Video Game Designer Career Overview & Outlook

Nowadays, most young people around the world use games as a means of entertainment in their spare time.

They can even sit for hours, immersing themselves in the characters in it. So, the game industry is growing and demanding more and more human resources.

However, to create an attractive game and attract users is not a simple task. In which the role of a video game designer holds an important position.

So what does it take to become a video game designer, and what is the training like? This article will provide you with the necessary information.

Let’s explore together!

Job Description

When it comes to a game designer, first, you can imagine their job to create a virtual space for that game. They are responsible for designing the game genre, characters, and story of that game.

To gain player traction, game designers and creators need to develop a specific storyline, write the highlights of each stage, choose the right characters, and finally come up with an end goal that the player needs to reach when he wins.

Their mission is more important in giving the game an eye-catching and psychologically designed interface to create challenge and excitement during gameplay.

video game characters: Lana Croft, Tracer, Tifa Lockhart, Blanche, Kitana

In addition, in the process of operating the game, a video game designer needs to take care of the user’s evaluation and experience to video game design and upgrade to the best version. As you will quickly see, a game with fewer ads, beautiful images, and convenience will receive more love from users.

In general, you can quickly grasp the step-by-step process that a video game designer needs to go through a few bullet points below:

  • Original video game design and development
  • Build structure throughout the game
  • Start writing the plot, clearly stating each leveling stage, game orientation
  • Design other small elements according to the characteristics of each game
  • Create a suitable, eye-catching interface
  • Define the foundation of the game
  • Review and track user experience
  • Collaborate with programmers to come up with the final video game design of the game
  • Follow the development of the game
  • Create appropriate sound and visual effects
  • Continuously monitor user feedback
  • Upgrade as needed.

Education & Training Requirements

After reading about the job description of a videogame designer, you probably already understand a lot about what they do.

design video game

Maybe you already like this job, but what are you wondering about is the training and education required to become a game designer? Continue reading below:


As we mentioned just before, the game industry is getting stronger every day. Therefore, universities and colleges also focus on training programs to meet the human resource needs of the game industry.

The training programs of universities are not too different, but most of these courses will be in the field of computer science or game design.

Typically, learners must spend at least four years in the classroom to complete a trial in game design, computer science, or computer engineering.

And after graduating, they will receive a bachelor’s degree after the courses they have attended and are eligible to apply for jobs at companies in these fields.

In particular, there are several subjects you will likely encounter during your studies, such as integrated video technology, game prototyping, technology and project management, and more.

Besides, you need to keep in mind that sometimes employers will have higher requirements on qualifications and qualifications for some memorable roles.

So if possible, you should spend time studying for more degrees such as engineering, or master’s so as not to miss the excellent opportunity you can get.

using drawing screen


Usually, before graduating, you will go through a few internships before doing the actual work. However, some learners may have had access to and experience with game projects.

Therefore, preparing a good knowledge or a bachelor’s degree may not be enough, and you need time to experience and gain experience.

In fact, a few companies ask you to show proof that you’ve done an internship or some project on video game design.

Therefore, you need to prepare yourself a thorough and complete profile. This way, you will have a higher chance of being admitted.

However, if you have not prepared yourself with too much experience, a few companies still accept training and let you get acquainted from the beginning.

Of course, you will probably get a fairly small salary or even work without pay, but that is good for your start.

In general, besides preparing enough knowledge, make sure you have enough competence in the experiment and play video games well.


In fact, you will quickly realize that in any profession, besides passion, which will be the deciding factor in whether you want to pursue your career, you need the following skills to become a video game creator.

female gamer playing video game

Find out with us now:

Passion for video games

Video game designers probably won’t consider this a skill, but understand it as a passion for the video gaming industry.

However, you will soon realize that a person who enjoys the game and wants to explore it will have an excellent evaluation and commenting skills.


It is highly understandable to talk about this skill for a game designer.

You certainly cannot attract players if you keep the original interfaces or features in the process of operating and testing the game.

Indeed users will soon get fed up with your game and can’t rule out removing it from their mobile devices.

The creativity also lies in whether video game designers can give them significant challenges and inspire them to challenge or transform into that virtual character.

Tech skills

We’ll cover math comprehension and analysis skills as well as programming skills into one technology skill.

