8 Pros and Cons of Being a Visual Development Artist

To enter the visual development art industry successfully, you have to take many steps. The first one is to learn the advantages and disadvantages of being a visual development artist.

As an expert in this field, I can help with this very first lesson. So, follow my lead as I share the ups and downs of working in this position.

Who Is a Visual Development Artist?

A visual development artist is a multi-media expert who produces immersive effects for video games and movies. They ensure the environment’s colors, mood, and tone fit the project’s theme.

For example, the trees and buildings you see in video games are the products of the visual artist. They also work on the movie’s tone to convey the characters’ feelings.

Generally, the visual development artist brings the director’s ideas into tangible views. Then, the audience can immerse themselves in the scenes. To achieve this goal, as a visual development artist, I have to perform these tasks:

  • First, I check the script and develop ideas for the projects. I also work on the storytelling aspects by learning the characters’ emotions.
  • After that, I create colors, lighting, and other stuff for the project’s background.
  • During the project, I work with the creative team to develop visuals.
Visual development artist

As a visual development artist, I can enjoy tons of benefits. However, it’s not easy to take this role. Before entering the field, please check the pros and cons of being a visual artist as follows:

If you choose this career path, you can work creatively and try different projects. You can also thrive in your career quickly.

1. Good Growth Prospects

As a visual development artist, I appreciate the field’s excellent growth prospects. This job is in high demand, giving me many job opportunities.

Moreover, the skills needed for the visual expert are transferable. It means I can explore different roles.

The high salary is another plus. As of 2024, visual development artists can earn around $109,830 per year. You can get a better deal with your strong portfolio and experience.

And the best part? As a visual artist, you can become a freelancer. So, feel free to establish your own schedule and choose your favorite projects to work on.

2. Ability To Work In Different Fields

The transferable skills allow you to work in different fields. I have joined various types of projects, from games to movies.

Each field brings its own set of challenges and possibilities. Together, they enrich my experience and extend my skill set.

I can also expand my network. Working with fellow artists and designers has given me many lessons that I couldn’t learn from school.

3. Active Working Environment

I work with a diverse team of many creatives. Our teamwork fuels my growth and forms an active working environment. I feel eager every day to join the team and bring my talent to the table.

4. Specialized Digital Media

As a visual artist, I can work with specialized digital media. It allows me to explore many techniques and styles that traditional methods alone can’t.

Moreover, digital media enables me to start my project rapidly. Plus, I can experiment with different visual concepts freely. It’s where my creativity blooms!

5. Ideal For Your Artistic Abilities

To me, being a visual development artist is not just a job! It’s a playground for my artistic soul and a journey of endless discovery!

Every project is a chance for me to explore new styles, themes, and techniques. I can dive into my own vivid world and breathe life into the characters.

If you are confident about your artistic abilities, let them shine! As a visual artist, you can keep your artistic spirit alive!

Feel free to be creative

I love my job as a visual development artist. But it doesn’t mean that I can ignore the cons of this career.

6. Requires Specialized Knowledge

You will run into trouble while you are just studying for the job. As a visual development artist, you must master color theories, storytelling, and design software.

Moreover, as technology advances, you must keep up with the latest trends. Once you’ve handled all these challenges, you can set yourself apart in the industry.

7. Tight Deadlines

You follow deadlines when executing a project. And imagine how hard it is to have multiple projects at a time. You will surely be overwhelmed tracking the deadlines.

You can solve this problem by making clear goals for each day. Learning how to organize them will help you prioritize important tasks without sacrificing others.

8. Requires Experience

It’s not easy to break into this field. Moreover, as projects become more complex, experience is crucial when hiring a visual development artist.

But don’t worry! You can start with entry-level positions. Then, as you gain experience and hone your skills, you can become an excellent visual artist.

Work hard to earn experience

Should You Become a Visual Development Artist?

The answer depends on your own interests, skills, and career goals.

  • Interests: If you love developing art for media products, you will surely find joy and satisfaction in working as a visual development artist.
  • Skills: This job requires many skills, such as graphic design, storytelling, creation, and imagination. You can shine in your role if you possess them.
  • Career goals: This field is rising. Hence, you will have many job opportunities. And once you’ve become a visual development artist, you can try different projects and thrive in your career. If you want to enter this dynamic field, working as a visual development artist will be ideal!

Final Thoughts

Visual development artists are an exciting career. You can dive into an active working environment and develop your artistic skills. However, you have to work hard to meet deadlines and provide the best products.

This career is promising. So, once you decide to follow it, be persistent and diligent! Then, success will come!