python devs.

Besides, it has a collection of libraries and frameworks that developers can use. They are for simplifying coding and speeding up the development process.

They provide powerful tools for developers to perform complex tasks. This benefit makes it an efficient language for software development.

Many companies realize the benefits that this language brings. We can only imagine how quickly the demand for this industry will grow!

3. High Salary

Python developers are in high demand and salary due to their wide applicability in different industries of this language. As a result, we have a competitive job market that makes pay up.

We found that the average base salary for a Python developer in the US is around $92,000. So you can see that this is a salary that can attract anyone!

It is worth noting that this salary can also vary by location. This fact means that the actual number you can get may be even higher. Besides, the more knowledge and experience you have, the more job options you have with higher salaries.

4. A Great Career Path in Python

Python offers a great career path for people interested in software development.

What we want to highlight here is that you will have the chance to learn and advance along the path.

Besides, it is popular in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and data science. You will become more in demand as these technologies improve.

We also realize that you can work from home in this field. As a result, you are free to arrange your work and life the way you want. This benefit is probably what many young people wish for.

This benefit offers a good career path for individuals interested in these fields.

Runtime Errors

After knowing the benefits of a Python developer job, you must also learn its cons before pursuing it. So we will help you discover them in this section:

5. Harder to Avoid Runtime Errors

Python can be slower due to its interpreted nature compared to lower-level languages like C and C++ because it needs to read and analyze each line of code before running it.

Meanwhile, this process may take longer than directly running the machine code. Also, this language uses dynamic typing. With this typing, it must perform extra checks and conversions at runtime to manage changes in variable types.

This problem means that it may not be the best choice for high-performance applications that need high speed. Your work may slow down when you continue using this programming language.

6. No Multithreading Support

Another potential con of using Python for programming is its limited multithreading support. This problem comes from the Global Interpreter Lock (GIL).

If you did research, you know that the GIL is a tool that ensures that only one thread at a time can run Python bytecode.

This problem means that other threads can be stopped and wait for access to the GIL. As a result, with multi-threaded tasks, your performance will be lower. This delay is more extreme in CPU applications.

7. The Unorthodox Choice for Developing Mobile Apps

We all know that Python has some popular mobile development frameworks. But there is a fact that it is not popular in mobile application development.

You can see that it’s not as speedy as Java or Swift. Meanwhile, mobile apps must be fast and responsive to deliver a good user experience. Thus, it may not be the best choice in this case.

Also, developing mobile apps often needs integration with platform-specific APIs. This issue may need developers to rely on third-party libraries.


In short, the pros and cons of being a Python developer are distinct from other jobs. Its popularity means many jobs and a large community of developers to learn from and collaborate with.

But its drawbacks will be a barrier to many people not choosing this job. But we are sure that you already have your answer. To know more about the pros and cons of other jobs, visit our website!