10 Best Screen Cleaners

The screens of electronic devices will accumulate dust over time. If you are looking for the most effective way to clean your smartphone, computer, or TV, this article is for you.

I have spent time testing and reviewing the ten screen cleaners in this article. Let’s check them to pick up the ideal model for your electronic device.

1. Whoosh Screen Cleaner Kit

Whoosh! Screen Cleaner Kit

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What We Like

  • Alcohol-free.
  • Microfiber fabric.
  • It leaves no streaks.
  • Fabric is reusable.
  • Compatible with many screens.

Things To Consider

  • High price.

Product’s Highlight

Whoosh Screen Cleaner Kit includes necessary accessories to clean electronic screens. It can work well on many screens, from LCD, OLED, LED, and CRT.

I have used it to clean the screens of my phones, computers, and e-readers, and it works with the great desired results.

In addition to the alcohol-free cleaner, I also love the fabric of the kit. Fabric is machine washable for reuse. Its microfiber is pretty safe from electronics, earning my absolute trust.

In short, Whoosh Screen Cleaner Kit works quite effectively. However, its cost is a bit higher than average, and it is also the only downside of this product.

2. EVEO Screen Cleaner

Eveo Screen Cleaner

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What We Like

  • Using simple.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • Maintain a glossy and dust-free screen.
  • Detergents remove static electricity.
  • The fabric is soft and does not leave scratches.

Things To Consider

  • The easy-to-leak construction.

Product’s Highlight

The Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray is my favorite screen cleaner. It removes dust marks, fingerprints, and smudges quickly and effectively.

Its difference lies in the easy-to-use spray form. All I needed to do was turn the nozzle on the spray gun, add detergent, and wipe the screen with a microfiber cloth. I got the clean, shiny screen I wanted with just a few simple steps.

Its accompanying microfiber cloth is also quite soft and does not leave scratches on the surface of any electronic device.

More specifically, its detergent also has impressive electrostatic elimination. That’s why I always prioritize using Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray in winter.

Although it has many special features, Eveo Screen Cleaner Spray still has some disadvantages. For example, its spray bottle design seems to be prone to leaks. This weakness makes it difficult for me to maintain the kit.

3. Sanitech Screen Cleaner

Sanitech Screen Cleaner

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What We Like

  • Good sterilization.
  • Contains no fragrance
  • It works well on many devices
  • Effectively remove dirt and fingerprints.
  • It does not contain dyes and meets safety standards.

Things To Consider

  • Thin fabric.

Product’s Highlight

Sanitech Screen Cleaner is free of dyes and fragrances and has many safety certifications. More surprisingly, a safe cleaning solution like Sanitech can remove up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria.

I was pretty skeptical about its actual effectiveness. However, after a long time, it convinced me because of its effective sterilization.

Another advantage I appreciate is the ease of use. Even with the push of a button, I managed to clear most electronic devices’ screens, from TVs, computers, phones, and e-readers.

Sanitech has done a pretty good job of being a disinfectant and cleaner. This set would be even more perfect if its accompanying fabric were thicker and softer.

4. Tech Armor Pro Cleaning Kit

Tech Armor Pro Cleaning Kit

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What We Like

  • Create a glossy transparent overlay.
  • Remove fingerprints effectively.
  • Work well on a variety of screens
  • Make swipe gestures smoother.

Things To Consider

  • Sometimes leaves a streak.

Product’s Highlight

During the touching, you will leave behind a lot of fingerprints, dirt, and debris on your devices. These marks affect your aesthetics and user experience.

The Tech Armor Pro is a set of tools you can use to remove fingerprints and these nasty marks. Tech Armor Pro doesn’t just clean my touchscreen.

It also offers a new transparent, glossy finish. After each cleaning, I noticed that my touch screen was as smooth as new.

Besides the smooth swiping experience, Tech Armor Pro accidentally created some scratches on the screen. I understand that leaving a wet streak is the inevitable downside of most cleaning solutions. Yet, Tech Armor Pro is much easier to streak than its competitors.

5. AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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What We Like

  • Versatile.
  • Reusable.
  • Quick dry.
  • Good water absorption.
  • Leaves no lint and residue

Things To Consider

  • Need to improve fabric quality.

Product’s Highlight

At first use, AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths surprised me with their ability to absorb water. It is pretty thin and light but can drink water, and more specifically, it absorbs well but dries quickly and is easy to reuse.

Another unique feature of this cloth towel is that it leaves no lint or residue. It effectively traps dirt, but at the same time, it is touchscreen friendly.

In addition to cleaning phone and computer screens, I also use the Amazonbasics to clean household surfaces, glass doors, and cars for my needs.

My only complaint about this cleaning cloth is that it’s not very durable. Although it is reusable, its quality does not allow me to use it too often.

6. Screen Mom Cleaner Kit

Screen Mom Cleaner Kit

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What We Like

  • Large capacity.
  • Time-saving.
  • Remove long-lasting stains well
  • Clean the large screen surface well.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth in the large area.

Things To Consider

  • Microfiber fabric leaves fluff.

Product’s Highlight

Screen Cleaner Kit is quite an economical choice for extensive screen cleaning.

I’ve been using the Screen Cleaner Kit for over a year, and its solution is still enough for me to continue cleaning many other large screen surfaces.

Its cleaning effect is also quite commendable. It removes well-old stains, fingerprints, and streaks. With just a few taps, I got a crystal-clear screen.

