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10 Best Freelance Websites for IT Professionals

One of the most challenging duties for freelancers is finding customers. If you feel like you are wasting time marketing for yourself ineffectively, freelance websites are your life-savers.

In this article, we will suggest the ten best freelance websites for IT professionals. We also outline some main characteristics of each option.

The similarities and differences between each option will be straightforward to analyze. Job categories, payment terms, and communications are all important factors you have to consider.

1. Fiverr


Fiverr is one of the best freelance websites to find work. Programmers and graphic designers are among the professions who can use the service.

Some outstanding features of Fiverr are:

  • Security: The privacy of employers and sellers who use Fiverr is important. As a result, Fiverr employs cutting-edge anti-fraud and information security procedures.
  • Simplicity: This freelance website is easy to use and does not demand a lot of technical knowledge. As a result, Fiverr is perfect for beginners.
  • Privacy: Your data will only be accessible to assist customers in evaluating freelancer abilities. No third party can view your info.

2. DesignCrowd


DesignCrowd is mainly a customized design marketplace that assists businesses and organizations in turning their ideas into practice through crowdsourcing.

DesignCrowd is popular because of its:

  • Marketplace: You can market yourself by uploading several designs via this freelance website for competitions with extended deadlines, offering more entries.
  • Comprehensive process: You won’t get lost in the design procedure because the service asks purchasers to provide a job plan, ensuring that all proposals follow the goals.
  • Easy payment: With the program’s support for various payment options, designers can be confident that they will get paid on time.

3. Freelancer.com


Freelancer.com is a freelance professional marketplace and sourcing platform that connects sellers and buyers in one place.

  • Safe payments: This system employs a progressive payment mechanism to ensure the safety of all site visitors. It also guarantees that payment for jobseekers’ labor is ready and available to be paid.
  • Easy monitoring: The system assists you in controlling the work transparency with your customers by tracking timeframes, exchanging data, and allowing clients to monitor the entire project.
  • Job solutions: You can share your profile with potential employers. Buyers and vendors stay in connection in this manner.

4. Envato Studio

Envato Studio

Envato Studio, a freelance website, can encourage cooperation among designers, developers, creatives, and specialists engaging in assignments.

Freelancers like to find work in Envato Studio because of:

  • Simplicity: Envato Studio is simple to use and does not necessitate a high level of technical knowledge. Once you’ve secured a project, you can use the app’s chat function to interact with buyers quickly.
  • Easy project hunting: You can sign up for the membership, submit your data, and you’re good to go. Those looking for freelancers will be able to rapidly locate your resume and employ you once you’ve uploaded your data.
  • Productivity: Envato Studio is an excellent factor for enhancing freelancer productivity since it allows employers to give real-time feedback.

5. Brybe


This user-friendly solution includes a sophisticated search tool that enables businesses to locate talent resources in more than 340 categories.

If you are working as a freelancer, Brybe can help thanks to:

  • Streamlined communication: Brybe includes a communication feature that allows customers to communicate with the freelancers they employ. This feature makes it simple for them to negotiate projects and close a deal.
  • Extensive network: Buyers may select from a range of influencer and freelancer libraries.
  • Personal brand: Influencers may establish a personal brand. This function allows you to provide potential customers a sense of your fundamental values and the content freelancers can create for them.

6. CrewScale


CrewScale is a talent management center that links startups and businesses with a broad group of top freelance tech freelance jobs, ranging from application developers and UI/UX architects to full-stack programmers and software architects.

There are some outstanding features that make freelancers love CrewScale:

  • Global network: CrewScale maintains a high-quality talent pool through a thorough four-step verification process.
  • Machine learning for recruitment: All you have to do is write down your objectives and let the system’s algorithms do the rest.
  • Complete recruitment process: The variety of services that you can use is the main attractiveness of this freelance website.

7. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour offers a wide range of price options, including one-time, monthly, and project-based charges, to suit the needs of different freelancers.

Here are the two main reasons why IT freelancers choose PeoplePerHour:

  • Financial protection: You won’t have to worry about not receiving your salary on time with PeoplePerHour since the site asks customers to submit down payments when you begin working on the project.
  • Regional hiring: The site enables you to look for customers in your area and in the world while also enabling higher communication between sellers and buyers.

8. 99Designs


99Designs is a renowned freelance marketplace because of the flexibility and international access it gives to freelancers. If you are a skilled designer, the site is the ideal place for you.

  • Resource centers: 99Designs has several data centers that are beneficial to both freelancers and business owners. They offer advice about getting the most out of designers and how to launch a design competition for buyers.
  • Partner service: Partners and affiliates of 99Designs offer discounts. They can also help with web developers, teaching, and design.

9. DesignContest


DesignContest aims to help you create design contests to collect designs representing their branding.

Why should you choose DesignContest?

  • Reputation: You can show off your work to customers since designers are verified and pre-qualified to fulfill the service’s requirements.

DesignContest is also famous for having a large number of designers, with over 160,000 enrolled.

  • Long-term relationship: The system gives you the potential to establish long-term client connections. Clients that are enthusiastic about your performance are welcome to rehire you for upcoming projects.

10. DesignHill


Designhill is a community where freelance designers and organizations can collaborate to produce eye-catching artwork.

  • Project packages: Designhill’s services are available in a variety of all-inclusive packages. Each provides similar characteristics, such as a 100% money-back assurance. The premium ones offer extra advantages based on the price.
  • Project display: You may present your work to a vast audience on the platform, allowing you to compete for the top freelance  jobs.

The Bottom Line

These networks will undoubtedly assist you in starting or developing your job as a freelancer. Before you jump into a contract, take advantage of any available free trials to determine whether these platforms are suitable for you. As a freelancer in IT, you do not need to worry about job opportunities.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Thank you for reading!