9 Pros and Cons of Being an Information Security Officer

Is information security a good career? If I say Yes, what do you think? Certainly, this role will have both upsides and downsides. Well, I’m working in this field, so I know exactly what you can get!

If you want to follow this career, check the advantages and disadvantages of being an information security officer first. Now, keep scrolling down until the end, and you can find your own answer!

Who Is An Information Security Officer?

An information security officer (ISO) protects an organization’s sensitive information against theft and other types of exploitation.

ISOs also work with the IT team in their company to develop security strategies. Then, these solutions can help safeguard digital assets, such as software, hardware, databases, and networks.

But that’s not all! As an ISO, I have many tasks to do. I don’t just develop security procedures. Instead, I must ensure they follow industry standards.

After building, I have to keep an eye on the security systems. If they have many issues or threats, I must act quickly to address them.

Plus, there can be cyber attacks and data breaches at any time. As an ISO, I identify the causes and solve them.

Software and hardware may break down, too, for some reason. To prevent this issue, I perform security assessments on them regularly.

An information security officer

Protecting digital information is an important task. I’m glad to take this role. But, it has pros and cons when working in this position.

The pros outweigh the cons. Therefore, I will talk about what makes me love my job first. Scroll down to know more!

1. Competitive Salaries

One of the most awesome perks of being an ISO is the competitive salary. On average, ISOs can earn about $101,668 per year (in 2024).

And guess what? The good news keeps coming. Salaries for ISOs are on the rise. It clearly indicates that our role is becoming more critical in the digital world.

For me, it’s not just about financial reward, although it’s great. But, the high salary makes me feel the dedication and expertise I bring to my company. That’s what makes this career so fulfilling.

2. Many Job Opportunities

There are also many job opportunities for ISOs. As long as a company deals with data, they need experts to keep it safe. And let’s face it! In today’s digital world, the demand for data security is in every business.

I’m currently working for a technology company. Since my company handles a vast database, they need me to ensure its security.

But you can also find job opportunities in many other industries. For example:

  • Healthcare: Hospitals and health tech businesses handle sensitive patient data. Thus, they hire ISOs to ensure the privacy of this information.
  • Financial institutions: Money is already a sensitive topic. So, banks, insurance companies, and investment firms face many risks when handling money transactions. That’s where ISOs come into play.
  • E-commerce: Customer data and payment information are what e-commerce companies have to protect. They can leave this task to ISOs.
You can work in many industries

3. High Demand

In 2021, there were 15.1% more data breaches and cyberattacks than the previous year. Unfortunately, this figure may increase in the next two years. What does it mean? Well, since there will be more security risks, businesses need more ISOs to avoid them.

If you want to become an ISO, congratulations! You will surely play a vital role in your company. There will also be more job opportunities.

4. Ability to Advance

I’ve been working as an ISO for years. Yet, this field is never boring to me. Every day brings something exciting and fresh. This constant challenge encourages me to dive deeper, learn more, and grow.

If you love exploring new things, this career won’t disappoint you. The best part is that there is no end to your journey. It’s a continuous learning path that keeps you motivated.

5. Work From Anywhere

Don’t want to travel to work every day? Me too! Luckily, ISOs can work remotely, as long as they ensure productivity.

I like this level of flexibility. It really helps me create a work-life balance. I can also avoid the annoyance of commuting.

However, I do not often work from home. This job requires me to join meetings, so I have to interact with my colleagues in person.

You can work remotely

Now, I will discuss the drawbacks of being an information security officer. There are four of them, but you have solutions for each.

6. High Pressure

Sometimes, I have to work late, even on weekends or holidays. It’s when there is a cyberattack on the data system. And I feel pretty exhausted, to be honest.

However, it’s unavoidable. The only solution is to build a robust security system to protect the database. I also monitor its performance regularly to ensure everything is working well.

7. Attention To Detail

In this field, attention to detail is crucial. Even the tiniest mistake may lead to a disaster. It’s where hackers can get in and destroy everything.

Attention to detail is one of the most critical skills for ISOs. Hence, if you want to work in this position, hone this skill first.

8. Demand More Experienced Officers

I didn’t work as an ISO first because this job is not suitable for beginners. It requires a lot of skills and experience.

Thus, I invested time in further education and certifications to strengthen my expertise. I also worked in entry-level positions to gain experience.

Remember that this field is competitive. But, with determination, you can overcome this challenge and soon become a talented ISO.

Another challenge to tackle is the speedy development of the field. As an ISO, you have to keep up with the latest trends. It can be tiring, I don’t lie. But you will find it interesting, too.

Combating stress as an ISO

Should You Become An Information Security Officer?

If you love challenges and continuous learning, this role may be for you. You will indeed have an exciting job with good prospects.

However, expect the high pressure and requirements, too. They will give you a hard time. But, with a positive outlook, you can overcome it.

Final Thoughts

I have walked you through the pros and cons of being an ISO. So what do you think? The benefits are still outstanding, right? If the challenges seem fine to you, then don’t hesitate to follow this career path.

Remember, continuous learning is key. With passion, you will feel happy and motivated to rise above the challenges.