The kit also comes with an extra-large microfiber cleaning cloth. Thanks to that, my screen cleaning process is faster and simpler than ever.

Yet, I am not too satisfied with the quality of the cloth towels that come with them. Sometimes it leaves fluff on my freshly cleaned screen.

7. iKlear Cleaning Kit

iKlear Cleaning Kit

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What We Like

  • High-quality soft wipes.
  • Small practical spray bottle.
  • Compact and convenient.
  • Clean the screen immediately.
  • Available to clean the screen anytime and anywhere.

Things To Consider

  • Not too practical for screen protectors.

Product’s Highlight

It’s annoying to have to perform swipe gestures on the touch screen dust and fingerprints. Not in all cases will you have a cleaning kit on hand for cleaning.

If you are a frequent traveler, bring the iKlear Cleaning Kit. This kit includes everything needed for screen cleaning.

It consists of a mini spray bottle and a high-quality soft cloth. Its compact size and light weight are perfect to accompany you on any trip.

I’ve been using the iKlear for a few months and haven’t had many serious complaints about it. The only problem is that it doesn’t work very well with the smudges on my screen protector.

8. MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

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What We Like

  • Reusable.
  • Soft materials.
  • Effective cleaning.
  • There are no excess threads or rough edges.
  • Easy to handle the camera lens.

Things To Consider

  • High price compared to regular wipes.

Product’s Highlight

The MagicFiber are made from high-quality materials. This cloth removes oil, fingerprints, and dirt but leaves no scratches or lint.

MagicFiber has no excess threads or rough edges, unlike many wipes I’ve used. Its softness gives me absolute peace of mind when cleaning the touch screen.

In particular, I used it to clean my camera lens. And it still meets the minimum requirements for effective and scratch-free cleaning.

The only downside is its relatively high price tag. Before choosing MagicFiber over the usual microfiber cleaning cloth, I considered it quite a lot.

Yet, Regarding cleaning efficiency and reusability, MagicFiber is still an option worth considering.

9. ZEISS Mobile Screen Wipes

ZEISS Mobile screen wipes

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What We Like

  • Convenient.
  • Versatile.
  • Safe hygiene formula.
  • It does not create scratches
  • Cleans effectively without leaving streaks.

Things To Consider

  • The size of the cleaning cloth is a bit small.

Product’s Highlight

After cleaning the screen, residual streaks may bother you. However, you can end this annoying phenomenon with ZEISS Mobile screen wipes.

ZEISS Mobile screen wipes remove all the stains on my phone screen. It dries very quickly, which saves waiting time. More specifically, after the cleaning process, it leaves the screen smooth without any scratches.

The only regret is the size of the small wipes. When I wanted to clean the large TV screen, I used a cleaning cloth from another kit.

10. Moshi TeraGlove Screen Cleaner Kit

Moshi TeraGlove Screen Cleaner Kit

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What We Like

  • Wipes are easy to clean and reuse.
  • Extended warranty period.
  • Multi-purpose double-sided wipes.
  • It does not contain chemicals
  • Work well on a variety of screens

Things To Consider

  • Detergent is not too effective.

Product’s Highlight

The Moshi TeraGlove Screen Cleaner Kit has a unique design. Both sides of it can be available for cleaning purposes. Its suede-like textured interior can wipe away dirt and moisture left on the screen.

It’s also pretty reusable. I don’t need to use specialized cleaners to clean the wipes. All I do is wash TeraGlove in the washing machine like regular clothes.

Another advantage is its ten-year warranty period. I have never used a screen cleaner in such a long time.

I have given many compliments to its wipes. Unfortunately, the detergent was not as good as I expected. It doesn’t give an excellent cleaning effect like other screen cleaners I’ve used.

Buying Guide


Your cleaning kit should be the right size for the size of the screen you want to clean. If you are looking for a tool kit that can clean large TV screens well, specialized products for mobile devices may not meet your needs.


Some poor-quality fabrics are not capable of removing fingerprints and dust.

Others leave fabric fibers or scratches. To avoid the above problems, pay attention to the models of microfiber wipes, which are soft and clean effectively.


The cleaners best suited for electronic displays should be free of harsh chemicals. You may want your kit to have the ability to remove bacteria.

However, for long-term use, you should still look for tools that do not have bleach or ammonia.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding screen cleaners. If you have the same concern, don’t skip any answers.

What makes a good screen cleaner?

No harmful chemicals are required for a screen-friendly cleaner.

What cleaners are safe for touch screens?

Microfiber-moistened wipes or cleaning solutions that meet safety standards are touch-screen-friendly cleaning tools.

Can screen cleaner damage the screen?

Household cleaners containing ammonia or hydrogen peroxide will damage the screen.

How do you clean a screen without damaging it?

Choosing the right cleaner and not spraying the solution directly onto the screen is the best way to clean without causing damage.

Does sanitizer damage the phone screen?

Liquid cleaners that are not appropriately available will damage your phone’s screen.


I have used the Whoosh Screen Cleaner Kit for many years and always want to recommend it for any screen electronics. Sometimes, I also try the Sanitech Screen Cleaner to kill bacteria on everyday touch surfaces.

In addition to the two above, you have many worthwhile options in the top 10 screen cleaners. Consider all the suggestions carefully and find the right choices for your needs. Thank you for reading!