10 Pros and Cons of Being an Information Scientist

Do you want to become an information scientist? Well, you can start learning today. So, you really need this “pros and cons” post to kick things off!

Before stepping into this industry, join me as I reveal everything about it. Then, you will be more confident to start your career journey!

Who is an Information Scientist?

An information scientist is an IT expert who coordinates and distributes information so it’s accessible to users.

The information scientist works with electronic data, which is essential in many organizations. Their roles vary depending on the organization they work for.

For example, in universities, the information scientist works as a research librarian. Meanwhile, in hospitals, they work with medical personnel.

The job can be different in those disciplines. However, as an information scientist, I perform similar tasks related to the information, regardless of my work settings. Here is what I do every day:

  • I manage information within my company. This task involves evaluating, organizing, and distributing the information in different formats. I also check it regularly to ensure it’s always up to date.
  • I create databases after gathering the necessary information.
  • If any staff or external parties require information, I will answer their inquiries and develop intranets for them to use.
  • I write reports to ensure everyone can work well with the information.
An information scientist

You will have opportunities and obstacles when working as an information scientist. Here is what you can check out before entering this field.

As an information scientist, you will earn good pay. Moreover, since this job is in high demand, you can have many chances and job security.

1. Job Security

Job security is when you have a secure job that remains stable regardless of economic downfalls or layoffs. It’s an essential factor when looking for a job, especially in these unexpected times.

If you choose to work as an information scientist, you will have job security because it’s a stable job. Plus, you can hone many technical and transferable skills when working in this role. Then, you can easily jump into other jobs.

2. Good Salary

The average annual salary for information scientists is $135,978. It’s higher than many professions! And you can receive good benefits and bonuses for your excellent performance.

What’s more, as you earn more experience, you can easily take higher-level positions. Then, the benefits will be numerous.

3. High Demand

Every company now needs electronic data. Thus, they hire information scientists to manage their data systems. This high demand gives you many job chances. So, take your time searching for the ideal position.

4. Can Work Remotely

You perform all your tasks using the computer. It means you can work remotely. Of course, your boss needs you to be available and ensure good performance.

So, you don’t have to commute to work and get stuck in traffic jams every day. All you need is a robust computer that can handle your huge workload. Then, you can turn your room into your workplace.

5. Safe Environment

Even when you arrive at the office, your working environment is safe. You don’t have to work in a heavy physical manner or go outdoors. This job doesn’t ask you to work on weekends or extra hours either.

6. Work-Life Balance

All the benefits above refer to the ability to achieve a work-life balance. As long as you arrange your work flexibly, you can manage your work commitment along with personal responsibilities.

A balanced work-life schedule can improve your mental well-being and help you perform better at work. It will, therefore, contribute to enhanced life quality.

You can have a work-life balance

The high requirements and pressure when working as an information scientist may stress you out. Plus, you have to adapt to the rapid changes in the industry.

7. High Requirements

It’s not easy to become an information scientist. You must be proficient in information systems and data management, which requires ongoing training and a lot of experience.

8. High Pressure

Even when you have a work-life balance, you sometimes have to deal with stress. As an information scientist, you are responsible for complex information systems and databases. Tight deadlines will also put pressure on your shoulders.

While the high requirements and pressure are challenges, they imply the importance of your work. So, the only thing you can do here is to try your best to deliver good results.

9. Hard To See Tangible Results

You will work with data structures, algorithms, and information systems. However, these concepts don’t have tangible outcomes.

As an information scientist, you just work behind the scenes. You help others access and use data effectively. Yet, your contributions are not evident to end-users.

10. Rapid Changes

Technology in information science evolves quickly. Thus, you have to stay updated with the latest tools and practices.

You have to keep up with the changes

Should You Become an Information Scientist?

Considering the pros of being an information scientist, you may want to take this role immediately. But don’t forget the obstacles on the way.

Hence, you should weigh all the essential factors, such as your interests and career goals, to determine if this career is right for you.

For example, if you like working with information systems and updating new technologies, then this job can suit you.

Plus, information science is on the rise. It means you will have job security and many chances. So, if you choose it, you can quickly settle on an ideal position.

Make your own career choice

Wrapping Up

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of being an information scientist carefully before taking the job. On the one hand, you will have a high salary and work-life balance when working in this role. On the other hand, you can’t see tangible results of your hard work. The high requirement also leads to more pressure.

So, what do you think? If you still like it, follow your passion! With dedication, you can succeed in this dynamic industry!