Basically, you don’t have to be great in this area, but you should understand the basics like algorithms, data structures, or basic terminology about them.

In general, video game designers will need to apply many skills to create a perfect game and gain the love of users.

Problem-solving skills

Of course, you will not avoid problems in the process of working. Therefore, you need to identify and identify issues or problems early and come up with the most reasonable and optimal solutions possible.


Continuing problem-solving skills must include cooperation or sometimes teamwork. You probably all understand that you can’t create a perfect game independently, and you need to talk to your partner regularly.

A good game is a game that needs updating according to the needs of the player, improving both in sound and visual materials. And Video game designers can’t do it alone.

Therefore, cooperation is paramount throughout the operation of the game play.

Time management

Time management skills also play a vital role. If you already understand the importance of teamwork, being on schedule on time will also help you coordinate with people more smoothly during the work process.

Don’t let the teamwork stop, and everyone has to wait for video game designers because your work isn’t done yet, and it calls for typical office hours expanding.

Oral and written communication skills

The ability to communicate is essential in all areas and life. Because sometimes, you will need to talk and convince investors to get support during game testing. The better you are at persuasion, the more likely you are to get help.

Ability to express and present ideas

One of the best abilities that you need to have is the ability to express yourself well. It directly affects the structure and plots you build to transmit to the listener through the characters, plot, etc.


In the end, persistence is quite the key and determines whether video game designers can pursue a long career in video game design across all the different fields and choices.

Essential Software and Tools

Currently, there are several game design computer software and tools to assist you in the process of video game design.

Soon, stay tuned to this article because we will introduce you to free or paid tools so you can design your game software without having to work for studios.

GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2

First, in the category of game design software, Gamemaker Studio 2 often holds the top position, and it is beneficial for beginners.

One feature that makes GameMaker so popular with users is its flexible, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for variables and game logic. You can build a game you want and don’t need to understand anything about the code.

Yet, video game designers should also learn some background knowledge of programming languages ​​or computer science. It does not take much time to use the software’s scripting language and is easier to adjust to the game you play.

You usually will use Studio 2 for free if you publish the game to windows with a watermark; however, you will need to pay around $100 to download the full version to Mac, Android, ISO, etc.



Next, one of the software to mention is Unity, which is widely available globally. With the help of Unity, video game designers can ultimately create 2D and 3D games on many systems such as Windows, Switch, Mac, IOS, Android, Steam VR.

Similar to the GameMaker mentioned just before, you need to know some C programming. Besides, Unity provides a beginner’s manual so that you can learn more there.

Most video game designers can completely get free quality graphics, interfaces and textures, and much more.

The theme offers Pro plus versions, but the free version has all you need for starters. Especially if the game you create can be monetized, you are entirely free to use Unity for life.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4

Finally, the Unreal Engine 4 software is indispensable if you want to create your own game. It can be that Unreal has advanced technology and is far superior to the two software you have seen before. In general, it receives a lot of positive feedback from users about professionalism.

One of the most outstanding features of Unreal Engine 4 lies in the Blueprint system, which allows users to develop games extremely quickly without considering any code.

In addition, Unreal makes it easy to export games to popular platforms on mobile devices, computers, or game consoles.

Besides, the software fee is different. You can use it for free, but when you earn over $3,000 in three months, you need to deduct % from the revenue to pay for your operation.

Job Outlook and Salary

The job of a video game designer is also quite diverse. And so, with each job required, video game designers will receive an additional income. Here are a few jobs a game designer usually does as well as the average salary they receive:

Game programmer

a programmer using VR headset

The job of a video games programmer will often create a code for a video or game to bring the game’s texture to life.

In particular, a game programmer needs to coordinate well with colleagues working in other departments such as game design, graphics, and sound.

Maybe in a game about fighting. Video games programmers need to be responsible for ordering characters to run away or jump high, react when attacking, etc.

Some of the main things a programmer needs to do can be as follows:

  • Build some of the project’s tools into code
  • Create a scenario, context
  • Develop custom tools
  • Deploying algorithms.

According to a ComputerCareers statistic, the average wage a programmer can receive within a year is $60,000, 16% higher than the national average salary.

