8 Pros and Cons of Being a SAS Programmer

Every company needs an expert to gather and review their data. It’s what a SAS programmer like me does. So, if you love statistics and data, consider this career opportunity. It will be interesting but you will also encounter difficulties.

Before you start, let me explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a SAS programmer. Then, you can tell what’s waiting for you on this journey!

Who Is A SAS Programmer?

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. It’s widely used for data analysis and management. Programmers use it as a language or graphical interface.

SAS programmers are the ones who gather and analyze data for companies using SAS. Then, they manipulate data to handle projects and activities in businesses.

As a SAS Programmer, I perform many data-related tasks. I collect data from multiple sources. And SAS comes into play here to help me process the data.

I also manage and maintain databases in my company. It’s an ongoing process, so I automate it by writing programs. This way, I can save a lot of time while reducing risks in the data systems.

Sometimes, I perform QA procedures. Then, based on what I find out, I write reports to my boss. The tasks are numerous, but I don’t cover them alone. I often collaborate with other teams in my company to manage the databases.

A SAS programmer

There are pros and cons when working as a SAS programmer. I’ve been in this industry for years. So let me reveal the ins and outs of this job. Then, you can imagine what you will exactly get in the future.

1. Job Opportunities in Different Industries

First, I have to say that I love my job as a SAS programmer. I have many job opportunities and a good salary. I can also grow in my career easily.

The core of this career is all about data. And you know what? Every company now needs data for their operations. Thus, if you choose this path, you can work in almost any field.

For example, healthcare providers have to deal with patient information. Meanwhile, financial companies handle data related to their customers’ transactions.

As a result, you will have many job chances. Feel free to choose your favorite sector and devote yourself to it.

2. Good Pay

As of 2024, SAS programmers can make about $105,809 per year. The exact rate depends on your experience, location, and the industry you work in.

Generally, you can receive good pay when working as a SAS programmer. Aside from that, you will get bonuses and other benefits. It means you don’t have to worry about your account balance.

This job is well-paid

3. More Specialized Jobs

If you work as a SAS programmer, you can dig deeper into the data analysis field. So, if you love data, do not miss this chance.

SAS offers tons of benefits for handling data. For example, the biggest concern when processing data is security. Fortunately, SAS will provide you with a high-security level. Data manipulation is not your headache anymore.

4. Job Growth

You surely want to get promoted and settle on leadership positions. And this job won’t disappoint you. As long as you work hard and hone your skills day by day, you will soon rise through the ranks.

5. High Demand

SAS is now the best choice in the data analytics industry. It’s the first option for every business that deals with sensitive data. Hence, companies keep searching for talented SAS programmers to handle their databases.

They need you! They want your SAS skills to help manage and maintain their data sets, helping them make data-driven decisions.

Your skills are in need

Despite my love for data, this job drives me crazy sometimes. The tough learning path is the first challenge. Then, I have to deal with other problems. But thankfully, I’ve overcome them.

6. Tough Learning Path

Well, to be honest, SAS is not very difficult to learn. But you need a solid background in SQL and statistics concepts first. Plus, because SAS has a non-standard syntax, you will find it tricky to switch to other languages.

But don’t panic! You can nail it with practice and continuous learning. There are also many materials and resources online to help with your learning curve.

7. SAS is Not Open Source

SAS can’t work as quickly as R because it’s not open-source software. It just operates in a limited and secure environment.

However, SAS has its own benefits. For example, SAS algorithms are available in licensed versions. Thus, they come with a higher security level.

8. Costly SAS Software

One of the biggest drawbacks of using this tool is the high cost. But it’s worth your investment! As I have mentioned, SAS is the best option for data security. It restricts public access and can protect data well. So do not mind the price! Your company can help you with that.

You can be stressed

Should You Become a SAS Programmer?

I have talked about the pros and cons of working in this role. So what do you think? You may certainly value the benefits, but can you accept the challenges? If yes, then this career is for you.

Your interest and ability also help you make the right decision. This job requires attention to detail and patience. You should be passionate about data, too.

If you find yourself in these cases, congratulations! You don’t have to look any further because SAS programming is what you need.

Final Thoughts

Do you still want to become a SAS programmer? You will get good pay and job opportunities. Yet, you have to tackle difficulties when working in this role.

I believe that every job has its own challenges. The bright side is that you have many good things to look forward to. So don’t just focus on the downsides. Just keep working, and you can beat those obstacles!