Software engineer

software engineer with his codes

Software engineers often have extensive knowledge of programming languages ​​and computer game development. They will use mathematical knowledge and principles of computer science to run computer video games.

In addition, they also have an essential task that is to analyze needs and feedback from users. Besides, employers will also require the video game developer to have good communication and exchange skills.

Usually, software engineers will be divided into application engineers and systems engineers. For each role, you need to achieve specific goals.

As an application engineer, you will be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining application programs. With the system engineer, you will need to coordinate and suggest the direction of the game development.

Overall the average salary of a software engineer is $83180

Game designer

video game designer playing his own game

As a game development designer, video game developer can do the following things:

  • Create an exciting and innovative game according to user needs
  • Conceptualize and develop the game’s characters and graphics
  • Manage groups and games
  • Monitor work and games
  • Control game quality and design new products
  • The base salary for a game designer is $74,118

Advantages And Disadvantages

In general, no matter what job a video game designer is doing, each has pros and cons. So game designers are no exception.


Some of the benefits you can get as a game developer and designer:

  • If you are passionate about how video game designers start, you can fully utilize your passion for programming as a game designer. The first benefit is that you can capitalize on your love.
  • You can learn a lot of skills, including the ability to cooperate and work in groups with your colleagues.
  • You can create your community through the games you make. Sometimes you will get a lot of their admiration.
  • Usually, game designers have their work characteristics, so you can work from home if you want. So you can fully enjoy a completely comfortable working space right at your home.
  • Game design is a growing and labor-intensive profession, so you don’t have to worry too much about finding a job.
  • You can find a job in this industry without a college degree, and some employers always prioritize skills and work experience.
  • The salary in this field is relatively high, and the time is sometimes quite flexible.


Of course, besides the advantages, there are a few disadvantages that you should consider if you want to become a videogame designer. Besides, you can also improve with some of our tips.

  • Developing the game requires you to prepare yourself with many skills and high expertise, and experience from many years of practice.

If you have difficulty concentrating and are often distracted during work, you will hardly reach the peak of your career

  • Since you will need to coordinate with many others, conflicts and disagreements will sometimes arise. That’s why you should consider this
  • You will need to spend most of your time creating and modifying game codes. So make sure you are meticulous and patient enough during the work
  • Requires high consistency, and you may need to develop a game for years, so this must be a challenge.
  • Facing a lot of competition and challenges
  • Monotony because the task is repeated every day


Here are a few questions we frequently receive from our readers. So, video game designers can learn a lot more through the answers that we will answer shortly:

Is a game designer a promising career?

A good job is one that you can make sure you can do with your full ability, passion and provide you with a stable income in the long run.

So, the game design job is pretty good. With a salary ranging over $70,000 per year, of course, it can be much more if a video game designer has reached a certain level of professionalism.

Is it hard to be a game designer?

Typically, to become a video game designer, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or game design. Besides, to receive a bachelor’s degree, you need to spend at least four years studying in the lecture hall.

When you graduate, you also need to have the necessary skills such as math skills, science, and technology, reasoning skills, or problem-solving ability.

In general, becoming a designer is also quite tricky. However, the career opportunities for this industry are pretty significant.

Does game design require coding?

One of the things a game designer needs to know is the ability to code.

It is an absolute requirement for them. But some software applications support it if you want to make indie games with pre-written code; you don’t need to do this.

The best advice, though, is to know how to write and launch code. Sometimes, video game designers need to know how to fix the code.

How long does it take to become a game designer?

Usually, you’ll need to spend at least four years in the classroom to earn a bachelor’s degree in game design or computer science.

However, to become a professional game designer, you need another 3-5 years of experience after graduation. In addition, video game designers also need to take the time to take a few certification exams and practice the necessary skills.

Should I be a game programmer or designer?

A programmer needs to be meticulous in the code generation process. A game designer needs to create content and story structure throughout and create a feeling of comfort and excitement for the player.

Of course, every job is different, and a video game designer can rely on the characteristics of each job to make the best decision.


In general, a video game designer must have a lot of information and knowledge to become a videogame designer. In fact, for every profession, you need to equip yourself with good knowledge and professional skills.

In addition, the experiences and projects have made it easy to get into good companies. However, finding yourself a game platform is not a wrong decision.